Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is an embarrassment for everyone. It makes us lose our confidence, and we become more conscious of our look. We don’t feel our best while dealing with dandruff. It causes us stress. Dandruff could be the result of many reasons such as dry skin, there might be yeast overgrowth, or might be because of some allergy. Ketomac is one of the best shampoo for dry scalp in India available in the market. These reasons all contribute to the growth of dandruff. It is very important to treat this problem because of the severity of this issue leads to loss of hair and very medical problems. There is number of remedies available to treat dandruff, some of the natural way to treat dandruff are:

  • Apply Heena: Applying Heena on your scalp can effectively manage your dandruff issues. Mehndi soften your hair. Apply heena properly for 2 hours, and you can ultimately see the difference it has on your dandruff.
  • Increase the intake of Omega-3s: Omega 3 fatty acid is beneficial for your body. A deficiency of Omega -3 can lead to dry hair, dry skin and even dandruff. It also helps in overcoming the problem of inflammation that provides you  relieve you from irritation and dandruff related symptoms. You can increase the intake of Omega-3s by consuming food enriched with this nutrient.
  • Coconut oil with lemon: Coconut oil is known to keep your soft and healthy by fighting against dandruff. When it is used with the combination of lemon, it’s the best cure for your dandruff problems. Apply coconut oil with lemon on your scalp for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with shampoo. It is one of the convenient ways to treat your dandruff.
  • Curd: Curd applied to your hair can do wonder for your dandruff problems. Apply iton your hair, let it dry and then rinse it off with shampoo. It will help in getting the desired result for your dandruff issues.
  • Neem Juice: Neem juice is very beneficial for your dandruff cure, and this is found in a number of shampoos to fight dandruff. Crush neem to make a thick paste and apply it on your scalp for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water. It will indeed remove your dandruff issues.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar comprises many properties that are useful to fight against bad fungus and providesyou  the relieve against dandruff. It also helps in treating acne and itchiness in the scalp that you are facing.
  • Egg Yolk: Enriched with biotin, Egg yolk  is the major source oftreating the dandruff. It also plays the role of natural conditioner for your hair. Apply the egg yolk on your scalp and let it remain for some time. Follow these steps to get the best results.

The above-mentioned remedies are beneficial to treat your dandruff related issues. All the benefits provided by these remedies can be attained by using the best shampoo for dry scalp in India. It ensures you with the best result and is highly recommended. So choose this over your concerns for dandruff today.


Important steps involved in the healthcare revenue management cycle

Healthcare service providers strive to provide excellent services to patients. In fact, they want to be better than competitors in all aspects. However, this sense of competition makes sense only when the healthcare provider has managed their financials well. To get a better grip on the income and reimbursement procedures, it is important to learn about the hospital revenue cycle. 

Steps for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

The most important steps in healthcare revenue cycle management can be outlined as under:

  • Outsourcing processing or RCM Software installation

Is your organization so big that its revenue cycle management can be tedious to handle? If this is the case, the hospitals have a dedicated wing taking care of revenue management issues. The smaller organization can consider installing RCM software to give revenue cycle managing a head start. 

Sometimes, even if the organization is small, the owners may not be so trained in revenue management issues. After all, their core expertise lies in providing treatments to the patients and not in managing the paperwork. Thus, outsourcing comes as a sensible option for hospitals and other healthcare service providers when it comes to managing the revenue cycle.

  • Pre-authorization of patient

The US Govt makes it mandatory for every treatment to be accompanied by a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. The prescription entails the kind of equipment, medicine and healthcare that will be required for the treatment of the patient. Revenue cycle managers can approve skipping of a patient’s pre-authorization when there is a case of a medical emergency. However, during the course of medical treatment, the healthcare providers can try to find the medical insurance enabling procedures of such patients by referring to their PECOS certification records.

  • Verification of patient’s eligibility for benefits

Modern RCM software makes it easy for the medical billing company to find the patient’s eligibility for any kind of benefit. It is a common fact that patients are either accompanied by the attendants who are not much aware of the patients’ benefits. Sometimes, patients are all alone and not able to tell anything about the same by themselves. In such cases, the RCM software scans the patient profile, tells about his insurance policies and finds if their case is entitled to get any kind of benefit under the possible heads.

  • Claims submission

When entertaining the cashless insurance claims, the hospitals have to be thorough and quick to submit the claims. Their spending of resources on the treatment of patients can come down heavily on them when the staff handling RCM is not aware of the procedures. It can increase their receivables head which, ultimately, may put the pressure of liabilities on the hospital or healthcare organization.

