How to set up an EV charging station?

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Due to the rising trend of electric vehicles, many businesses are taking it as an opportunity to promote their brand plus do something good for society. It is very clear that electric vehicles are the future and is a great step towards a green environment. Also, the increasing prices of petrol and diesel are making people go for electric vehicles. It is much cheaper and works great for the environment. So seeing all this, the businesses are hosting EV charging stations. This is a great way to attract customers to their place which helps in brand awareness.

Like for example, one has a business that will benefit from an increase in the number of people entering the place, the presence of an EV charging point will attract customers. Usually, the EV owners probably look for that place where they can conveniently charge their vehicles and can have a good time nearby. This way the business hosting an EV charging point will be able to get more customers. Even though the customers won’t buy anything but surely, they will come across your brand and its product. Seeing all these benefits, many businesses are coming forward to set up an EV charging station. Also, from the employee’s point of view, they feel valued by the business as they will feel that how responsive their employers are for them. Also, it will help the employees to be more productive as they will be able to focus more rather than spending time seeking the charging spot.


So, if you are interested to set up an EV charging station, the following points will help you out:


  • Acquaint yourself with basics- Before making any decision, try to know about electric vehicles. Also, you should know about the different technologies of EV charging for a clear understanding.
  • Research- Now you should research the electric vehicle charger. Know that there are three levels of EV charging. Level 1 charger is a basic one that usually has a low charging speed. Level 2 is quite better than level 1 as it works on a 240V circuit. Level 3 charger, the best one, is widely popular. This is most preferred because of its amazing speed to charge the vehicle. So while choosing one should know about the type of electric vehicles you want to charge through your charging station. Though it is always recommended to start from a level 2 electric vehicle charger.
  • Location- Now one has to decide about the location of the charging station. The business can select their own property where they are actually based. Make sure to choose that location which has a high crowd so that you can attract a large number of people.
  • Find the best hosting provider- Link with the best hosting provider on the basis of their ratings and recommendations. It is important to contact the trusted companies on whom you can rely blindly for their services.

So above are points that will help you to set up an EV charging station efficiently.