What Happened to Mangstream? Best Alternatives in 2020

Mangstream was one of the most popular manga websites that were out there, which offered HD quality content that you could read here for free. This website was widely used because of its impressive design and the huge number of manga series that it had to offer. But like all good things must come to an End. This website was shut down a few months back and is not operational anymore.


In this article, we are going to talk about the most obvious reasons why this website was shut down, and also the best alternatives that you can use in its place in 2020.

What Happened to Mangastream?

Mangastream was a huge internet sensation for the manga readers community. This website totally changed the way manga enthusiasts used to read manga content online. It offers HD quality content for free, and the user interface of this website was friendly and engaging. 

But now, mangastream has officially stopped providing its services and here is why…

Manga stream was not really a legal website for reading manga. It offered the scanned copies of manga content that the users could read here for free. This is a copyright violation and the original content creators had this website blocked because of the theft of their intellectual property. The bottom line is this website is not available anymore. 

There are some clone sites with the names mangastream.cc and readms which look a lot like mangastream but their authenticity is not confirmed. So, we won’t recommend these websites, but you can check them out, if you feel like you can trust their services.

Below are some of the best mangastream alternatives that we have gathered together after doing in extensive online research. We highly recommend the websites below for reading manga online 

Best Alternatives in 2020?

  • MangaTown 

MangaTown comes with an extremely engaging UI design that really gets a hold on you, as soon as you enter this website. Once you are on the website, you’d see interactive UI elements that make your visit on this website, a great manga reading experience. You navigate through the different sections of this website to look for the manga that you want to read. It offers almost the same user experience as the official mangastream website.   

  • MangaFox 

MangaFox is a great manga site that comes with excellent manga reading features. This website has done its best to provide its users with a huge collection of manga series with elegant UI design to enhance the user experience and take it to a whole new level. This website contains manga from all genres, and you can easily surf through all sections of this website with ease. It is easy to use, and the UI is simple to navigate. 

  • MangaHere

MangaHere offers you the biggest collection of manga that you can find online for free. This website is not just for kids, it has manga for adults as well and you can find manga series from all kinds of genres here. The thing that we like the most about this website is its impressive UI design which makes it quite easier for you to search for and read the manga that you want to read. 

  • MangaPark

MangaPark is also a great mangastream alternative that you can find online. This website asks you to register yourself, but the registration is free to cost. This website also offers you a thread to interact with fellow manga readers where you can discuss your views about a manga. This website is safe to use and doesn’t create any kind of privacy or security issues for you.  

  • Manganelo

Manganelo would be an excellent choice for you to read manga online in 2020, if you want the same user experience as mangastream. This website is highly popular because of the HD manga quality that it offers for free. You can visit PastNews to learn more about the best mangastream alternatives in 2020. The website has a dynamic design which makes things a whole lot easier for you. It is a highly recommended website that you need to check out.   

Final Words

Mangastream indeed was a great platform for reading manga online. There are not many platforms like it out there, the ones that offer excellent manga quality have been mentioned here. Make sure to check out these manga sites for an immersive manga reading experience online. 

Guide to Starting your Business Journey with on-demand Services



ON-demand App

Nowadays everything becomes mobile, from shopping, traveling, eating, etc., when we enter the digital age and have everything on our doorstep.

There are many separate applications that offer on-demand services that are available at your fingertips so we don’t have to wait for anything.

On-demand applications were developed exclusively for the delivery of food, groceries and for booking a taxi, laundry service, etc., which we order / book online. It helps to meet everyone’s needs in the shortest possible time.

When you’re ready to be an entrepreneur, you can develop on-demand applications to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

This post will help startups / entrepreneurs start their own on-demand journey with the complete guide to different types of on-demand services and some necessary steps required to develop an on-demand application.

What are the on-demand applications?

The on-demand application is a platform that acts as an intermediary between service providers and customers.

It has the ability to meet all customer needs and requirements in one place through one app. The features and functions of the app are configured depending on the target group.

On-demand services differ by category and there are many types of services. Let me tell you in detail one by one

Most popular on-demand application idea:

The on-demand industry is ready for a bright future with many trend ideas, including:

Grocery delivery service

Taxi booking

Grocery delivery

Laundry service

Fitness & health

Alcohol delivery

On-demand application for fitness and health:

Health and fitness play an important role in every human life as it is a good way. But in this highly competitive world, everyone has little time to keep fit by exercising or using health equipment.

For this reason, the technology offers us fitness apps for tracking and measuring health. The fitness tracking apps have greatly contributed to people’s health and help save time and money.

“Use of the fitness app is growing 87% faster.”