Therefore, claims submission is a very important step in the revenue cycle management process of any healthcare providing service.

  • Posting payment received

The next step in revenue cycle management of a hospital is posting of payments received against the claims submitted to the insurance company. This posting of payment means that the payment is now clear from the patient’s side. In case the patient is having post-payment reimbursement, the system prompts the patient to make payment when the claims’ correctness has been ascertained by the insurance company.

  • Denial management

It becomes a matter of grave concern when the claims are being denied in high numbers. The poor reimbursement rate can cost the healthcare organizations heavily and may put it under financial stress. 

The biggest cause of denial management is an incorrect submission of claims. The patients may have filled the claims form incorrectly, or there can be some human error on the part of the claims receiver. Too many people working together on any claims case also become a big source of error. This raises the importance of efficient denial management. Largely, it is the guidance and revisiting of rules work that is done to keep denials within the limit.

  • Reporting

The final step in the functioning of an RCM is reporting.  The software tells about the claims submitted, denials and claims disbursed in a report form which can make it easy for the accounts department to understand the situation and make decisions.

Thus, RCM proves to be an effective tool and is designed in a sequence of steps that make it easy for healthcare providers to function efficiently and survive the challenges of the healthcare market.

Quick Tips for First Time Invisalign Patients

In earlier times, straightening teeth could never be done aesthetically. Orthodontic treatments were equal to living with a mouth full of highly complex and extremely uncomfortable metal for several months or even years.

However, as dentistry evolved over the years, with new advancements and innovations such as  , a.k.a clear plastic aligners offer an opportunity to enhance the smile without feeling self-conscious. Moreover, treatment with Invisalign is painless and much more comfortable as compared to traditional braces.

However, while you enjoy the benefits of Invisalign aligners, it is essential to be mindful of some of the drawbacks and tips to tackle them, mainly if you use them for the first time. Today’s article will highlight the tips you must follow as a first time Invisalign user. Furthermore, we will also reflect on some of the problems that you may encounter while using Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a form of orthodontic braces that are made from transparent thermoplastic sheets. These sheets are custom fabricated to mold on the patient’s dental arch. Typically, a person undergoing Invisalign treatment gets 14-28 clear aligners that have to be used in series and changed every two weeks. The aligners help put pressure on specific parts of the teeth to move them into a better position (1)

Each replacement tray will feel slightly different, as it’s designed to continue shifting and moving your teeth. You will usually have to wear Invisalign trays for most of your day, maybe around 20–22 hours per day to get the desired outcome. However, clear aligners are convenient to use and can be easily removed for eating, brushing, flossing, or for special occasions.

What are the tips you must follow while wearing Invisalign?

Now that you know some of the problems you might face while using Invisalign let’s check out some tips that can help you make your experience more comfortable –

Protect Your Tongue from trauma

Usually, the Invisalign has sharp plastic edges that may have the potential to damage the gums and surrounding soft tissue. Often first time Invisalign users experience soreness while wearing the aligners. However, as you keep using the aligner, the muscles start to adapt and toughen around the edges.

You may use orthodontic wax to cover the sharp edges and rough spots for a more comfortable experience. The best way to use it is by rolling the wax into a cylindrical shape and applying it to the sharp areas. Some sharp edges that cannot be relieved by orthodontic wax can be smoothened by using a professional file. Generally, orthodontists can help to smoothen the edges without distorting the aligner’s fit. (2)

Pain relievers – chewing exercises

Pain and discomfort may be common during the first few days of using aligners. This happens when the aligners force the teeth to move them into the ideal position in the arch. Some chewing exercises or mouth opening and closing exercises with the aligners have proven to help relieve the pain.  Moreover, these exercises help to get used to the comfort of wearing aligners for a long time during the day.

Another benefit of chewing exercise is that it helps massage the gums and stimulate nutrient-rich blood flow to the mouth, thereby maintaining the oral tissues’ health. Moreover, chewing exercises help the aligners to fit tightly for maximum tooth movement.

Orthodontists can aid in this activity by providing styrofoam chewies, which help significantly in performing chewing exercises.

An alternative to Styrofoam chewies is Movements, which are meant to train your jaw to get accustomed to the clear aligners and provide relief from discomfort. However, you can consult your orthodontist to get the best options for Invisalign’s comfortable experience.

