5 Compelling Reasons Why .TECH Domain Is Optimal For Tech Startup


Business success is largely built on the right domain name. A site domain is a virtual representation that you use to develop your business. The domain name of a site is directly related to the methods of communication that are used on the Web.

Fortunately, the development of the Internet has led to the emergence of new top-level domains that allow you to make the right choice of a domain name for your website. Please note that the correct name and zone indicate to the audience the scope of your project: 

  • An online store or retailer can register a .STORE domain.
  • Journalists and publications can choose the .PRESS zone.
  • For UK assignment writing services, you can use .EDU domain.
  • For a personal blog or website, the actual domain name in the .SITE or .COM.
  • Tech startup can create a website in the .TECH domain.

In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons why the .TECH domain zone is optimal for a tech startup.

Why Does Your Startup Need A .Tech Domain? 

1- Forget About Old Domains

The number of domain names on the Internet is continuously increasing. If earlier companies and private clients used a limited number of top-level domains, for example, .com, .org, .net and so on, today there are new domains as .TECH, .STORE, .ONLINE and others. The emergence of new domain zones opens up a world of new opportunities for companies that can choose a short and clear address for their website.

This state of affairs plays into the hands of technology startups that are engaged in the development of the innovative sector of the economy. Having a website that emphasizes the character of the company is important for a brand. 

In other words, if you’re working on building a tech startup, go for an attractive domain name like savvy.tech and ditch the trite options like savvy.tech-future.com. 

2- Build A Bond With The Technology Community 

The .TECH domain zone combines innovation and new technologies, and will also become an obvious advantage over competitors. Compare two sites: www.viacom.com and www.viacom.tech. Even though Viacom is using the first address for the main site, they have registered a .TECH domain for a new technology portal. 

The use of such an address speaks directly to the international technology community as well as to the IT industry. It turns out that a domain in the .TECH will become a vivid confirmation of the chosen sphere and will be able to attract the “right” clients, partners, employees, and investors who plan to invest in the technology sector. As well as attract the attention of journalists who write about startups developing in new technologies. 

3- Don’t Forget About The Technical Factor

Please note that a domain in the .TECH zone increases the attractiveness and recognition of a technology startup on the Web. It turns out that the domain in the .TECH zone underlines the technological nature of the project. 

The founder of the Watr.tech portal, Glyn Cotton, believes that the domain of their company in the .TECH category allowed them to show visitors to their site that they are dedicated to the technologies that underlie their activities. And their work is based on the use of new technologies. 

4- Discover The World Of Organic Search Engine Promotion  

If you use the company name and the correct top-level domain, you will discover the world of organic traffic that will move you to the top positions in search engines. A correctly chosen domain name will give backlinks, the use of which is important in search engine optimization of a site.

For example, if your website is about essay writing, you should use .EDU domain rather than .com. Using new domain zones will allow you to add the correct keywords to the site address. Using backlinks containing the text “break into tech” will improve your site’s search engine rankings.

5- Get Access To The Startup League

What does a beginner project need? The audience! There is often a cost in attracting such attention. Please note that the Startup League is a www.startupleague.online program open to promising projects registered under one of Radix’s new top-level domains such as .TECH. 

Participation in the program provides access to marketing tools, specialized events, as well as to an audience of users interested in obtaining information about the company. 


By using an innovative domain name, you can give a great push to your website. If your website is about technology, it is better to use .Tech domain instead of .com.