Your Ultimate Spring 2021 Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

Colorado is one such state that offers its full bloom during the Spring season, gathering the attention of a number of visitors from across the globe. The Centennial State is known to offer a diverse landscape of colorful vegetation, river canyons, and arid desert, which is sought to be your gateway to the lap of nature during the season of bliss. While you might have come across multiple colorado magazines that describe the beauty of the place, the Colorado country life is best experienced on a one-to-one with nature. 

Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

Considering the change of season, we are currently experiencing, the Colorado weather seems to have finally agreed to acknowledge it’s the spring Season. Now that you can experience it in full bloom, let’s look at Colorado springs places to visit. Here are some exciting opportunities that you can seize this Spring in Colorado. 

List of Activities for Spring 2021 in Colorado

1. Experience Nature with a Wildflower Hike

If you are in the state during the Spring, hiking is one particular activity that tops every to-do’s you read in a different Colorado life magazine. Hiking in Spring brings you breathtaking views and allows you to witness exotic wildflowers in their full bloom. While Colorado is filled with several wildflower trails that you can enjoy, there is some exceptional experience that awaits you at Crested Butte. 

Also known as the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado,” this hike offers you pure scenic beauty with a blend of colorful flowers, accompanied by chirping birds. Overall, hiking is one such experience that you would not want to miss in Springs.

2. Hop on the Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Spring is the season of eternal bliss! With a temperature that is just perfect, exploring the heights of Colorado is another most sought-after activity mentioned in several magazines in Colorado. When in the Centennial state, do try out the world’s highest cog railway with The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cog Railway that operates at the height of 14,115 feet.  

The train journey takes you around the lush greenery of the state, around cascading streams and waterfalls, through forests of pine and aspen. This journey that expands over a 3 hour, gives you the best views and a collective of experiences close to nature! 

3. Get Your Dose of Adrenaline with White River Rafting

After exploring nature closely, it’s time to make a switch from the monotony. Our next to-do activity is the white river rafting experience. Rafting is one of those activities that you can enjoy at your heart’s content in Colorado, especially when the water is warm during the Springs in the state. The white river rafting takes you through an active stretch of water body that is scaled in a 16′ raft boat with up to 8 people, including a guide. 

You can try white river rafting in several areas around Colorado. Some worthy mentions for the providers of the service are Adventure Center, White River Rafting LLC, and Echo Canyon River Expeditions. They allow you to raft in rivers like Blue River, Clear Creek River, Arkansas River, and Colorado River as well. 

4. Release Your Stress in Natural Hot Springs

After all the rafting experience, the chances are that you need a relaxed atmosphere around you. Relax, we have you sorted with our next activity. You can relax in the Colorado hot springs that are a result of the geothermally heated groundwater. The hot springs around the state are a great experience during the Spring and are believed to offer you exceptional health benefits.

Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

Some of the most known natural hot springs are located in Glenwood Springs, Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Indian Hot Spring, and the Old Town Hot Springs are some of the best mentions to take your time off exploring and relax for a while.

Explore the Wild Animal Sanctuary

We’re sure that you must’ve heard about the Denver Zoo in Colorado. However, there’s one such sanctuary that gives you a first-hand experience of moving among the wild. Yes, the last suggestion in our list includes a tour of the Wild Animal Sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to 290 Lions, Bears, Tigers, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Leopards, and other large carnivores. 

Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

You can experience wildlife either in groups or individuals at this wild animal sanctuary. The tour starts for two-hour, begins with general guidelines, and ends up at the Bolivian Lion House. 


Interestingly, there’s more to Colorado life than what meets the eyes! While our list might be constrained to limit (but exceptional) activities, you can also enjoy living in the state. Colorado is also home to American history, great food, and a good shopping experience. While on your trip to the state, ensure that you experience an equal blend of both city and nature. Happy stay!

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