Want to know the best secret to an amazing conference

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The best secret that no one tell you when it comes to holding conferences and meetings is that there is a need for boards. Now one might think what boards have to do with meetings and exhibitions, but it has a lot of holding behind it.

Using Boards to Communicate:

Most people these days use boards to communicate what they are saying. Exhibition boards are the main way that people can visually show what they are verbally communicating. From landscape to portrait they come in array of different sizes. With standard colors varying to grey, black and white. They work with Velcro and drawing pins. You can visually communicate with your people without the need of hand gestures.

Hiring is Better than Buying:

There are a lot of people that sell exhibition boards. However, why buy when you can rent out one or many. Exhibition boards hire is a common technique most business professionals use, they do not purchase the boards when they can simply hire them for their needs and return after usage.

So Many Names for One Item:

Display boards is another name for them. Display boards are amongst people’s favorite, especially in the business world. Knowing that the point you are trying to get across is happening to an extent where people are understanding what you have to say.

Get Creative About Your Content:

Sometimes the most important of things slip the mind, that is why these display boards are a creative expression of your mind. You do not have to worry about jotting everything down or missing out on something and remembering it at a later time. All is there on the display board, every time you think of something creative, instead of writing it down on a blank piece of paper, stick it on a display board as it will seem more expressive.

How They Are Used:

Exhibition boards are even used in police stations. As it is an integral part to their crime solving abilities. Every conference or meeting room you enter, you will most defiantly see a display board. It is a part of a businessman or businesswomen’s life. No business head will ever tell you that they can live without such boards because they just simply cannot.

The best secret to an amazing conference is in fact the technique of how to use a display board. They use them in a way where their words come across more efficiently and profound. The boards display gives their words meaning, without just simple words spilling out of one’s mouth.

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To promote communication in the induction heating industry, the Shanghai Induction Heater 2014 Fair will be held in the Shanghai Mart from March 13-15, 2014.

IEHE 2014 with 450 stands on more than 8,000 square meters is expected to attract 230 exhibitors and 15,000 buyers from all over the world. We will invite Inductotherm, EFD Induction, GH Induction, Topcast Srl, AND Induction, Shanghai Shenmo Electric, Zhengzhou Gous Heater Electromagnetic Induction, Guangzhou Sanxin Metal S&T, Xiamen Yougemy and many other well-known companies.

  • The scope of the exhibition
  • Electric induction oven
  • induction heating
  • Other electric heaters
  • Complete equipment for electric radiators
  • Electric examination tape
  • Tubular electric heater
  • Production and production systems for electric heaters
  • Thermocouples, temperature controllers, temperature controllers, temperature meters and temperature controllers and other meters
  • Alloy of electric heating materials and production equipment
  • Fire resistant material and insulation with electric heaters
  • Target visitors

Scope of invited visitors: decision-makers in research and supply in oil, petrochemical, metallurgy, car industry, electrical equipment, chemical industry, pharmacy, mechanical engineering, electronics, electricity and electricity, rubber, paper, food, photovoltaic and semiconductor industry, analysis tools, medical technology industry, industrial army and aviation.

  • Industrial administration at home and abroad, branch organizations, experts, technical personnel
  • All types of dealers, representatives and manufacturers
  • Media, research university
  • Market information

Due to the demands of the steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloy industries, induction devices are gaining popularity as they can save incredible energy for the global metallurgical metal industry. Induction devices can be widely used for industrial forging, casting, heat treatment, mechanical heat treatment, powder, etc. and can greatly benefit from it. More and more industries have asked for induction heaters and more and more brands have entered the Chinese market.