Why Businesses Need Market Intelligence in their Marketing Activities

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Marketing, like many other business functions, has evolved rapidly over the past few decades. There are many more digital channels in addition to newer iterations of conventional mediums. Virtually every industry and niche has tons of fiercely competitive businesses fighting for the largest share of the pie. Many of these competing businesses offer essentially the same product or service. Therefore, to stand out, you don’t just need a great product/service. You also need to know how to market your product or service as distinct from what your competitors offer.

Successful marketing strategies, however, aren’t trial-and-error. They are calculated efforts designed to return the best return on marketing spend. This is where marketing intelligence comes in as a useful resource for marketers to increase the precision of their efforts, as well as refine them as they go along. Read on to find out more.

Marketing Intelligence and How Businesses Can Use It

The concept of marketing intelligence isn’t exactly new, although the process is very different in the digital world. However, the basics remain the same. Businesses gather various types of information about a specific industry or market, especially when launching a new product/service or venture. This information, correctly utilized, can help businesses make the right strategic decisions, as is the case with successful competitive services like Spectrum internet customer service. It is also what is known as marketing intelligence (not to be confused with market research). The extent of this information varies from business to business. However, most intelligence typically includes information on:

  • Consumer pain-points.
  • State of the existing market.
  • Competitor info.
  • Growth potential.

Marketing intelligence can be gathered through various internal and external sources. The purpose is to learn as much as possible about the existing market, the intended customer, and the direct competition before you start marketing a new product or service. This information enables business leaders to make informed decisions with the best possible outcomes in terms of customer acquisition and growth. Marketing intelligence can be divided into several broad categories including:

Your Competitors

The first step when testing new waters is to learn more about competing businesses that are already there. Solid competitor analysis is a good way to figure out where you stand in relation to your closest competing businesses. A SWOT analysis is one of the most common means to do so. This will offer you some insights into a competitor’s respective strengths and weaknesses. In other words, you can get a bird’s eye view of why customers might choose their product over yours. Buy Quality Backlinks for your website and get more ranking on google search.

Your Product

After gathering and analyzing information on your competitors, it is time to examine your own product or service. If you want to be able to market a competitive product or service, you need to have a deep understanding of its performance and quality. In terms of physical products, this can involve an examination of everything from product design to manufacturing processes to quality control. Product intelligence can often reveal inefficiencies in these areas, which you can then strategically fix. This will not only improve how efficiently you make the product but offer a better end-user experience as well.

Your Target Market

It is not enough to examine your product from a design or quality perspective. You need to measure how your product performs in the target market as well. A good way to do this is to look at similar products in other comparable markets. Countries with approximately the same conditions as the market you are targeting are good places to start. This can also lead you to potentially untapped markets with opportunities for you to expand into. Learning about the market will give you a fair idea of where to find the audience most receptive to your marketing efforts.

Your Intended Customer

Perhaps the most important ingredient of marketing intelligence is learning about the intended customer. Having a fair idea of what your ideal customer responds to can help you maximize your product/service lifecycle. Remember, retaining customers is far cheaper and more profitable in the long-run than finding new ones. Understanding what motivates their buying decision (as well as what dissuades them from purchases) is extremely valuable information that you can leverage for growth.

Top factors that badly affect edible food packaging

Edible food packaging is quite popular these days. Many people confuse it with the edible packages that people can even eat. But this confusion comes from a similar name, edible. In reality, these packages are manufactured with cardboard or corrugated materials for edible food items. They need to be quite sturdy and highly protective due to the delicate nature of items going to be there inside. But many businesses make some mistakes that impact these packages adversely. There are some factors in this regard that you should know about. We will show you 7 factors that can badly impact these packages. Try to avoid them for your products.

Choice of materials

This is a great mistake that businesses make when choosing edibles packaging for manufacturing. Material choice is important. Curious to know how this can be a factor as cardboard itself is the material or manufacturing these packages? We can bring you out of this curiosity. We are talking about the quality and source of material here. If the quality of materials is low, it can impact packages adversely. Especially in the case of food items, the walls and base of boxes must have good thickness. Moreover, relying only on recycled materials is also not a good idea. Especially in case if packages are going to be used for eatable products. You should avoid this thing to get the best one for your products.

