How to Harness the Power of Mind Mapping for Enhanced Creativity and Productivity

Power of Mind Mapping is a free educational site, designed to teach the techniques of Mind Mapping and how you can use them to enhance your creativity and productivity.


Mind Mapping is a wonderful way to capture, develop and communicate ideas quickly and effectively. It allows you to take notes in a structured way that promotes understanding through visual association, brings together keywords, concepts, and ideas in a vivid graphical format that makes it easy for you to see things from different perspectives.

By using a mind map, it’s possible to easily generate great quantities of creative ideas in a short time. You can use mind maps at school or college for study purposes or even when trying to learn new material such as poems or foreign language vocabulary words. Business people have been using them for years because they allow you to capture an idea in its early stages without worrying about it being perfect.

As the number of information sources has increased, Mind Mapping has become more important than ever. With traditional note-taking, you typically write down individual points or keywords on a page and soon end up with hundreds of little pieces of paper all over your desk. It becomes confusing very quickly.

With mind mapping, however, you can see your notes as one coherent picture that is easy to follow and understand at a glance. You can recall key points quickly because they are visually linked together into one central image rather than scattered over lots of disjointed pieces of paper!

If you use them regularly for study notes or business ideas, Mind Maps can help you import, structure, and then recall information at will. If you are an artist or designer of any kind, mind maps can help you visualize your ideas for discussion with colleagues or clients.

If you do a lot of public speaking, Mind Maps are great tools to help you organize your thoughts quickly and effectively. You can use them as an alternative to an ordinary Powerpoint presentation because they provide more engaging visuals that people will remember better than bullet point text. They’ll also give you more flexibility when it comes to thinking on the spot if something goes wrong!

Mind Mapping is a technology that has been around for over 100 years but many people have never had the opportunity to learn about it. Nowadays Mind Mapping software is available in lots of different forms and they are so easy to use even a complete beginner can start creating fantastic Mind Maps within minutes.

We also take an in-depth look at which mind mapping diagrams to use for different tasks like brainstorming ideas or writing reports. We’ll show you how you can turn your hand-drawn mind maps into perfect-looking diagrams using desktop publishing tools like Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages application. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with just a few clicks of the mouse!

Our mission is to help you increase your creativity and productivity by learning how to Mind Map. We hope you find this site useful and we would love it if you could join us on the Mind Maps for Students Facebook group where we post regular articles, ask questions and chat about all things mind mapping related.

How to Mind Map –

This part of the website is all about introducing you to mind mapping and providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to make your first mind map. We’ll show you how simple it is for anyone, even complete beginners, and we’ll also give some tips and tricks of the trade that will help you create better-looking diagrams.

Mind Maps For Students –

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Mind Mapping, this site will start showing you how fantastic they can be as an educational tool. You will discover lots of different ideas on using them at school or college such as studying for exams or making notes from lectures.

Business Mind Maps

Whether we like it or not, students these days are more likely to become entrepreneurs than work for other people. This part of the site will show you how to use mind maps to generate new business ideas, manage your contacts and keep track of important tasks. You can even use them as alternative Powerpoint presentations because they are more engaging and visual than traditional text-based slides.

Mind Maps for Artists –

Whether you’re a painter or an architect having good creative skills is what makes us human! We all have the ability to create something useful out of nothing because it’s one of those rare things that isn’t learned – it’s inherited from our ancestors who survived by making tools to hunt with or build huts to live in. Discovering your inner artist is hard but using mind mapping software makes it much easier because instead of wasting time erasing and re-drawing diagrams, you can do it on the computer in a few seconds with no effort at all.

Mind Mapping for Public Speaking –

There are some real advantages to using mind maps when you’re giving a speech or presentation. They help your audience understand what you’re trying to say easily and quickly. When you explain something by creating visual diagrams on screen they will remember it better too! You’ll also find that making new slides is much easier because if there’s anything that needs changing, just edit the words until they are perfect.