Just tap on the fitness app that suits your needs, install it and start pumping.

On-demand application for the delivery of food:

Here comes the trendy business idea for startups, an app for the delivery of food.

Demand and demand are growing faster since most customers also conveniently search for everything when buying food. To meet customer expectations, the Food Delivery Apps become an instant gateway.

As a result, the growth of the food delivery app is growing day by day with a huge profit in the market and is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of $ 90.95 billion by 2023.

For similar reasons, entrepreneurs are adapting to the online food delivery platform that allows them to keep an eye on their target customers. Reforbes, in touch with tomorrow

All you have to do is download the food delivery apps, make your selection, place an order and make payment by card or cash on delivery.

Have you ever thought that vegetables would be delivered to you with a single keystroke on your mobile app? Here is the reason for developing an app for the delivery of food:

The reason for the introduction of the concept of the app for the delivery of food lies mainly in the convenience. It is changing the way people shop and be delivered to you in the past few days.

Valuable reasons that satisfy customers include speed, convenience, time savings, avoiding impulsive purchases, easy-to-use, hassle-free transactions, and affordable and risk-free applications.

Therefore, the success of a grocery delivery application depends on many factors with many innovations and offers users a unique and enriching experience.

These reasons prompted startups to launch their own profitable food delivery applications to meet their customers’ needs and requirements.

On-demand application for travel:

The most important choice when choosing your on-demand company is mainly travel. In this digital age, technology has changed the way we travel. Everything is possible from the palm of your hand.

The taxi industry is gaining popularity beyond our expectations. Millions and millions of people use on-demand travel services. The reason for the growth lies in the flexible rates, available functions, etc.

Good Friday Images – Spice Up Your Life.

The innovation in creating a taxi booking app is a blessing for both service providers and consumers.

Starting a taxi booking business with an on-demand app offers additional benefits.

Attract a large customer base

One-time investment

Huge profit

Satisfactory user experience

Increases rapid business growth

Stay ahead in the curve

On-demand for travel is therefore the best startup idea for entrepreneurs.

On-demand application for laundry service:

In today’s fast-paced scenario, on-demand laundry becomes a necessary thing because people don’t want to worry about washing clothes by getting valuable time out of their busy schedule. It helps to save a lot of time.

On-demand laundry app services have achieved the growth in success that meets customer needs within a set time and cost. It becomes an added bonus for customers to have everything on hand.

According to Statista, laundry services will reach $ 7,660 million by 2020. It is a perfect time to meet the needs and expectations of consumers and to turn out to be a unique solution for the on-demand laundry service.

Direct Marketing Tools That Create Profitable Traffic

Many people believe that they need Direct Marketing Tools to create a successful direct marketing campaign. Nothing could be further from the truth. Direct marketing requires no complex software and not much skill, as well as having no in store marketing strategy at all.

Use of Social Media

The more you understand how to use social media to meet your sales goals, the more effective your direct marketing will be. When you are using social media to get leads and build relationships with prospects, you are sharing your expertise. The more expertise you have, the more people will want to connect with you. This is how you get their interest.

After you have already set up your sales page with the social media tool, you can now start sending out the latest news and updates that relate to your brand. If you have been using Twitter, the first thing you will need to do is search for the term “social media” into Google or Yahoo. This will bring up some updated websites that you can choose from. Find one that has a good reputation and use it. You should not post anything about yourself on this account.

The next step is to add your new account to your existing accounts. Remember to keep the same URL and the same name. Once you have done this, you can now go ahead and post any information you would like to. For example, if you are about to launch a new product, you can now update the content of your sales page and begin your marketing campaign.

Your next goal is to interact with the people who follow you. Your success depends upon the number of people you are able to attract to follow you. Get started by commenting on any of the links posted. To ensure that the links will continue to work, set up a separate email address so that the followers can still receive the emails.

After getting the accounts established, you can now send them direct tweets. Tweets can give you an immediate response, as people will be looking for information about your products. Tweets can also help you achieve conversion rate and follow up rate in which case you will be able to boost your sales. The more people you can get to follow you, the more sales you will see.

If you are going to be using Twitter to help you promote your product or service, you need to build a large audience. You can do this by giving away free reports or providing helpful tips to those who follow you. It is best to make people want to take action right away.

Direct Marketing Techniques

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that does not use a traditional billboard or television broadcast. Instead, this form of advertising uses the Internet to advertise. It’s a low cost method for businesses and individuals to get their message out. By setting up an online presence, you can reach hundreds, or even thousands of people all over the world.

