What are the basic requirements to get selected in the ca exam test series?

Choose the books that will be utilized in the study leave
These notes will be supplemented by ICAI modules, as well as ICAI’s Revision Test Papers and Mock Papers. They contribute significantly to the quality of your presentation as well as the variety of sorts of questions that might be posed in tests

Go through your syllabus one more time

Syllabus, particularly electronic ones based on spaced repetition, are a time-saving method of memorizing vital data. Even if you think you’ve memorized your syllabus, go through the ones for your main exam subjects again. You’ll be able to remember things better, which will aid you in writing the paper. 

Don’t overthink answers

If it’s an MCQ, you could choose what you think is the best answer without knowing for sure. It’s easy to second-guess one in these instances, but it’s preferable to make a reasonable inference (based on what you know about the issue) and then stick to your decision.

Sleep well and hydrate

You’ll be under a lot of stress, and the best approach to deal with it is to eliminate as many external stressors as possible. To guarantee that you receive adequate sleep, go to bed early. Turn off the television, log out of social media, and shut out any distractions to clear your mind.

Learn when to revise

That’s correct! Our short-term memory isn’t always dependable, and packed data might be lost or misunderstood at the last minute. You can forget topics you learned before because of the stress of cramming! Give your notes a last-minute glance before leaving home if necessary, but your emphasis should be on the paper in front of you when you’re in the exam room.

Be cool during these last hours

Your efforts are important, but so are the hours you spent writing the final paper. As a result of the tension, some exceptional kids perform badly during such hours. Sleeping well the night before the tests and eating healthily on the day of the exams might help to quiet the mind. Leave if you don’t know the answers to a few questions and come back to them later. 

Benefits to prefer mock tests

Discover what to anticipate on ‘D-Day.’

It is critical to delivering mocks that are on par with the test; the CA exam test series will supply you with such taste because they are created by a team of CA Toppers, and the same is true for non-CA examinations where specialized mocks are supplied. 

Analyze your preparation and performance

Mocks will provide you with a realistic assessment of your preparedness. Mocks will help you recall concepts and ensure you don’t forget what you’ve learned and mastered. 


Help to try and test different strategies

In each of your mock exams, you can prepare and apply numerous methods before using the best one during the real exam. This will help you to practice and prepare for the exam ahead of time.