Fashion Trends you need to follow in the year 2020

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As time passes the need for fashion also changes. In order to stay updated with the latest styles here is a compilation of twelve styles which will tell, what you should be looking in 2020.

Suits with vests

The logical continuation of the bourgeois fashion of the 1970s will be this trend – men’s suits with vests. Suppose these women look much sexier than men. You can wear both on a naked body, and with a classic shirt.

Naive flowers Prints

Of course, in the summer you can’t do without floral prints, only this time the cutest and most naive ones are in fashion, like from a children’s coloring. Forget about detailed traced dramatic buds and semi-abstract spots.

Golden candy wrappers

Fans of sweets in shiny wrappers will like the new evening trend. If you are going to shine, dress in candy in a gold wrapper, as in the models at Balenciaga, Celine, and Saint Laurent.

Sweatshirts and sweaters for office and party

It seems that fashion has decided to become absolutely comfortable for everyone because next summer designers offer to wear soft sweaters and sweatshirts for parties and in the office. To increase your severity, combine home-made clothing with more contrast.

School blue jackets

A neat style continues to bloom in riotous color. Soon, blue school jackets in the spirit of American private schools will return to the fashion arena. We recommend wearing those with thin sweaters, short skirts, and skirts, like a diligent student.

Sleeve lantern

The fashion of the 1980s, with their square huge shoulders, was replaced by lantern sleeves. Nobody canceled the power dressing, only in the new season we will see more feminine and softer variations from the filing of Alexander Van, Louis Vuitton, and many other brands.

Striped poncho

The traditional attribute of the autumn wardrobe – a poncho – unexpectedly promises to be the most fashionable thing next spring. We recommend you to pay attention to knitted striped patterns in the spirit of South American nomads.


The t-shirt returns to the wardrobe in all possible variations. You can wear a huge polo shirt over your favorite dress, combine with your favorite men’s suit.

Black and white geometric print.

Black and white geometry in the form of stripes and peas of several sizes in one set was seen at Chanel, Max Mara, and many other brands, so pay attention now.

Huge parachutes

A fashionable parachute will save you from unforeseen falls. Such a silhouette will be at the peak of relevance in six months. We choose as lush raincoats filled with air, jackets with huge sleeves and dresses with giant puffs.

Ultra-deep cutouts

The owners of a neat little chest will appreciate this summer trend – almost this shape of a cut in the shape of a triangle and an inverted trapezoid has become almost the most popular among designers.

Blue minimalism

Inveterate minimalists in the next season will definitely want to dress in electric blue from head to toe. Especially for those who reject the extra details in clothes, the perfect simple cut coat, trousers, sweatshirts, and jackets will be painted in this particular shade