Direct marketing may be referred to as Online Direct Marketing (ODM). The term ODM is simply a marketing strategy used by large companies and corporations. Many small businesses use online marketing to reach a larger audience of customers. These companies often hire online marketing companies to help them build their online presence.

There are many ways in which a company’s website can be used to advertise their product or service. The advertising can be done through banner advertisements on their site or through direct mail and telemarketing. The types of direct marketing methods vary, but they can still be found in almost every industry. The most popular methods are usually done on the Internet.

Online marketing is often considered as the next evolution of brick and mortar marketing. It has been said that companies who have always relied on advertising spend more than any other type of advertising when marketing online. The reason for this is that online marketing is more cost effective and there are no overhead costs for a company. Also, online marketing can be done on a regular basis, so it offers a consistent stream of revenue. This is why online marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

There are many different types of online marketing techniques that companies use today. Some of the most common methods include

  1. pay per click advertising,
  2. Article marketing
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Social Networking

Many people prefer to use social networking as the main form of online marketing because it allows them to interact with others and form relationships, whereas they would never be able to do this offline.

Article Marketing

One of the most successful online marketing strategies is through article marketing. This involves writing articles about the product or service that you are promoting. You then submit these articles to various directories, which allow you to be linked back to your website.

Direct marketing is growing in popularity because of its ability to reach a much larger audience. You can still have a presence in a brick and mortar business, but without spending a lot of money, you can reach a larger audience and increase your sales.

Another way that companies reach their target market is through publication of advertisements on other websites. These advertisements are sometimes referred to as sponsored links. By placing advertisements on websites where they can get paid for, companies can reach out to a larger market. A large number of companies will post their advertisements in areas where people often go. These are areas where they know they will have potential customers reading about the products they are selling.

There are no complicated ways to create a lead generation page or sales page that converts properly. All you need is a well placed direct marketing tool. Then all you need to do is put those direct marketing tools into use.

7 Best Practices While Creating Your Content Strategy

Creating and sticking to a content strategy is always much better than simply pumping out content and hoping that it does well. 

There is a lot of factors you should consider when creating a content strategy, and in today’s article I will try and help you out with some tips and best practices for building a strong content and SEO strategy (Check also this: The Definitive Guide to SEO Strategy in 2020 from OutreachMama). 

So, let’s start by taking a look at the first step in creating any content strategy.

Setting Goals

Are you trying to improve your site’s SEO rankings? Perhaps you want to boost your organic traffic, conversions, etc.? Regardless of what it is, your goal will be the backbone of your content strategy and all of your efforts should be directed towards reaching that goal. 

This is rather simple and straightforward, but just reminding yourself and your team what exactly you’re trying to achieve can do wonders to keep everyone on track. 

Also, the goals you set should be realistic. Something like “rank #1 in our niche by the end of next month” obviously sounds ridiculous. But a goal like “produce the most comprehensive guide on farming tomatoes”, for example, is pretty much perfect. 

Know Your Audience

Brainvire believes that You can’t run a content strategy if you don’t know who to market your content to. So, you should know your audience’s demographic, their needs and wants. You can take advantage of a tool like Alexa to instantly reveal the demographic of any site’s audience. 

Creating a user persona can also be quite beneficial. By “persona” I mean an imaginary person that combines all of the traits of your audience, what they are searching for, what types of content they prefer, and so on.

Treating your entire audience as a singular being makes it easier to produce content that would satisfy them since you’re looking at one human and not a thousand. 

Stick to Your Niche

By that I mean avoid making generic content that can be found all across the web. Focus on your own niche and only produce content that is relevant to it and remember a simple rule: quality over quantity. 

Let’s return to that guide on growing tomatoes for a bit. If you do something like that but in your own niche, you will be able to grab the majority of the traffic pie. Focusing on your niche and making content that’s better than everyone else’s is the way to go.

It might be tempting to write a few articles on general topics or something that belongs to other niches, but it’s usually not worth your time. 

Set Milestones and Track Your Progress

Constantly monitoring your performance is essential to understanding whether your content strategy is working or not. You can use Google Analytics or any other tracking software to measure your SEO metrics. 

By carefully examining the growth or decline of your metrics you will be able to tell exactly which types of content are performing the best and figure out the approach that works best for you. 

Read Your Comments (And Reply to Them)

If you have comments disabled on your resource, you really should consider turning them back on. If you’re concerned about getting flooded by spammy comments, you can use a plugin like Akismet (if your site is running on WordPress) and it will filter out all of the unwanted messages.

Reading all of your feedback and interacting with your audience in comments, on Twitter, Facebook, etc. can provide you with a lot of valuable data. Do people like the content you make for them? Do they have any suggestions on what they feel is missing? 