Low printing standard

Well, this one is among the top factors that are bad for food packages. People judge the packaging when they buy any product. Graphics are the main elements that they see first. If they do not have a good standard, perception about a product can be affected adversely. Not just the standard of printing, but a choice of technique or technology is also crucial in this regard. Every printing technology is not beneficial for cardboard stock. The best one is offset and digital printing techniques. If businesses choose other ones, they can do more bad than good.

Poor structure 

This is a great factor that can influence cannabis edible packaging and other boxes badly. Food packages need a proper structure that is appropriate for the items going to be there inside. Like poor sealing is very harmful because it can make eatable items lose freshness quickly. If folds and flaps are not fixed properly due to poor structure and die-cuts, eatable items can be exposed to dangers. Some businesses do not think about the impacts of gluing these packages. It is bad for edible goods. Especially if a hot meal is going to be there inside that can be contaminated due to glue.

Inappropriate size

The size of the food box has huge importance. Different eatable products need different sizes of packaging. If the size is less than required, it will not be able to carry the required amount of goods. In the case of larger size, people will think that they got less quantity due to space inside. That makes it a factor that has huge significance. It is done by human error most of the time. Faulty machines are also the reason in some cases. This thing makes it an important factor that has adverse effects on boxes.

Unsuitable graphics

Different types of eatable products come in different colors. That makes graphics of edibles packaging quite important. If businesses choose graphics that are not suitable according to the product, it will make a negative impact. Like when a product requires a warmer theme, a cold theme can be disastrous. If a firm has chosen a color scheme that changes the perception of the edible product going to be there inside, it is harmful to the brand. That is why this factor is among the top ones that can impact negatively on boxes for eatable goods.

Fewer protection abilities

Eatable products need to be protected from many harmful elements. Sunlight is an important element that can harm many eatable goods. High or low temperatures are also adverse for different kinds of these items. Bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dust, etc., are some other harmful elements that can damage items inside. Moisture is also dangerous for some of them. A business need to focus on all these dangers get boxes manufactured in a way to prevent all these dangers. If these packages are short of the ability to protect items from any of the harmful elements mentioned above, they are not suitable. That means this factor is quite important when we talk about boxes for eatable goods.

Poor presentation of information

Presenting information in an appropriate style is essential. It is because different kinds of details need to be presented separately. Most of us know that it is the presentation that matters more than the information itself. That makes it a big factor that can influence boxes negatively. Because the detail is not printed in the proper format, people will not bother to read it. Some eatable goods come in special detail. If it is not understood, a business might face loss in the future. Like cautions or warning info, etc., is essential for people to know.

Different types of edible food packaging have been introduced for many years. But they must be manufactured and designed cleverly. Some factors can adversely affect these packages. We have shown the top 7 factors in this regard that you must avoid.

Cannabis edible packaging: Utilize these 7 secrets and stand out of a crowd!

With marijuana getting legalized in more states, its demand is increasing rapidly. More and more consumers want to have this item for a recreational or medical reason. With the increased demand, the competition is also becoming intense among the competing brands for earning more revenues. Almost all types of marijuana products are of the same nature, then how can you make a difference? The distinction factor from other brands lies in the packaging design. Make sure it is interactive and fascinating enough to capture the attention of potential clients in the market. Keep the following design tips in your mind while designing the cannabis edible packaging to stand out.

Leaf imagery:

Many a marketer think introducing a cannabis leaf in the packaging design is a cliché. Using the leaf is not a cliché if you use it in a modern way. The leaf imagery will assist the consumers in knowing what your brand or product is for. This way, your cannabis store will become recognizable in the consumer market. While incorporating the leaf imagery in the cannabis edible packaging, mix it up with different styles. For instance, if you are using a marijuana leaf in your logo designing, do it with a twist. You can use an upgraded style of the leaf for logo designing. You can incorporate the leaf with some amazing color themes, patterns, or stylization effects in logo designing just to keep the cliché factor away.

Green practices and color themes:

In society, there is a growing movement about adopting natural means to keep the impact on the environment minimal. Anything that is natural and does not affect the ecosystem negatively is appreciated by the consumers. The marijuana products, as well as packaging, are produced organically without impacting the environment. This green nature can be highlighted by using a green color in the design. For incorporating any color theme into your packaging design, the first rule should be to keep the overall ambiance in your mind. The second rule is to remember the parent brand theme. Going with the green color theme will meet the aforementioned rules as well as highlight the ecological nature of your products as well as packaging.

