Different ways to place an area rug in your bedroom

A bedroom is not just any room of a house, it’s the heart of your home. Decorating the bedroom can be challenging because you want everything to just be perfect in it but it is also really exciting and fun and that’s what makes it worthwhile spending all the time into it. While placing large area rugs can seem like a minimal task, in reality, it is time-consuming as you need to consider quite a lot of aspects. Read on to know the different ways in which you can place bedroom area rugs to save some time and efforts.

Here are the different ways to place an area rug in your bedroom –

Under the bed

When placing an area rug in your bedroom, remember that the rug shouldn’t be the centre of attraction rather, it should be the bed. Placing your rug underneath the bed will do the trick of making your bed the spotlight. It is also important to have a large area rug so that some part of it peeks through and your feet touch the soft rug instead of the hard floor on chilly days. Here are the different ways to place a rug underneath your bed:

  • Place the entire rug only under the bed
  • Place the entire rug under the bed as well as the nightstand
  • Place two-thirds of the rug only under the bed

Some tips while placing the rug:

  • Make sure that the rug does not touch the furniture
  • The rug should peek through the foot of the bed
  • Leave equal spaces of rug on all sides of the bed

In the middle of the bedroom

This is probably one of the most common ways of placing a small area rug in a small-sized bedroom. Since smaller bedrooms have lesser options of placing an area rug, this kind of placement works great. Just lay your area rug in the centre in such a way that the foot of the bedroom sits on the rug. If you just place the rug in the middle, it will look bland and boring and it will become a hindrance instead of a decorating piece.

At the side of the bed

Another way to enhance your small bedroom with a small-sized area rug is by placing it at the side of your bed. The shape of the rug in this placement could be round or vertically rectangular like a handmade runner because it just pulls the whole look together. You can also place the area rug on the side where you sleep so that you can put your feet on the soft rug every morning when you wake up.

At the foot of the bed

Here, we are not talking about placing the rug under the foot of the bed, but placing it at one foot of the bed. This is a very unconventional way of placing an area rug in your bedroom but believe us, this looks great! Remember, this can only look good if you layer your rugs. One must cover the entire bed and the other can lay still at the foot.

All over the bedroom

If you are someone who does not want to play much around with your rug, then this is the best way to place an area rug in your bedroom; all over it. This way is extremely simple, but it can get a little heavy on the wallet as large area rugs that cover an entire room are expensive. When you place a rug all over the bedroom, you create an atmosphere of warmth and colour. It also maximizes the use of the rug as it gives your feet a soft surface whenever you are in your bedroom. One thing you must keep in mind is to choose a neutral colour rug that matches your room without making it a focal point.

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. It doesn’t matter where you place your rug as long as you are happy and satisfied with it because in the end, it’s your bedroom and you should feel comfy in it.