Honor the Dead with Memorial Card

Honor the Dead with Memorial Card

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If you want to remember and honor the person who is no more, then you need to organize the funeral memorial service in their name. In this service, friends and families of the deceased person are gathered dressed in conservative clothing. During the event, everyone keeps their voice down and remembers the person has passed away. These events often help in the church, chapel, garden, synagogue or the other place of worship.

It is an excruciating moment for the family of the person who has passed away and to honor their death the memorial ceremony is held. This ceremony can be organized by the family or the friends of the deceased.

To treasure the memory of the deceased loved ones, one can use memorial cards which are often known as funeral cards. One can go for the personalized memorial card or can buy these memorial cards from the various online stores.

What Is A Funeral Card and Their Types?

The funeral remembrance cards or the funeral cards are the double-sided cards which consist of the photograph of the dead person along with a prayer. These are even called the memorial keepsake that is distributed at the funeral service or the memorial service. These cards can be easily slipped into your wallet or any book. They are considered to be the reminder of the person you have lost and even consist of their basic information.

●      Folded Memorial Cards

These memorial cards are smaller in size and can be personalized as per your requirements. These are mainly used in the visitations, viewings, and memorials.  You can send these cards for the funeral memorial service but always remember to include the information about the service.

●      Memorial Prayer Card

A prayer card is on the oldest and most common form of a memorial card whose roost can be found in the Catholic tradition. The prayer card has the information of the person who died along with a prayer and a religious symbol. You can use these cards as the reminder or the keepsake of the deceased person.

●      Memorial Bookmark

These memorial bookmarks are just like the bookmark but with little change. These bookmarks consist of the photo of the deceased person and their date of birth and date of death. These memorial bookmarks can be personalized as per your choice by including either a favorite poem, scripture, inspirational quote or the reading. You can use these bookmarks as the reminder to pray for the family of the deceased.

What to Write in The Memorial Card?

When you have lost your loved one, then it is the time of absolute grief. However, at that time, too, you need to express your feelings about what the dead person meant to you. That’s where memorial cards come into play, as these are the simplest way to show what your heart exactly feels. However, you may not know what information this card should contain and what exactly is written inside it.

The memorial cards may consist of the following details:

  • Name of the deceased person.
  • Date of birth along with the death date of the person.
  • The favorite quote, prayer, poem, verse of your loved ones.
  • The photo of the person who died.
  • It may include the details of the cemetery where the person will be buried.
  • Names of the parents or a spouse who preceded the person.
  • The personal sentiment from the family of the deceased.

The font used in the memorial cards should be easy to read by all the people be it young or old funeral guests. The funeral cards generally start from the saying: Miss you, Rest in peace, In loving Memory etc.

While writing the funeral message, you need to choose a good word that can express your feelings very well. While writing the message, you have to consider the feeling of the deceased’s family and how they will react to your message.

Funeral cards are the traditional way of expressing the condolence to the family of your loved ones at the time of mourning. You can order the memorial cards from the online store, where you will be given a choice to customize the card with a personal poem or message.