Utah Bucket List: Places You Must Visit While Traveling

Utah Bucket List: Places You Must Visit While Traveling

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Utah, a state in the U.S., is filled with wonder and is waiting for you to explore. This Utah magazine cover will give you a glimpse into the American National Park, mountains, lakes, monuments, and landmarks. It becomes an exciting affair with scenic drives, outdoor adventures, camping, hiking, and even cultural sightseeing.

Utah features destinations specific to seasonal visits, and others that are open throughout the year for travelers. With so many places to see and indulge in the beauty of nature, you need to have a fair idea about life in Utah.

Here’s a bucket list of places to visit in Utah if you have packed your bags for this adventurous destination.

Utah Bucket List: Places You Must Visit

  • Take a Trip to Zion National Park

A less-than-three-hours’ drive from Vegas can take you to Utah’s most sought-after destination, the Zion National Park. It is the most beautiful National Park in the US for its outstanding scenery, red rock cliffs, and waterfalls. So, don’t forget to keep it at the top of your bucket list while visiting Utah.

The impressive sites of Zion Canyon allow you to drive through the trailheads and major scenic locations.

It is also a hiker’s paradise for its access through the Zion Canyon and Zion-Mount Carmel Highway. The valley offers incredible views, plants, and beautiful wildlife.

  • Go for a Paddle in Lake Powell

You will be amazed to know that Lake Powell isn’t a lake, and that’s true. This large water reservoir doesn’t restrict you from taking part in water activities. It is one of the ultimate outdoor destinations, and Utah life sounds great with 2,000 miles of shoreline and perpetual sunshine.

The rental companies can assist you in watercraft, or you can even arrange your houseboat. The placid cool waters of Powell are suitable for swim, kayak, wakeboard, and boating activities.

  • Visit the Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah can strike you with awe with its bright-hued and packed hoodoos in the landscape at Bryce Canyon. The mind-boggling vertical rock formations dazzle in an array of shades, like beige, orange, pink, and cinnamon. The numerous lookouts and hiking trails in unique shapes beg to be explored.

Avid nature explorers will love the Bristlecone pine trees that amplify the beauty of this geological terrain. If you plan for camping accommodations, the best time to visit the place could be between April and October.

  • Explore the Salt Lake City and Temple

Winter activities and skiing are more interesting if you are in Salt Lake City. In just an hour’s drive, you are all set to reach the location with the best ski resorts. However, the city is worth visiting, regardless of the adventurous game of the season for its numerous attractions.

One such historical site is the Temple Square of the 19th century Salt Lake City Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The monument is worth walking to take a glimpse. Plus there are other places to visit too, like the State Capitol and the Tabernacle.

  • Mesmerize in the Beauty of Arches National Park

A landscape similar to the feel of Mars, with marvelous stone arches and petrified dunes, is worth all your travel efforts. You can witness more than 2,000 natural stone arches in this National Park in Utah. Frame the famous Delicate Arch that stands like a horseshoe jutting out of the ground.

Get to discover more about the interesting rock formations, arches, and trails from the Utah Life Magazine. Some other places to visit in the park are Double Arch, Park Avenue, Devil’s Garden, Sandstone Arch, Broken Arch, etc.

  • See the Natural Bridges National Monument

The Nature Bridges National Monument is definitely worth a stop for its remarkable rock formations. It will bless you with magnificent views of the natural bridges across the National Park. If you love short hikes, you can access all three natural bridges, Owachomo, Sipapu, and Kachina.

The largest and most impressive of the three is Sipapu. Another great sight is the Horsecollar Ruins exhibiting the remains of ancient Native American structures inhabited 700 years ago.

  • Time Travel at the Pioneer Memorial Museum

Want to travel back in time, or take a feel of what the history looks like? The Pioneer Memorial Museum can be an ideal location for you. It has a distinction of exhibiting the world’s largest collection of artifacts on a particular subject.

You can also take a look at the collection of memorabilia for free when you are on a visit to the museum.


Exploration can be pretty much fascinating when you are traveling in the state of Utah in the US. For including places in your bucket list, give a read to the several magazines in Utah that gives you clarity on the various destinations.

Utah, the most cherished destination, has much to offer in terms of different attractions. Subscribe to Utah Life Magazine to read more stories.