Medical School Consulting- The Information You Must Know

Students who apply to a medical school generally wonder if they should pay extra bucks to medical school consulting services. Well, it is becoming increasingly challenging for medical school applicants to stand out in their personal statements. Also, the increasing number of applications each year has increased the level of competition.

While applicants find it challenging to work on their personal statement, they consider seeking professional assistance. Since there are many med school consultants out there, students often get confused about which one to choose and how a consultant will help them get through the process.

Well, if you are aspiring to seek admission into a medical school, then this article is for you. So, read on and know all the information related to medical school consultants.

Who is a medical school admission consultant?

A medical school admission consultant is a professional/consultant to help you with your application, CASPer, and medical interview by offering you useful advice, recommendations, and tools. The advice provided by professionals will increase your chances of acceptance in any college.

The best medical school consultants are experts in the field of admission and will help you figure out which way to go and what will work best.

Who needs a medical school admission consultant?

Truth to be said, most of the students who get admission into a medical school usually get through the process under the guidance of a medical consultant. When it comes to writing a medical school statement, students often end up feeling overwhelmed.

If you are wondering which students usually seek help from medical school consultants, read on and get rid of the confusion.

Students with low scores

Students with an average to low MCAT and GPA scores usually seek assistance from the medical school consultants. Such students have to make sure that every other aspect of their application stands out. So, they end up seeking guidance from professionals.

Gaps in application

There are applications with a noticeable gap before applying for a medical school. Students who have applications with gap usually take assistance from the professionals to fill the gaps which they otherwise could not fill.

Weak writing skills

Personal statements are supposed to be well written, as these are a powerful way to create a positive impression on the reader. Many students try to write their personal statements but end up struggling. When it comes to ideas, they have many in their mind but find it difficult to pen down the same due to their lack of writing skills. So, they seek help from the professional medical school application consultants.

Now that you know who all can seek help from medical school consultants let us tell you about reg flags that you must avoid while choosing a medical school consultant.

Red flags to avoid while choosing a medical school consultant

A professional with a low success rate

Most of the consultants have a website, and you can easily find their success rate on the website. You can go through their website and see how many students have got admission into a medical college due to their efforts. If the number is low on the website, then it means that a consultant has a low success rate. So, check the success rate and then choose a consultant.

No or missing reviews

Reviews are a great way to know about the reputation of a consultant. Before you decide on choosing a particular consultant, make sure to go through their reviews or testimonials both online and offline. If you don’t find any reviews or testimonials, ask the consultants about their ex-clients’ contact information. In case if any consultant is hesitant to provide any contact information, there are chances that they may be a fraud.

Offers no guarantee

The guarantee offers a measure of confidence a company has in its product or service. If a medical school consultant does not guarantee success, then it means that they do not have any confidence in their ability to help you. So, make sure that you chose a consultant that offers a guarantee.

Wrapping it up

Seeking admission in a medical school is a very challenging task. The entire process is tough, and if you wish to get through it, seeking help from a professional would be the best thing to do. Now that you know which students need help from medical school consultants and the red flags to avoid while choosing one make sure you find the best one.

Washable Face Mask | Benefits and Maintenance Tips for Regular Wearers

Wearing a mask is not an option but has become an integral part of our life in this pandemic situation. It’s totally unsafe to come out of the home without wearing a good quality face mask. The vulnerable environment due to Covid-19 spread has made face masks an essential good. When it becomes a part of your daily routine, it is not possible to replace the mask every day. There are single-use face masks available in the market but they are not visible according to the current circumstances. you cannot carry a bundle of reusable marks everywhere. Rather than going with the option of disposable surgical masks, it’s better to order a couple of reusable masks passing the healthcare standards for viral and pollution protection. They are washable after every use and have several other benefits that we are mentioning below.

1)  Affordable option

The reusable masks last longer and save a lot of money. You can wear them after washing again and again without any risk. Also, you cannot even buy new masks more frequently because of the scarcity in the market. As per the current circumstances, it’s better to invest in two or three marks that are reusable.

2)  Better protection

A washable dust mask also comes with various other protective features. Along with dust particles, these masks are also capable of safeguarding you from fluid, bacterial infestation, viruses and various types of pollutants having the size of 3 microns or below.

