Surviving in 2020: Which Tech Startups Will Rise in These Tough Times

Surviving in 2020

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Startups are a risky business, especially those that rely on venture capital to stay afloat. Given how 2020 has turned out so far, it’s safe to say it won’t be smooth sailing here on out. In these tough times then it is worth asking which startups will make it through. And, more importantly, will it be the changing demands and consumer behavior that’ll ensure their success or their strong leadership and ability to adapt. Here are some of the startups we think will emerge stronger through the crisis. has a funding of $72 million from the likes of big-name like Dell Technologies and TPG Growth and what it does is, it provides AI as a service to facilitate firms and improve their operations. It is particularly effective in the supply chain side of the businesses and this is the reason why it will make it through these tough times. With the pandemic disrupting the economy and global supply chain, this startup offers a solution. With its services, clients can resolve supply chain issues fast.


Uniphore is similar to in that it offers AI as a service but instead of helping improve operations, it is focused on improving customer calls and relations. Founded by Umesh Sachdev in India in 2008, this startup has a funding of $67 million. It recently moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley and Sachdev reports that it is growing faster each year. In the current crisis though, it’s not their product that is leveraging their success but rather their strong leadership along with a good strategy and great execution of it. If a company can manage to ride the tide on good management you know it can overcome anything.


Nantero has a $127 million funding and it makes complete sense given the product they’re working on. The company uses carbon nanotubes as an alternative to the more commonly used semiconductor chips that ensure you can store and deliver data faster. It is way more reliable that the typical chips and holds the potential to alter the industry. With the emerging technology depending more and more on AI and cloud storage, Nantero will surely make it through.


Companies introducing disruptive technologies will surely be able to weather it all which is why Pensando is a startup to watch out for. With a funding of $278 million, it finally came out of the stealth mode last year with its take on edge computing, an emerging technology that gives cloud-connected devices the ability to access the on-board computing power enabling it to perform tasks faster. It is well-positioned and its rising demand ensures the company will emerge stronger in the face of the current crisis.


With the contagious coronavirus refusing to disappear and no vaccine in a site, social distancing may become a norm which also may mean definite success for Hopin.

Hopin is an online events platform based in London that emerged last year with the increase in popularity of webinars and other online events. As companies move their events online, they will be on the lookout for tools to make their virtual get-togethers more engaging and Hopin is sure to catch their eye. Perfectly positioned to take over this market and soar to new heights, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of this startup.


Next on our list is WebFlow. A website creation and development platform, it makes it easier and cheaper for businesses to not set up as well as manage their sites. It is based on a no-code principle which means that people who have no formal computer training whatsoever will be able to get their website up and running in no time. As you can see, it truly is a revolutionary technology and given how important presence in the digital space is becoming, WebFlow will have a number of clients waiting to sign up with them.


Speaking of making you presence known in the digital space, getting a user-friendly mobile app for your business goes a long way. Businesses are sure to take all the help they can in this regard which means Headspin may not be out of business anytime soon. This cloud platform makes it easier for companies to test and track the performance of their apps and ensure their customers leave satisfied. It won’t be a lie to say then that you’ll be seeing more of Headspin around.

Final Words

The economy is bracing for a huge hit that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean everything is going to go under. This trying times may seem tough to some, but for others it has proven to be an opportunity. A lot of new businesses and technologies are sure to make the most of the changes and so should you. The first step to it is staying informed so go ahead and subscribe to Spectrum TV Select to ensure you never miss out on the news. With more than 125 channels to watch you will be able to keep abreast of the latest with ease.