Keep the sensual world in mind:

This is an important factor to remember in your cannabis packaging design, as ignoring this will cost you heavily. Design the marijuana packages for the sensual world. Most of the brands fail to capitalize on this as their main focus is only on the visibility aspect of the packages. What will the customers feel when they touch, smell, or hear the sound of your packaging when it is taken out of the shelf? Think about these aspects to ensure your marijuana packages do matter in the competitive industry. Pay equivalent importance to all the senses of the consumers so that they get impressed and do not leave your store without buying.

Go minimal:

Adopting a minimalist approach while designing the custom marijuana packages will provide your business with a more contemporary look. This is because the simple and minimal designs fit perfectly with the themes of meditation and relaxation. The consumers have become accustomed and now getting bored while seeing the fused designs. Loud and bold designs do not work here as cannabis is related to recreation and relaxation. The minimal design looks very different and matches the overall theme of the cannabis products, so; there are more chances of it being stand out.

Highlight the relief factor:

Cannabis is used for two purposes, either for medical reasons or for recreational purposes. In both these cases, the consumers are looking for relief and peace. So, your packaging design should include:

  • Medical symbols: The medical symbols should be printed on the surfaces of cannabis packages. This will ensure the clients that your items provide relief and health benefits.
  • Typography: Incorporate clear and authentic information about marijuana items. Pain relief or recreation should be your main focus while printing the details on marijuana packaging.
  • Smooth design: Be authentic in listing the benefits of marijuana items you are selling to earn the trust and loyalty of the consumers. Also, leave enough space among the printed stuff and use readable fonts so that one can understand the printed details with ease.

Make connection:

One of the fundamental rules of packaging is to engage the consumers on an emotional level. But how can you engage them emotionally? Digital technology can help you in this regard. For instance, you can print a URL of your website on the surfaces of the marijuana packages. This will enable the customers to visit the online website of your business just by pointing their smartphones at the URL. They can easily see the ratings as well as reviews posted by the potential clients to make a good purchasing decision. Some QR codes can also be printed so that the customers can avail themselves of different kinds of offers and discounts. So, the incorporation of the QR codes or URL in your packaging design will help you in getting engaged with more and more clients.

Keep children safe:

The increased usage of marijuana products means that thousands and millions of them will make their way to the homes of the customers. In almost every home, there are children as well who like to play with anything they see. This can have serious repercussions for the children if they consume these items. So, pay much heed while designing the marijuana packages to make them child-resistant. They should be such that it becomes impossible for the children to open them in any way.


To conclude, cannabis edible packaging can be designed in a way so as to stand out from the rest of the competitors. Green marijuana leaves with some attractive styles will tell the nature of your product as well as the brand. While designing, focus on the minimalist approach, and keep the sensual world in your mind. Moreover, the packaging design should be engaging with the clients.

Basic Requirements of a Proper Aquarium Tank

An aquarium fish tank is a perfect place for the owner to enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the ocean. Although it is possible to keep tropical fish in your home aquarium, there are more types of aquarium fish that can be kept at home. This variety may include fish that do not have a home on land, like fish from all over the world. If you plan to keep these types of aquarium fish in your house aquarium, it is important that you have the correct equipment to make this possible.

Proper Size of the Aquarium

To begin with, there should be a large enough aquarium for the size of the fish you want to keep. This means that it should be about thirty gallons for an adult fish. In most cases, you will need a larger tank for a breeding pair of fish. It is not advisable to keep small children underwater with live fish. The children will often drown, leaving the fish to starve. They will also find their own food, causing a chain reaction for the entire tank.

Once you have a proper-sized fish tank, there are other things you will need to keep it in tip-top shape. This includes cleaning and maintenance tools and supplies. You will need a filter, heaters, pumps, lights and the proper protein skimmers for each aquarium volume, such as that best protein skimmer for 40-gallon tank. These items can be purchased at any fish store and are easy to put together. There are also various accessories that will work to improve the appearance of your aquarium, such as lighting.

Putting the Fish into the Fish Tank

Once you have these essential pieces in place, it is time to place the fish in your fish tank. Some people like to keep multiple species of fish, especially fish from different parts of the world. One can find fish in fish stores all over the world and you can find aquarium fish at specialty shops, too. Some people even build their own aquarium, which is a great hobby to pursue.