3)  Washable and sanitizable

Even if you cannot wash The reusable Mask, it is also sanitizable. Use any sanitizer that you carry for cleaning hands for disinfecting it from all types of threats before wearing again.

4)  Environment friendly

A washable medical face mask is environment friendly as compared to the single use mask. We can use it multiple times without disposing. Usually, medical grade accessories release the maximum harmful gases to the environment. If you are using a single use mask in this pandemic situation, the risk of virus spreading also increases.

5)  Better fitting

Disposable masks are uncomfortable to wear for long hours. Usually, they are designed for medical teams to perform surgeries and other critical tasks for a short duration. You must have seen the images of doctors working in coronavirus hospitals having marks on their faces due to wearing single-use masks for a long time. The reusable masks fit snugly on the face and you will feel comfortable for long hours. Also, even the first time users can speak comfortably with these masks.

6)  Comfortable breathability

Along with better fitting, breathability comfort is also considered in priority. A washable face mask is designed with three or four layers of protection and adequate space for breathing.

Cleaning instructions for a washable surgical mask

1)    Wash it after every single-use

Even after wearing for one or two hours, wash your face mask properly with a detergent. We recommend hand wash instead of the washing machine because the layers of a filter may get damaged. Every time when you go out with a mask, wearing on the face, different types of pollutants and microorganisms stick on its surface. Who knows which one becomes the reason for viral infection?

2)    You can use sanitizer as well

In some remote locations, we may not find water or soap for cleaning. You can use a hand sanitizer for disinfecting the mask before using it again. Make sure that the outermost layer is cleaned perfectly. Also, don’t forget to sanitize your hands after cleaning the mask.

Apart from this, a person must also be aware of its wearing and removing instructions. Don’t try to adjust your mask after wearing it. Develop the habit of speaking without removing your mask. The microorganisms and pollutants on the mask can easily find a way to your body once they come in contact with hands.

6 Ways to Manages Stress Effectively

World over, the level of stress is rising. Today we can find people across age groups, genders, income levels, and geographies under severe stress or experience depression and anxiety. In fact, the American Institute of Stress conducted a study and revealed some alarming facts:

  • Work-related stress infects 83% of the US workers
  • Workplace stress results in an annual loss of up to $300 billion to UB businesses.
  • Every day, about 1 million workers miss their work.
  • When it comes to work-life balance, only 43% of Americans think that their employers are sensitive.
  • Depression costs over $51 billion in the form of absenteeism and its treatment over $26 billion annually.
  • Over 120,000 lives are lost due to work-related stress every year. This adds $190 billion to healthcare costs.

This reveals the enormity of the problem world over. Rising stress levels not only add to the costs, but they also lead to loss of lives. And the number is rising fast.

While there is little that can be done n certain things like rising competition, annoying deadlines, tough timelines, etc, we can definitely manage better certain things that are in our direct control. This includes managing our lives better, improving our own efficiency and learning, or adopting stress management techniques.

Let us have a look at the top 6 most effective and popular stress management techniques that are practiced by people across the world.

  • Regular exercise
  • Meditation
  • Healthy diet
  • Pursuing a hobby
  • Get Quality Sleep
  • Using supplements

Regular Exercise

They say that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. While stress leads to the release of Cortisol, exercise releases endorphins. Studies conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America suggest that regular exercise releases endorphins, the natural pain-killers. Additionally, regular exercise also promotes our ability to sleep which relaxes our body helping it to return to normalcy faster. No wonder, Cortisol is called the stress hormone while endorphin is called the happiness hormone. The American Heart Association recommends that an average individual should exercise about 2.5 hours per week to reduce stress and lead a healthy normal life. Exercise needs not be only done in a gym but could be in other forms like swimming, hiking, biking, etc.


Meditation is considered to be one of the most effective means of managing stress. Even a few minutes of meditation can help calm the mind thus reducing stress levels. According to Mayo Clinic, any of the following could be followed to practice meditation:

  • Guided meditation: Use of imagery, senses (smell, sights, etc) to calm the mind. At times even a teacher or guide could help you meditate.
  • Mantra meditation: Repeated chanting of a set of words or mantras can help calm the mind thus preventing depressing or anxiety-provoking thoughts.
  • Mindfulness meditation: Here you can focus on things like breathing, heartbeat, etc. even the thoughts and emotions that come to mind could be observed without getting disturbed by them.
  • Qi gong: This involves combining techniques like meditation, relaxation, physical movement, and breathing to achieve peace and restoring mental balance.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a combination of physical exercise, body postures, and controlled breathing. Yoga promotes well being of mind as well as body.

