Cell Phone Spy Software Remote Installation

Everyone is asking these days a question that it is possible to cell phone spy software remote installation? The answer is a big “NO”. You may have seen plenty of spy solutions on the web that offer their service to install phone spy remotely on the target device. Don’t go for such applications that make false claims. Therefore, it has become tough to get your hands on the best spy software. The spying industry over the years has evolved, and today it is suffering from fake and scammers. You have to do a lot of research to approach legitimate surveillance solutions and service providers.

Why is phone spy remote installation not possible?

It is hard to install mobile spy remotely on the target device. Moreover, you could install monitoring software on someone’s phone remotely, but you have to get the help of the target person to follow the installation instructions. The technology has evolved, but still, you cannot configure the application without access to the target device.

Here are the following logical reasons and limitations you need to know to install spy software for cell phones on the target device without physical access.

Privacy laws

Privacy laws restrict us to monitor and track someone’s phone without the permission of the target device user. Most stats of the world, it is not legal to install spy solutions on the target phone.

Phone Permissions

When you want to install surveillance software on a cell phone, it does require permissions of the microphone, phone gallery, front and back cameras. Moreover, OS compatibility is necessary to configure the application. You cannot get microphone permissions without physical access to the target device. So, cell phone spy software remote installation without accessing the target phone is not possible.

Don’t trust those spy app services providers that offer remote installation. They are more likely to offer malware and scams. It is 100% impossible to configure a spy application without a target device.

Every spy app in the market is not a scam, but service provider exaggerates things and claims to install monitoring app remotely. However, remote spy app installation is impossible. The well-known and best cell phone spy apps will not publish bogus statements.

If remotely installing the phone spy app is not possible! What Next!

You have to get your hands on the best cell phone spy software that is legitimate and offers true services to the customers. For instance, OgyMogy is easy to configure and takes a couple of minutes to download and install a spy app on the target android phone.

Step by step process to install OgyMogy spy software

It is not possible to configure cell phone spy software remotely. So, you need to get an application that offers a legitimate way to monitor your phone remotely. You have to get physical access to the device and activate the spy solution on the phone.  Further, you can remotely monitor and track your target device to the fullest.

Step1: Subscribe to OgyMogy

You need to register for the best cell phone spying app on your target device, and you have to visit the OgyMogy webpage. Users will get an email password and ID that you can get logging in to the email.

Step2: Get Physical access on the target phone

Users can get physical access to the target cell phone and start the process of installation. You need to complete the process of installation and activate spy software on the target device.

Step3: Login to an online dashboard

You can access the web control panel using password and ID and visit spy app features to get instant results. You can activate the features of your choice and keep getting results in a short period. However, you can use features that provide you with real-time results.

Features that you need to know about to spy on cell phone

Here are the following powerful and result-oriented features that you can find in best cell phone spy software:

  • Live screen recording
  • Social media spy
  • Browsing History
  • GPS location tracking
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Screenshots
  • Listen microphone surroundings
  • Text Messages spy
  • Contacts
  • VoIP call recording

You can use features on someone’s phone and know about every activity on the target device. Users can save the monitored information to the web control panel.


Don’t spend your time and money in scams, malware, and fraudulent solutions that offer remote installation of spying apps. You can use the best and legitimate monitoring software for cellphone to spy on the cell phone device to the fullest.