Why Apostille Authentification is necessary for Foreign Activities?

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When a foreign diplomatic officer (consul) in the receiving country ‘consularly confirms’ the document of the issuing country, it is difficult to quickly check whether the official document of the issuing country is reliable and it takes a long time to verify and the complainant suffers double inconvenience in terms of time and cost. To alleviate these inconveniences, once the competent authorities of the issuing country have verified their documents, the Apostille Convention signatories are allowed to use their foreign missions directly in their own countries without additional verification of the documents issued by the local countries.

Apostilles / certification of public documents for use abroad are in many cases only recognized if their authenticity has been established in a special international procedure. The procedural steps for original documents include the respective confirmation of the authenticity of the signature, the quality in which the signatory acted and, if applicable, the authenticity of the seal with which the document is affixed.

What deadlines do I have to consider?

The issued apostille services in Pune automatically lose their validity if the documents are no longer valid. This can be the case, for example, with registration certificates or certificates of marital status. The consular representation of the particular country can provide information on how current the documents must be.

Check the apostille for the translation

  • Apostille verification is, in principle, confirming and granting the official seal of the document issuer or the official’s signature on the ‘original text’ of the document.
  • Translations that are additionally necessary due to language differences between countries are translated in India and if the translation requires apostille verification, separate application for apostille verification must be applied for the original text and the translation, and the translation must be notarized. You must first obtain a ‘notarization’ from the office and apply for an apostille confirmation from the Ministry of Law and Justice.
  • Notarization of the translation is merely to certify that the translation is not different from the original document by the applicant’s statement.

Marriage Certificate Attestation

If you would like to officially use public documents and deeds abroad, they usually have to be checked for authenticity in advance. The diplomatic representation of the country in which the respective document is to be used is responsible for document legalization. To establish your marriage or divorce in another country, for example, you’ll need a verified marriage certificate. For the marriage certificate to be legalised, it must be certified by the appropriate government.

A marriage is entered in the marriage register

A marriage certificate is created in India from the marriage register and contains essential information about the spouse as well as the date and place of the marriage. In the event of a divorce, the reason and time of the dissolution of the marriage are added in the apostille of marriage certificate in India.

For reasons of data protection, the issuing of civil status certificates and information from the civil status books is only permitted to the spouses themselves and their immediate descendants. Also, relatives may request a marriage certificate if they can prove a legal interest or have been allowed by a person with authority to act.

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