Record the total time you wear Invisalign during a day

Most people tend to avoid or forget wearing Invisalign for the most part during the day. However, it is essential to understand the importance of wearing Invisalign for as much time as possible. Ideally, dentists recommend wearing aligners for 22 hours per day. This helps to complete the treatment on time and provide quicker results.

Having a time tracker will help you to keep a record of the total hours you wear Invisalign. Moreover, it will also be a reminder for you to wear Invisalign aligners if you forget to wear them. There are many time-tracking apps and cases specially designed for Invisalign, which ensure that the treatment is followed properly. (3)

Some Invisalign time tracking apps also notify you if you have exceeded the ideal wearing time. This way, you can easily manage the breaks and aligner time throughout the day.

Safe removal

It is very crucial to safely remove the Invisalign aligners, especially from the retainer box. Most retainer boxes come in handy with an aligner removal tool. It is often a small key-like component that helps remove the aligner without damaging its shape or fit carefully.

Although some people try to scoop the aligner out of the case with their fingers, however, they tend to fish out the trays and distort the shape of the aligner leading to losing fit or change in the fit of the aligner on the dental arch. Another risk of pulling out aligners with your finger is the tray’s damage due to sharp nails. Dent marks or perforations are widespread incidents that often require replacement of the aligner. This delays the treatment and increases the expenses. (4)

Clean your aligners regularly.

Most people have the habit of indulging in coffee and tea breaks. However, it is advised to reduce the consumption of such beverages as they can stain the aligner as well as the teeth. Most often, people cannot ignore it, especially in social gatherings where they may be forced to drink up.

In such situations, the best way to keep your aligners stain-free is to clean it regularly with toothpaste and toothbrush. The abrasive ingredients of the toothpaste help remove the stains and discolorations from the aligners’ surface. Moreover, it also helps to keep the aligners plaque and odor-free.

There are also specialized Invisalign cleaning pastes and sprays which aim at providing a squeaky-clean aligner. Additionally, they also have flavoring agents which give a pleasant taste in the mouth. Invisalign cleaning spray also helps in providing an odor-free breath.

While you may follow a good hygiene routine, it is essential to carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere you go. This is to ensure you clean the teeth and the aligners after every meal you eat.

Take away message

Invisalign is one of the most advanced and innovative orthodontic treatments designed to straighten the teeth without compromising the aesthetics. Some of the dental problems corrected by Invisalign include crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and underbite. However, significant malocclusions like bite problems, crossbite, or protruding teeth, cannot be treated with Invisalign.

Typically, Invisalign is made from a transparent thermoplastic sheet custom-fitted to each dental arch of the patient. Usually, a set of 14-28 aligners are used in two weeks for several months and years to get the desired result. While it may be the most aesthetically pleasing treatment, Invisalign aligners must be taken care of.

The best way to complete your treatment on time is by tracking a long time, cleaning the aligners regularly, wearing them for long hours, and learning safe removal techniques. The orthodontist will help significantly to guide you at every step to take proper care of your aligners and speed up the treatment.

Medical School Consulting- The Information You Must Know

Students who apply to a medical school generally wonder if they should pay extra bucks to medical school consulting services. Well, it is becoming increasingly challenging for medical school applicants to stand out in their personal statements. Also, the increasing number of applications each year has increased the level of competition.

While applicants find it challenging to work on their personal statement, they consider seeking professional assistance. Since there are many med school consultants out there, students often get confused about which one to choose and how a consultant will help them get through the process.

Well, if you are aspiring to seek admission into a medical school, then this article is for you. So, read on and know all the information related to medical school consultants.

Who is a medical school admission consultant?

A medical school admission consultant is a professional/consultant to help you with your application, CASPer, and medical interview by offering you useful advice, recommendations, and tools. The advice provided by professionals will increase your chances of acceptance in any college.

The best medical school consultants are experts in the field of admission and will help you figure out which way to go and what will work best.

Who needs a medical school admission consultant?

Truth to be said, most of the students who get admission into a medical school usually get through the process under the guidance of a medical consultant. When it comes to writing a medical school statement, students often end up feeling overwhelmed.

If you are wondering which students usually seek help from medical school consultants, read on and get rid of the confusion.

Students with low scores

Students with an average to low MCAT and GPA scores usually seek assistance from the medical school consultants. Such students have to make sure that every other aspect of their application stands out. So, they end up seeking guidance from professionals.

Gaps in application

There are applications with a noticeable gap before applying for a medical school. Students who have applications with gap usually take assistance from the professionals to fill the gaps which they otherwise could not fill.

