How To Managing Different Simulator in iOS App Development

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When the developer developed the code then they need to run the code in Simulator but the challenges start when somehow Simulator not working and throwing many errors while compilation of code. When Simulator is used for multiple XCode or Many Simulator can be used in a single simulator also but sometime XCode not allow many simulators at a time.

But Simulator can be used for a pre-development purpose not for real testing because there are some of the features which cannot be testing in the simulator.If you Managing multiple projects simultaneously has become a norm for many of us. This is easy to do with project management software

Advantage of Simulator

  • Database can be found inside the Simulator very easily.
  • Pre development testing can be done in Simulator.
  • Running multiple Simulator at a time is quite easy.
  • Many iOS Version of Simulator is available.
  • Error and Crashing in the code can be traced.
  • Restart and Reset of simulator can be done.

Disadvantage of Simulator

  • Many features cannot be tested in the Simulator like Push notification.
  • Sometimes many issues cannot be replicated in the SIM.
  • Exact resolution cannot be found in SIM.
  • Tracing of UI issues is sometimes difficult.


Basic Features of Simulator :

  1. The Device can be selected and a version of iOS type with is associated with the device.
  2. Resetting and Restart of all problems can be resolved by clicking on it. It will erase all Simulator and reset completely as the original one.
  3. Rotation of Simulator can be right/left and auto-rotate of the simulator is possible .even developer can increase or decrease size of simulator.
  4. A Simulator can be moved to lock state as well as moved to the home screen. Even a developer can use the SIRI shortcut in the simulator.
  5. Apple pay and touch id can be enabled in the simulator and can be tested also
  6. Bar item can be tested in Sim also and a call will show in sim also
  7. The Keyboard feature and its issue can be resolved in the Simulator.
  8. Audio feature and Video feature Can be tested in iOS Simulator.
  9. An External display can be changed in SIM for project and resolution can be changed as per requirement.

  1. Animation and Graphical quality can be increased or can be shown in simulator also.
  2. Color can be blended /changed
  3. If any simulator memory warning appears then it can be resolved and it can be sync with iCloud also
  4. Location manager can be enabled in Simulator for map location
  5. Parallel testing devices with XCode enabled.

Command-Line for Simulator

Find Simulator

To find the complete list of simulator then run the command in the terminal xcrunsimctl list will show all simulator in the terminal To reboot Simualtor

Reboot Simulator

SIM can be reboot by using the command. Which reboot and rerun the simulator freshly.

xcrunsimctl boot 2BF01FC0-7E29-4AF1-ADD1-886DF129A9A9

open -a Simulator

New Simulator Create, Upgrade, Shutdown and Erase

Simulator can be deleted, erased, device type can be found, upgraded  and find the runtime in the terminal also. Basically CRUD operation can be done in simulator

$ xcrunsimctl create

$ xcrunsimctl delete

xcrunsimctl list devicetypes

xcrunsimctl list runtimes

Screenshot and video Capture in Simulator

Screenshot and video can be taken or capture in the Simulator by using the command line in the terminal

xcrunsimctlio booted screenshot ./image.png

xcrunsimctlio booted video ./video.mp4

Run and execute  multiple simulators

We can find the Id’s for all required Simulator and execute in the terminal

xcrunsimctl boot 23F3C6FB-1A8A-4D20-922F-2DB485F58F78

xcrunsimctl boot 2353CBFF-4900-4F10-A1D4-B451AB4C9875

open /Applications/

Remove all Unwanted Simulator

All unwanted  Simulator can be removed or deleted permanently from the list of simulator available.

xcrunsimctl delete unavailable

Parallel Running  of Simulator with XCode

Multiple simulator can be run with the XCode where more than one project and simulator can be executed parallelly.

defaults write -bool YES


Application full information can be found

Application information can be traced with bundle id where it can populate the list information in the terminal.

xcrunsimctlappinfo booted

Application Erased and Reset

Simulator can be erased completely where all SIM will be erased and reset completely

xcrunsimctl erase all

Help command for Simulator

Help commend provide the list of command which can be used to do the operation for simulator

xcrunsimctl help

Simulator can open the url, video and record video

In the simulator developer can open the url for testing, recording video, playing video can be done very easily by using below command

xcrunsimctlopenurl booted <url to be open>

xcrunsimctladdmedia booted <media file to be added >

xcrunsimctlio booted recordVideo –type=mp4 <video file to be aded>

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