Top five binge-watch web and TV series

People want to binge-watch TV and web series that make them glue to the seat until they finish the complete season of video originals. The story of the series that are released today in Netflix, Prime, and other entertainment apps captivate the binge-watchers with the gripping storyline. With a lot of content available online, it becomes challenging for entertainment lovers to find the best series that they should not miss watching.

We compiled a list of series that you must watch in your free time to have ample fun and enjoyment:


The web series has grabbed attention with its twists and turns. The story is based on the bestselling book called Bosch, which is authored by Michael Connelly. It is a detective story and loved by the people who are voracious for suspense thrillers. The story is about the police detective who hails from Los Angeles would work hard to crack the homicide case that happened in the Hollywood division. It is not new for Bosch, whose role is played by Titus Welliver to tackle the vulnerable situation. The guy has seen the dark side of life. His mother was assassinated when he was a kid, and he has spent all his childhood in the orphanage. The fourth season of this series is running now and is a binge-watch for the crime lovers.

Jack Ryan

The Jack Ryan season 3 is soon going to air. The spy thriller will create an adrenaline rush in the body and make you sit on the seat edge after watching each episode. The action sequences and storylines are captivating and engaging. Tom Clancy plays the lead role of Jack Ryan. There will be a lot of twists and turns in the story of this spy. The story will never make you feel bored with its rapid pace narration. Ryan, the hero in the series, works as a CIA analyst. He is happy going guy until he was put into the ‘life and death’ assignment. There is a terrorist communication that this guy hears and learns that there is some mission that is going to launch against America and destroy it. The guy risks his life to save the world from the baddies.


It is a science fiction television series whose lead role is played by Victor Webster. The name of his character is Carlos in the series. There are a lot of messages in the thriller that are thought-provoking and keep you engaged. The story revolves around the fanatical terrorist and police officers who track the terrorists planning to create a ruckus in society. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story of the series. The character of Rachel Nicholas, played by Kiera Cameron, is suitable as a strong and independent woman. She shows her courage to fight with bad-ass. Victor is excellent in his role. The story is relevant to reality today. It covers the corruption in the system. The corruption is highlighted entertainingly.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The web series is a massive hit. It is the story of a house-wife and how she has turned up to be the best stand-up comedian. It is set in the backdrop of New York and way back in the 1950s. She is a person who is in the trap of society, which believes that women must stay at home, and man is a responsibility to earn for the livelihood of the family. Rachael Brosnahan plays the Maisel role. She plays the role of a strong Jewish woman who loves to share her opinions. Her husband, who loves stand-up comedy and wants to pursue the passion, would fail badly to entertain the crowd. There is a rupture in the relationship, and one day she tried to give a try and goes to the club to express her opinion comically, and it creates a laugh riot. The hilarious woman tale reflects the opinion of women today. It is entertaining and getting ready for its next season.


People who like courtroom drama must never miss watching this series. The courtroom drama has the life of Billy McBridge. He is the famous trail layer in America once upon a time. With many worst incidences in life, it stays away from the profession. However, after some time, he investigates the wrongful death suit, and things start to take a serious turn. In the end, he is left with an option to take revenge or seek redemption from the people who can make or break his life.