Healthy diet

While some foods act as comfort foods that promoting Serotonin (a brain calming hormone), others help in controlling the level of Cortisol and Adrenalin (the stress-causing hormones).  According to WebMD, a healthy diet helps in strengthening the immune system and lowering blood pressure. Healthy dies should consist of the following:

  • Complex Carbohydrates foods like whole-grain bread and cereals,
  • Simple Carbohydrates like sweets and Soda, but in limited quantities.
  • Vitamin C rich foods like oranges and lemons etc.
  • Green leafy  vegetables like Spinach
  • Fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like Tuna, Salmon
  • Nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts
  • Fruits like avocado, apples, bananas, and other seasonal fruits.
  • Raw vegetables like carrots, celery, tomatoes
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products

Pursuing a hobby

According to the Australian Dept. of Health, pursuing a hobby helps better stress management.  Apparently, a hobby helps un unwind and get out of our daily routine. It also helps in reducing the stress-causing thoughts from becoming too strong. More than that, it helps our brain or remaining calm and focus well on things in hand. Their studies revealed that people with hobbies are less likely to feel the ill effects of stress, suffer from dampened moods and experience depression. In fact, hobbies lift up your mood, make you feel happy & relaxed thereby giving you a clearer picture of the problem in hand and find an effective solution to deal with it. Irrespective of the type of hobby, we can manage our stress levels better if the hobby is meaningful and enjoyable to us.

Get Quality Sleep:

The Sleep Foundation finds that stress levels can be managed better through quality sleep. Rising stress levels lead to a hyper-arousal status thus causing insomnia. Insomnia then leads to an increase in stress and the cycle continues. Hence to break the cycle, quality of sleep is very important. Sleep quality can be achieved through:

  •  Downshift before bedtime: As a habit, avoid indulging in anything stressful or stimulating like a mobile phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine drinks should be avoided after sundown to prevent the brain from being in an active state at sleep hours.
  • Stick to sleep times: As much as possible, stick to a set time for sleeping and waking up. This causes the body to follow a particular rhythm.
  • Find a comfortable place to sleep: Not only should the bed be comfortable, but the rooms should also not have bright light or loud noises which may distract you and keep you awake.

Using supplements:

According to a report published in, a variety of supplements can prove beneficial in managing stress. These include multi-vitamins and minerals which are available in various forms like powders, capsules or syrups.

According to a report published in the Observer, CBD oil is emerging to be the newest form of supplement beneficial in stress management. While CBD oil is one area that demands a lot of medical and scientific research, nevertheless, its acceptance as a stress buster is growing very rapidly.

While these techniques are quite popular and effective with millions of followers world over, some need the help of a medical practitioner to initiate and while being practiced. Always remember that while managing stress, things that are external to us are difficult to control. What is in our control is our response to the stimulus. If we are able to manage ourselves better, the stress level automatically remains under control. This not only helps us to remain composed but also helps in efficiently managing the source of stress better.

3 Ways Winters Cause Erectile Dysfunction Among Men in Australia

No one would have the idea that living in cold temperatures might also be the reason for erectile dysfunction. You may be familiar with a number of causes for erectile dysfunction but the temperature would not be one of them. The reason is that all of us focus so much on the most obvious or common causes that we neglect some of the crucial ones. Extremely cold temperature is one of those causes about which no one has ever talked. However, you will learn about the connection between cold temperature/winter and erectile dysfunction in this article. People may recommend you to get trial pack trio in Australia, but you must know the cause for it before you buy medication. It is important because knowing the cause would help you in buying the right medication for you. 

Here are the 3 main ways by which winters or cold temperatures cause erectile dysfunction in men in Australia. Let’s look at this one by one.


  • High Impact on Sexual Arousal


There is strong evidence that extremely cold temperatures have a deep impact on sexual arousals in men. The erection issues also onset when there is a lack of sexual arousal or no urge for having sex. When the winter season is on peak and you get nothing to warmup yourself, you may feel a lack of arousal. This is not any problematic thing or anything to worry about if this happens only in the colder temperature in Australia. This is because you can always get your sexual arousal back while lying on a bed in a warmer room. Basically, the cold temperature affects the arousal of sexual feelings in men in Australia. 


