These are the seven cakes to try before you die

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I know we all love eating cakes all the time and if it was our wish we would have made a world or even houses of cakes. We all love eating cakes all the time whether it’s a birthday party, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, father’s day or any other day we have made a cake for one particular day. And if there isn’t any occasion we just eat cake because we feel like eating it.

It’s something about cakes that connects us and whether it be any day but we just love to have that one bite of cake and what was the amount of work my get into that cake but the point is that that one bite of the cake makes us feel full. Although there are many desserts available in the market it’s the cake that draws attention for every little thing we know or any celebration we do we know the first thing that will come is what cake do we want to have? With the government’s latest rules online cake delivery in Delhi is available. So now you can have a bite or rather a whole cake anytime soon.

You must remember one thing that life is too short to not eat a cake. So we have reserved many cakes for different situations but these are the best cakes to try before you die. Let’s check them out –

1)  Chips cookie layer cake

The recipe of Choco chip cookie layer cake follows the same as that we make three different kinds of cake the whole recipe consists of three layers of cake with two layers of icing. The topmost layer consists of the chocolate chip cookie layer cake followed by white web cream or chocolate whichever you prefer and chocolate cake and vanilla cake in the end. The mixture of all these three cakes together makes this whole cake a wonderful combination and it’s so easy that even a layman can bake it at home. Or suppose if you are familiar with baking only one kind of cake then you can order cakes online in Delhi.

2) Chocolate Fudge and melt cake 

We all love eating chocolate for the cake. It’s so easy and fun-filled that if we start eating it will finish the whole cake even before sharing with anybody. So what exactly do you think is chocolate fudge and melt cake and how did we include it in the top 7 list? Well, chocolate fudge cake follows the same recipe as that of a chocolate cake but when we make its frosting, it’s thick and extra Chocolate chunks are added in between the cake that melts when baked. On your mom’s next birthday make sure to add birthday flowers with this cake. It’ll be the talk of the town.

3) Lemon Pound Cake with marshmallow icing 

We all are waiting for smores or any other thing made up of marshmallows and especially melted marshmallows to make up for something extra. And so is marshmallow icing on top of a lemon pound cake. The sugar level in pound cake is a vanilla cake with added lemon juice or essence and lemon zest that makes the cake what eating every time. You can bake this lemon cake with happy birthday flowers for your friends and family celebrations.

4) Three Layer cheesecake 

LSI - birthday flowers, happy birthday flowers, birthday bouquet, order flowers online

We all love eating cheesecakes almost all the time. The best thing about cheesecakes is that you don’t have to make them and that don’t require too much effort, just cream cheese color cookies and a few more flavors adding ingredients to get you on the go. And the best part is that we always use cold cream cheese so you might have to leave the cake only for half an hour or so it will be ready to eat so even before one hour of a party the best cake can be made and enjoyed. And if you want to add something more to your cheesecake then you can make a birthday bouquet on top of it using the same cheesecake mix.


5) Fudge Butter Cake 

Who doesn’t love eating butter and that too when you have got fresh homemade butter. So if you are a better lover too then this fudge cake is definitely for you. This is a two-layer cake and when you closely notice or cut the cake will be able to understand how these two layers are. The top layer consists of butter and sugar eggs and vanilla essence mixture. And the bottom layer is a mixture of plain butter cake ingredients. So it’s the top layer that is gooier or fudge. And now that your cake is ready you can send  flowers to Pune to make up for a perfect celebration.