Weak writing skills

Personal statements are supposed to be well written, as these are a powerful way to create a positive impression on the reader. Many students try to write their personal statements but end up struggling. When it comes to ideas, they have many in their mind but find it difficult to pen down the same due to their lack of writing skills. So, they seek help from the professional medical school application consultants.

Now that you know who all can seek help from medical school consultants let us tell you about reg flags that you must avoid while choosing a medical school consultant.

Red flags to avoid while choosing a medical school consultant

A professional with a low success rate

Most of the consultants have a website, and you can easily find their success rate on the website. You can go through their website and see how many students have got admission into a medical college due to their efforts. If the number is low on the website, then it means that a consultant has a low success rate. So, check the success rate and then choose a consultant.

No or missing reviews

Reviews are a great way to know about the reputation of a consultant. Before you decide on choosing a particular consultant, make sure to go through their reviews or testimonials both online and offline. If you don’t find any reviews or testimonials, ask the consultants about their ex-clients’ contact information. In case if any consultant is hesitant to provide any contact information, there are chances that they may be a fraud.

Offers no guarantee

The guarantee offers a measure of confidence a company has in its product or service. If a medical school consultant does not guarantee success, then it means that they do not have any confidence in their ability to help you. So, make sure that you chose a consultant that offers a guarantee.

Wrapping it up

Seeking admission in a medical school is a very challenging task. The entire process is tough, and if you wish to get through it, seeking help from a professional would be the best thing to do. Now that you know which students need help from medical school consultants and the red flags to avoid while choosing one make sure you find the best one.

Washable Face Mask | Benefits and Maintenance Tips for Regular Wearers

Wearing a mask is not an option but has become an integral part of our life in this pandemic situation. It’s totally unsafe to come out of the home without wearing a good quality face mask. The vulnerable environment due to Covid-19 spread has made face masks an essential good. When it becomes a part of your daily routine, it is not possible to replace the mask every day. There are single-use face masks available in the market but they are not visible according to the current circumstances. you cannot carry a bundle of reusable marks everywhere. Rather than going with the option of disposable surgical masks, it’s better to order a couple of reusable masks passing the healthcare standards for viral and pollution protection. They are washable after every use and have several other benefits that we are mentioning below.

1)  Affordable option

The reusable masks last longer and save a lot of money. You can wear them after washing again and again without any risk. Also, you cannot even buy new masks more frequently because of the scarcity in the market. As per the current circumstances, it’s better to invest in two or three marks that are reusable.

2)  Better protection

A washable dust mask also comes with various other protective features. Along with dust particles, these masks are also capable of safeguarding you from fluid, bacterial infestation, viruses and various types of pollutants having the size of 3 microns or below.

3)  Washable and sanitizable

Even if you cannot wash The reusable Mask, it is also sanitizable. Use any sanitizer that you carry for cleaning hands for disinfecting it from all types of threats before wearing again.

4)  Environment friendly

A washable medical face mask is environment friendly as compared to the single use mask. We can use it multiple times without disposing. Usually, medical grade accessories release the maximum harmful gases to the environment. If you are using a single use mask in this pandemic situation, the risk of virus spreading also increases.

5)  Better fitting

Disposable masks are uncomfortable to wear for long hours. Usually, they are designed for medical teams to perform surgeries and other critical tasks for a short duration. You must have seen the images of doctors working in coronavirus hospitals having marks on their faces due to wearing single-use masks for a long time. The reusable masks fit snugly on the face and you will feel comfortable for long hours. Also, even the first time users can speak comfortably with these masks.

6)  Comfortable breathability

Along with better fitting, breathability comfort is also considered in priority. A washable face mask is designed with three or four layers of protection and adequate space for breathing.

Cleaning instructions for a washable surgical mask

1)    Wash it after every single-use

Even after wearing for one or two hours, wash your face mask properly with a detergent. We recommend hand wash instead of the washing machine because the layers of a filter may get damaged. Every time when you go out with a mask, wearing on the face, different types of pollutants and microorganisms stick on its surface. Who knows which one becomes the reason for viral infection?

2)    You can use sanitizer as well

In some remote locations, we may not find water or soap for cleaning. You can use a hand sanitizer for disinfecting the mask before using it again. Make sure that the outermost layer is cleaned perfectly. Also, don’t forget to sanitize your hands after cleaning the mask.

Apart from this, a person must also be aware of its wearing and removing instructions. Don’t try to adjust your mask after wearing it. Develop the habit of speaking without removing your mask. The microorganisms and pollutants on the mask can easily find a way to your body once they come in contact with hands.