  • Affects the performance


During the winter season or cold weather, the performance of our body, as well as its organs, affect badly. When you live in cold temperatures, you may feel a lack of energy or enthusiasm to perform your routine duties. Similarly, if your body is getting cold in cold weather, it fails to get the required erections. The basic reason for this is that when a person is feeling the cold, all of his attention shifts towards coping with the cold. As a result, these thoughts put more pressure or more strain on your mind regarding weather and you fail to focus more on sexual thoughts. At the same time, if you get able to warmup yourself through anyway, then the arousal of sexual feelings gets stronger than cold feelings. This is the time when you easily get the erection to engage in a relationship with your partner. Therefore, excess of cold weather would never enable your body functions to perform their duties/functions effectively. 


  • Cause the muscles to contract


Many people are aware of this situation when staying under highly cold temperatures make their muscles to contract. In such a situation, you would feel your skin tightening or shrinking, and your muscles contracting. When there is such tension on your organs, how would you get an erection? It is just not possible for an ordinary man to get the erection while his body is struggling to adjust to the cold. Therefore, if you are facing the erectile dysfunction issue only under the cold weather, it is not a big issue. You can simply cater to it with any good and effective medication when the temperature is cold. For example, you may get generic kamagra jelly 100mg in Australia to get a perfect erection under cold temperatures. However, it is also important to keep yourself warm through any possible way to control such issues. 

Can Homeopathy Cure Erectile Dysfunction in Australia?

Homeopathy is a very effective treatment for a number of health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and erection issues, etc. It is being used for years to treat various health issues among men in Australia. Although the homeopathy is effective for multiple illnesses, a lot of men still keep it aside. If we do a comparison, a lot of people use trial pack one instead of buying homeopathic medicine. Do you know why? In this article, you will learn about it in detail and would get thorough answers to the questions in your mind. So, let’s start! 

Why Homeopathy is effective?

Homeopathy is the name of different types of medicines than conventional western medicines. In homeopathy, the more natural substances are used to prepare the medicines that are light on the body. Although they are light on the body but they are very effective in treating multiple health issues. Unfortunately, there are no studies that can prove the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines. We call it effective on the basis of a number of patients’ reviews and feedback. Many people report that they use it for a specific health condition such as healthy sexual life, erections, treating depression, stress, or heart issues, etc. According to them, the homeopathic medicine work for these conditions but in a slow manner. You can’t expect instant results from homeopathic medicines. 

Do research support homeopathy?

Regrettably, there is no research or strong evidence that supports the homeopathy. In this modern era, there is a lot of research available on every single aspect of our life, health issues, and treatments. However, the sad thing is that no one willingly contributes to study the effectiveness of homeopathy. Still, there is a big hope that further research will focus on homeopathy and more and more people will take step towards it.  

Can homeopathy treat erectile dysfunction?

There are evidences that the use of homeopathy helps in improving erections and muscle strength. However, homeopathic medicines can’t effectively and completely heal the issue. It doesn’t mean that homeopathic medicine is not effective for erectile disorder. The thing is that this area needs further research and in-depth study to reach a firm conclusion. There are cases in which people report that homeopathic medicines help them in improving their sexual life. There are also a number of homeopathic medicines that claim to cure erectile dysfunction. 

However, when we look at the results of using homeopathic medicines for erectile dysfunction in Australia, the answers vary a lot. Some of the people report that homeopathic medicines helped them a lot in getting the erection back and maintaining a healthy sexual life. On the other hand, there are many people who report that it was a waste of time and money. The homeopathic medicines didn’t help them in treating erectile dysfunction. However, it also depends on the severity of ED, duration of ED, and the health condition of the patient. 

What Medicine should I buy to rapidly treat ED in Australia?

Based on the above findings, it is a better idea to go for conventional western medicine for the proven results. You may try homeopathy for erectile disorder but it will take time to show the results but still, it may or may not help in your case. In contrast, if you get generic Priligy 60mg in Australia, it will 100% work for you. It is also important to identify the cause of your erectile dysfunction in Australia and then choose the right medication for it. Additionally, you must also choose the right dosage to get the best results for treating erectile dysfunction in Australia.