Also, interacting with your audience by replying to what they have to say helps you form stronger bonds with your users and potentially even provides you with link building opportunities (if the person you’re talking to is a blogger themselves). 

So, there’s literally zero reasons for having your comments disabled. 

Market Your Content

In order to do that effectively, you will need to know which channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google) your users prefer their content from and figure out the best time for posting. 

Is the majority of your demographic early birds that enjoy scrolling their FB feed while sipping on a cup of coffee? Then posting in the morning would be a good decision. 

Also, you should try and publish content regularly. It will both keep old users engaged and waiting for more and will bring in newcomers on a regular basis. 

Create an editorial calendar to help you and your team manage your time more efficiently and try to follow your upload calendar as closely as possible. 

Take a Look at What Your Competition Is Up to

Competitor analysis is a key step in improving any content strategy. By evaluating your competitors it will be much easier for you to understand the situation on your niche market and take according steps to take advantage of it. 

SpyFu is an absolutely invaluable tool for competitor research.

Does your competition get most of their traffic from social media? Focus on generating more organic traffic. 

Also, don’t pass up on awesome link building opportunities. 

Here is a post by Linkio about the best backlink monitoring tools with which you will be able to find and take advantage of link building opportunities quickly and easily.

To Wrap It Up

Here were some of my tips and practices on how to build a profitable content strategy. I hope you found my information useful and good luck with all your content strategy efforts!

Top five binge-watch web and TV series

People want to binge-watch TV and web series that make them glue to the seat until they finish the complete season of video originals. The story of the series that are released today in Netflix, Prime, and other entertainment apps captivate the binge-watchers with the gripping storyline. With a lot of content available online, it becomes challenging for entertainment lovers to find the best series that they should not miss watching.

We compiled a list of series that you must watch in your free time to have ample fun and enjoyment:


The web series has grabbed attention with its twists and turns. The story is based on the bestselling book called Bosch, which is authored by Michael Connelly. It is a detective story and loved by the people who are voracious for suspense thrillers. The story is about the police detective who hails from Los Angeles would work hard to crack the homicide case that happened in the Hollywood division. It is not new for Bosch, whose role is played by Titus Welliver to tackle the vulnerable situation. The guy has seen the dark side of life. His mother was assassinated when he was a kid, and he has spent all his childhood in the orphanage. The fourth season of this series is running now and is a binge-watch for the crime lovers.

Jack Ryan

The Jack Ryan season 3 is soon going to air. The spy thriller will create an adrenaline rush in the body and make you sit on the seat edge after watching each episode. The action sequences and storylines are captivating and engaging. Tom Clancy plays the lead role of Jack Ryan. There will be a lot of twists and turns in the story of this spy. The story will never make you feel bored with its rapid pace narration. Ryan, the hero in the series, works as a CIA analyst. He is happy going guy until he was put into the ‘life and death’ assignment. There is a terrorist communication that this guy hears and learns that there is some mission that is going to launch against America and destroy it. The guy risks his life to save the world from the baddies.


It is a science fiction television series whose lead role is played by Victor Webster. The name of his character is Carlos in the series. There are a lot of messages in the thriller that are thought-provoking and keep you engaged. The story revolves around the fanatical terrorist and police officers who track the terrorists planning to create a ruckus in society. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story of the series. The character of Rachel Nicholas, played by Kiera Cameron, is suitable as a strong and independent woman. She shows her courage to fight with bad-ass. Victor is excellent in his role. The story is relevant to reality today. It covers the corruption in the system. The corruption is highlighted entertainingly.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The web series is a massive hit. It is the story of a house-wife and how she has turned up to be the best stand-up comedian. It is set in the backdrop of New York and way back in the 1950s. She is a person who is in the trap of society, which believes that women must stay at home, and man is a responsibility to earn for the livelihood of the family. Rachael Brosnahan plays the Maisel role. She plays the role of a strong Jewish woman who loves to share her opinions. Her husband, who loves stand-up comedy and wants to pursue the passion, would fail badly to entertain the crowd. There is a rupture in the relationship, and one day she tried to give a try and goes to the club to express her opinion comically, and it creates a laugh riot. The hilarious woman tale reflects the opinion of women today. It is entertaining and getting ready for its next season.


People who like courtroom drama must never miss watching this series. The courtroom drama has the life of Billy McBridge. He is the famous trail layer in America once upon a time. With many worst incidences in life, it stays away from the profession. However, after some time, he investigates the wrongful death suit, and things start to take a serious turn. In the end, he is left with an option to take revenge or seek redemption from the people who can make or break his life.