Start your business with Gojek Clone App in Malaysia

Businesses are growing fast in Malaysia, but the country has strict policies that limit foreign ownership. One solution is to start a homegrown business without high investment costs, but exporting your startup can be challenging due to difficult local licenses and policies. In this article we explore the benefits of using Gojek Clone App software as a go-to solution for Malaysian entrepreneurs.

Why should I start my business with Gojek Clone App in Malaysia?

Gojek Clone App is now the leader in Malaysia through its low-cost, easy to use app. This app can be downloaded to your mobile phone or tablet, making it even more convenient. You can also operate your own business with this app. plus, you’ll have the advantage of being able to enroll students and employees for free, without having to spend a lot of money on advertising expenses.

What is the Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone App is a mobile application that helps people to gain access to the services similar to Gojek, which is a well-reputed intercity public transportation service in Malaysia. The app was originally designed by BuyGojekApp technical team itself but it has been given the title “clone” because it is literally identical to the original.

How to start a business with Gojek Clone App in Malaysia

If you want to start a business in Malaysia in 2021, you can use Gojek Clone app to help your business grow. You can make it easier for prospective customers and employees to find your company.

Things to consider when starting a business with Gojek Clone App

When you start a business with Gojek Clone App, there are many things to consider. It usually means you will be working long hours, so make sure you coordinate your work-life balance properly. Make sure you have enough money for your business expenses and that you won’t need to borrow any money from anyone else.

Tips and Tricks for getting off the ground

The clone app is very much like the Gojek app in that it allows users to hail a ride and pay via credit card. However, this clone app does not require you to own a smartphone (which can be expensive) or even to be in Malaysia if you want to use this service anywhere in the world. The gojek application requires users to input their bank accounts and credit cards when they sign up for their services.


The app will be available exclusively in Malaysia for the time being. If you are the kind of person who is interested in starting your own business, or if you are just curious to know what it would be like in future, collecting customer data in this country might be a good idea.

Everything You Need to Know About Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are one of the most renowned boxes in the marketplace of packaging. They play an integral part in our business and domestic life. It is astonishing that we do not even realize it, but at any given moment, we all are surrounded by these boxes. If you are reading this blog while sitting in your office, look around and you might find a box or two lying around or serving its purpose to store goods in it.

These boxes are not only used by businesses to ship products or store them but they are also used by each and every individual to put supplies in, store food, documents or even when we are trying to get rid of any extra stuff we are not in need of, we tend to put those things in these boxes.

They are used to neatly store things away, simultaneously, they can be used to ship the supplies or deliver food. No company or a household is complete without corrugated boxes placed around.

The reason for their popularity is, many retailers and companies prefer these boxes over any other type of box. This can be based on the various advantages it poses to the consumers. Listed below are all those benefits.

Custom it to Your Preference

Custom boxes provide you a room to play around with various shapes, colors, sizes, and styles in accordance with your preference and the theme of your business. They can be displayed at the counters for multiple reasons, where one of them is to sell items.

In addition to this, such boxes are quite significant as they play their role in protecting the products from getting damaged in the hustle of shipment or while storing supplies. They can be designed creatively to serve the purpose of reaching consumers or to attract the on-lookers in the market. The said boxes can also be used on the shelf to display items. It is one of the incredible ways to attract consumers and pique their interest.

Exciting Packaging

We have gotten accustomed to various forms of packaging. It is even more interesting to think that many of us identify our favorite brands by the packaging they offer. Custom cardboard boxes are not only that; they play their role in making us excited for the product that is on our doorstep.

It is our first introduction to that item, if the box seems boring and generic, customers lose their interest and open the package with no excitement, on the other hand, it can be made fun and turn into an experience with the kind of packaging that works as a bridge that connects the consumers with retailers on a deeper level.

Moreover, we often tend to buy food from certain chains that deliver them in our favorite boxes. Removing such an imminent part in the branding could have a large impact on its sale and reach of consumers.


Offering the element of recycling helps the business owners to reach certain demographic consumers who are environment enthusiasts and believe in living a lifestyle that promotes reusability instead of wasting away the material.

It also helps in keeping the surroundings clean and a healthy place for all the inhabitants of the earth. It can be used multiple times periodically for various purposes such as storing goods, decorating the boxes and showcasing them, or protecting the items from harmful elements. It also ensures sustaining the quality of the products stored in it.


