Washable Face Mask | Benefits and Maintenance Tips for Regular Wearers

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Wearing a mask is not an option but has become an integral part of our life in this pandemic situation. It’s totally unsafe to come out of the home without wearing a good quality face mask. The vulnerable environment due to Covid-19 spread has made face masks an essential good. When it becomes a part of your daily routine, it is not possible to replace the mask every day. There are single-use face masks available in the market but they are not visible according to the current circumstances. you cannot carry a bundle of reusable marks everywhere. Rather than going with the option of disposable surgical masks, it’s better to order a couple of reusable masks passing the healthcare standards for viral and pollution protection. They are washable after every use and have several other benefits that we are mentioning below.

1)  Affordable option

The reusable masks last longer and save a lot of money. You can wear them after washing again and again without any risk. Also, you cannot even buy new masks more frequently because of the scarcity in the market. As per the current circumstances, it’s better to invest in two or three marks that are reusable.

2)  Better protection

A washable dust mask also comes with various other protective features. Along with dust particles, these masks are also capable of safeguarding you from fluid, bacterial infestation, viruses and various types of pollutants having the size of 3 microns or below.

3)  Washable and sanitizable

Even if you cannot wash The reusable Mask, it is also sanitizable. Use any sanitizer that you carry for cleaning hands for disinfecting it from all types of threats before wearing again.

4)  Environment friendly

A washable medical face mask is environment friendly as compared to the single use mask. We can use it multiple times without disposing. Usually, medical grade accessories release the maximum harmful gases to the environment. If you are using a single use mask in this pandemic situation, the risk of virus spreading also increases.

5)  Better fitting

Disposable masks are uncomfortable to wear for long hours. Usually, they are designed for medical teams to perform surgeries and other critical tasks for a short duration. You must have seen the images of doctors working in coronavirus hospitals having marks on their faces due to wearing single-use masks for a long time. The reusable masks fit snugly on the face and you will feel comfortable for long hours. Also, even the first time users can speak comfortably with these masks.

6)  Comfortable breathability

Along with better fitting, breathability comfort is also considered in priority. A washable face mask is designed with three or four layers of protection and adequate space for breathing.

Cleaning instructions for a washable surgical mask

1)    Wash it after every single-use

Even after wearing for one or two hours, wash your face mask properly with a detergent. We recommend hand wash instead of the washing machine because the layers of a filter may get damaged. Every time when you go out with a mask, wearing on the face, different types of pollutants and microorganisms stick on its surface. Who knows which one becomes the reason for viral infection?

2)    You can use sanitizer as well

In some remote locations, we may not find water or soap for cleaning. You can use a hand sanitizer for disinfecting the mask before using it again. Make sure that the outermost layer is cleaned perfectly. Also, don’t forget to sanitize your hands after cleaning the mask.

Apart from this, a person must also be aware of its wearing and removing instructions. Don’t try to adjust your mask after wearing it. Develop the habit of speaking without removing your mask. The microorganisms and pollutants on the mask can easily find a way to your body once they come in contact with hands.