When placing fish in a fish tank, it is important to place them in a position that allows them to interact with other fish. The fish like to swim against each other and it can be very stressful to the fish if they are not able to interact freely. If you place your fish next to a tank with other fish, such as a schooling tank, then the fish will be much less stressed. stressed out.

Fish also hate being held in a confined space and they will quickly become anxious and begin to fight among themselves. If you buy fish that will be in a separate tank, then you must provide enough space for the fish to move freely without being held back. by the other tankmates.

Buying Fish Supplies

Raising fish in aquarium it’s a super fun hobby, but you need some supplies as well. Basic aquarium supplies can be purchased at any pet or fish store that sells pet supplies. Make sure to research the products that you purchase before purchasing. because some items can damage the health of your fish and some products do not even have any effect on aquatic life in any way. It is best to purchase the proper equipment to avoid any danger when keeping fish.

Guide to Off-Page SEO

Facing difficulties to rank in Google despite working so hard? Your off-page SEO may be the reason. SEO is divided into two parts: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Many see off-page SEO as synonymous with link building, but is it right?

Off-page search engine optimization is not only about links. It is much more than that. For instance, brand mentions are an important aspect of off-page search signals. As content marketers and smart bloggers, we generally start with on-page SEO. But we do not stop at that point. Because, to a great extent, the things that matter to Google mostly happen away from your website.

Based on your marketing objectives, the time you spend on the off-page search engine optimization will differ. Dr. Pete Meyers from Moz observed that several website owners spend nearly 30% of their time on different off-page factors and about 70% on the on-page factors. For other website owners, those percentages are changed.

Off-page informs Google what others think about your site. For instance, if you have got a lot of important links pointing to your pages, search engines will assume that your website has great content- the type that offers value for the users.

Or else, why would people waste time linking to it?

People only cite, reference, and share the content they like. Even in a brick-and-mortar business, if your product is affordable and helpful, you will get a lot of word of mouth referrals from your existing customers.

Search engine optimization can be scary, mainly when you do not know what steps to take to rank your fresh content pages in the top 10 Google search results. But, if you can create a basic understanding of off-page and on-page optimization, you will be ahead of your competitors. If you want to learn more about Off Page SEO you can visit Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore.

What is Off-Page SEO?

“Off-Page SEO” can be defined as all the activities that you and others do away from your site to improve the ranking of a page with the search engines. Though many associates off-page SEO with link building, it is much more than that. Many activities that do not result in a standard link on other websites are vital for off-page optimization.

On-page search engine optimization happens within the website, whereas off-page SEO happens outside the website. If you write a guest post or leave your comment, you are involved in off-page site promotion.

Backlinks and other off-site signals still form the base of Google’s algorithm. There is a clear correlation between Google rankings and total backlinks.

And Google has gone on the record saying that they use PageRank still now.

That said: links are just one part of off-page SEO. Google themselves state that they use various other off-site SEO signals to size up your site.

Why does Off-page SEO matter?

Off-page SEO is immensely valuable as it tells the search engines that your website is important to others online. Every link that you receive acts as an endorsement from other sources that says your website is of good quality.

This allows external sources to play the role of tiebreakers for sites that have a similar quality of on-page SEO, so search engines know the best to rank sites on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Off-page SEO involves link building from various sources. There are two types of links:

  1. Do-Follow Links

A do-follow link is a default type of link that lets Google bots or spiders to give the link juice or value to the link or a webpage that is connected to. For example, if a renowned fashion magazine, let us say, for instance, X adds an article to their sire and offers a do-follow link to pertinent business at Buzztowns or guest posts more sites, let us say Y, then it means that X is offering some of their value to Y. This value assists Y attain a better PageRank and rank better on the Search Engine Result Page. The best method to use a do-follow link is to add an important keyword as the anchor text.

Google checks the number of do-follow links you receive to get your site and from the number of various domains from where you get it. The more the number of do-follow links from relevant and multiple domains, the more the value that is passed.

This is how a do-follow link looks:

<a href=”https://www.xyz.com”>XYZ</a>

  1. No-Follow Links

A no-follow link means Google bots and spiders will not follow such type of links. They will not pass any value or link-juice to the page where it is linked to. As no link juice is passed, no-follow links will not have any kind of effect on the ranking. No-follow links were launched to stop the webspam.

