Why a gel-based natural hair color works best for working women

We all want to look presentable and smart. Especially if we are daily frequenters of professional workspaces, a perfect look becomes a must-have. Coloring the hair, therefore, helps in achieving that delicate bold look. But, while the thought of coloring one’s hair is quite pleasant, getting down to actually doing it becomes a different ball game altogether. Especially with the multiple complicated decisions that need to be taken regarding the safety and reliability of the chemicals that we could end up applying on our bodies. A gel-based organic hair color is, therefore, easy to use at home and free from harmful chemicals as well. Being a 90% natural hair color you also get multiple shade options.

To reiterate—this is not a joke. A gel-based natural hair color comes with a proper hair coloring kit, which clearly guides you as to its usage at home. The gel is also non-drippy, which means that the color would settle comfortably over your hair only and not drip into your eyes, neck and shoulders. So, without heading to the salon in this pandemic, why not color your hair at home only and stay safe?

Which gel-based organic hair color is best for working women?

Gel hair color is the new and modern way of coloring hair with no side-effects. Comes in various shades, the gel-based organic hair colors are free from all harmful chemicals and metallic salts like Ammonia, PPD, Hydrogen Peroxide, etc. which severely damage your hair by penetrating the cuticles.

Gel hair colors work with Aquaxyl Technology, which binds with water molecules to provide the required nourishment and hydration to hair, along with rich color. Not only this, the application of gel-based organic hair color is simpler than that of conventional hair colors.

While there are many gel-based hair colors that are available in the market, the best one to choose would depend upon the ingredients used in it. A point to be noted is that no gel based hair colors can be 100% natural. They can, at the most, be only 90% natural due to their gel based formulation. For a 100% natural hair color you must go for a powdered form of hair dye.

Indus Valley,s gel-based natural hair colors are very popular among the youth for their multiple benefits, easy application and effective results. Comes in various trending shades like Dark Brown, Burgundy, Copper Mahogany, Light Brown, etc., it is entirely safe on your hair and covers grey hair with a single application.

Free from ammonia, parabens and other harmful chemicals, its one application lasts for about six weeks. The organic herbs available in it nourish the scalp and prevent your hair from the adverse side effects that generally occur after coloration. It doesn’t bleach your hair but nourishes them and comes with a proper hair care kit including color protect shampoo, conditioner, coloring tubes and masks.

Steps to color your hair with gel-based organic hair color at home

  • Read the instructions carefully mentioned on the pack before coloring your hair.
  • Be ready with—a comb, hair clips, a mixing bowl, a brush and a towel. Put on the gloves provided in the pack and divide your hair into small sections.
  • Mix the gel hair color in a bowl as per the instructed amount and use the brush provided to apply the color.
  • Let it settle in your hair for the required time and then rinse hair with water.
  • Use color-protect shampoo to wash your hair. Initially, a little color will wash off, but it’s okay.
  • To protect your hair from color damage, use conditioner or mask over shampoo and get healthy and shiny hair with rich hair color at home.


Color your hair without any worries with gel-based organic hair color at home as it is a completely safe and a reliable solution for working women. Just pick any one out of the eight shades according to your skin tone and enjoy damage-free gorgeous hair for a lifetime. And, last but not least, before coloring your hair, do not forget to do a 48-hour patch test to test the effects of the gel colour on your body.