Factors that influence link value for Off-page SEO

You also must think about the equity or value and the authority passed by a link.

While you could entice lots of low-value links from untrustworthy or spammy sites, they will not help your business rank high in the search results. That is why it is important to focus on your off-page SEO link building efforts on trusted sites with great link equity.

The factors that affect the equity passed by a link include:

  • Anchor text to link to your website
  • Freshness or age of the link to your website
  • Number of links on the linking page
  • The relation between the linking website’s subject matter as well as yours
  • The trustworthiness of the linking website
  • Authority of the linking site as well as the linking page

If you use tools like SEMRush, Ahref, and more, you can evaluate the potential link value of a website.

How to do Off-page SEO for your SEO campaign

Now, that we have proven how important Off-page SEO is for a website’s success, we can explore the specifics of how to improve off-page SEO activities.

Link building- The most popular method of off-page SEO is backlinking, which focuses on generating natural links to your page. Getting reputable sites to link back to your site has two main advantages: driving traffic to your website and assisting determine your rank. Links from reputable websites are enormously beneficial to your site.

These advantages occur because links are the main way to navigate the internet. Links enhance your users’ experience. With links, your users can navigate to other information that they find relevant.

Links are the simplest method to measure the authority, expertise, and trust of a website. That is the reason why Google includes links as a part of the search engine ranking factors.

But how do you convince others to link to your site? You can try any of the below-mentioned off-page search engine optimization strategies to begin.

Blogging- Blogging is one of the best ways to start generating linkable content for your brand. There is no other thing on the web with a continuous flow of long-form content than the blogs. On your blog, your audience can comment as well as share your content, making it simpler to get noticed and start creating natural links as well as brand mentions.

And with repeated posts, you will become a well-informed leader in the industry. Your audience will first look at you for information about any recent trends and updates, as well as how-to-guides and informational articles.

Social Media Marketing- While social media links do not have any impact on the ranking, social media websites are still one of the best options on the web to generate brand awareness.

Brands with a solid presence on social media feel approachable and open, which is something that is becoming more and more important for businesses these days.

If a brand is not approachable, not only it is considered as abrasive, its trustworthiness also becomes doubtful when users cannot access information about it.

Instead of acting as some aloof entity, let your brand come out as a friendly, neighborhood corner store. How can you do this? You can do this by staying active on social media websites and by writing a blog where you can help your audience get a feel for your brand’s style.

Also, create content that is easy to read and relevant, and respond sincerely and positively to comments on both your social media pages and blog. Doing this will make your brand feel like a group of people rather than a robot.

Influencer marketing- How can off-page SEO affect online opinions?

Due to the emphasis on links as a process of accomplishing off-page SEO, people tend to believe generating links is the only goal of off-page SEO. The real objective of off-page SEO, however, is to improve rankings so that people can contact, find, and purchase from your brand. With the help of Off-page SEO, customers will build a positive engagement with your brand, whether that be through reviews, social media, brand mentions, or links.

Off-page SEO can be a tricky process, though, because those processes are ones that are difficult to control. There is no definite way to plummet the credibility of your brand- or your rank- than with black hat SEO processes like paying the employees to post good and positive reviews or purchasing links to your website.

And since you cannot control off-page in the same manner that you can control the on-page SEO elements of your website, off-page SEO can turn into a disappointing waiting game where all you can do is just hope that the response received from your audience is positive.

If it is negative, reassess your SEO strategy. Find out what is working and what is not.

Ways using which you can fight negative reviews are:

  • Implementing changes that will solve the valid worries of those negative reviews
  • Reaching to customers, asking them for a review after every purchase
  • By doing these two things, you will enhance your products and services and create more reviews

Social bookmarking- It is the process of submitting your content to sites like Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, and many others. These websites segment their content to appeal to specific niches, which you can use to appeal to audiences in specific demographics whom you want to target. Before you submit any content, though, ensure to research about your audiences and the rules of every site.

You should not spam these communities. Instead, you should try to offer actual value to the audience with your content.


Off-page SEO might seem difficult compared to on-page SEO as many off-page SEO factors are not under your control, but that is the whole point. The tougher something is to earn, the more reliable it is.

It is significant to note that online and offline marketing activities can influence all the above several factors.