Cardboard boxes make sure that your product reaches you without any discrepancies. They are manufactured to support all the heavy products that can be shipped to regions near or far-off. In the world of shipments, any challenge can come that can make the package reach its destination sooner or later.

Therefore, it is paramount to place it in a box that protects it from any kind of damage or harm either from the unwanted weather conditions or the handling of it. For this, various shapes and sizes of boxes help in providing security alongside the material it is made from.

Various Forms they offer

It has already been established that said boxes come in various forms from which you can choose the one that seems more interesting and enticing to you. This can be done on both ends; the company or the customer.

The company can offer customers a choice of customization and they can choose the box of their liking. It can have different prints, colors, or embellishments on it along with various styles. Listed below are some of the forms of such boxes.

Five Panels Boxes

These boxes can be trusted to store and package products that are long or narrow. They can be made from corrugated sheets of one or two walls. You can also seal them and protect them from any kind of damage.


One of the most commonly used boxes comes in container form. Containers will be flat and then you can fold the box around the product as you place it in the middle and can seal it with tape or glue. Its protection can be increased by adding buffers to it.

Stack Boxes:

Stack boxes are completely covered. Their top and bottom flaps enclose the boxes entirely. As a result of this, the product inside will be well protected.

Can be Embellished

Here is the good news for all those who find simple brown boxes boring and want to add extra decorations to the top or sides of the boxes. Such boxes can be embellished and beautified in whichever way you like.

You can request specific specifications from the retailers or you can ask for a simple one and decorate it in accordance with your wants and preference. This can make the product stand out by making the box look attractive and interesting.

Cardboard boxes are a lifesaver for businesses, retailers, and consumers altogether. They are cost-efficient, multipurpose, and offer a wide range of advantages. Therefore, they are increasingly becoming popular in the commercial market.

Disposable Phone Number: How It Works And What Are Its Benefits

The advancement in technology has provided us with numerous mediums to communicate with each other. This brings us to the question: why do we need disposable phone numbers while using the internet and smartphones to connect and communicate with people? To understand the value of disposable phone numbers, we must first acknowledge the sensitivity of our information. Therefore, let us get started.    

What are Disposable Phone Numbers?

Disposable phone numbers, also known as the virtual phone number, is a number that can be used temporarily for a short period. The temporary phone number can be purchased from different service providers available in the market. All the phone calls to the disposable number are forwarded to the real phone number of the user. The entire process is generally made possible by a mobile application or through other call forwarding services online. Disposable phone numbers usually remain functional for a predetermined period, but customers can still discontinue the service before reaching the expiry date. These phone numbers are perfect for people who feel hesitant to share their actual phone numbers.      

How Can A Business Benefit From Using Disposable Phone Numbers?

Disposable phone numbers are known for being very cost-effective and secure as it protects all the information online. Moreover, these numbers remain functional for a predetermined period, and after that period is over, the number is eliminated. But there are more to disposable phone numbers, especially when it comes to businesses. Therefore, let us take a look at a few of such benefits.


  • Anonymity: The present digitally evolved world that we live in today makes it challenging to protect our identities and other sensitive, important information. With privacy being one of the most pressing concerns, handing out personal information such as the actual phone number might not be that good of an idea. Miscreants can use the real number for different unlawful purposes such as Cyberstalking, identity theft, or any other sort of unwanted and illegal online activity. Nonetheless, using a disposable phone number for verification while signing into any online platform can keep an individual or business from preventing any such threat.


  • Preventing Reverse Phone Number Look-ups: Today, it is not just the hackers who have access to our information online, but many businesses and organizations also keep out because anybody hardly reads the terms and conditions before signing in to any application or website, which puts the information at risk. Many websites online provide all the information about any person by simply entering the phone number into the search field. This information can be used for different purposes, both legal or illegal, as this information can fall into the hands of anyone with unlawful intentions. 


  • Different Numbers At The Price Of One: One of the main advantages of disposable phone numbers is that one can use countless numbers while paying only for one connection. Numerous disposable phone number service providers offer customers plans with different numbers that the user can use. Businesses can hugely benefit from this because one can allocate each number to specific business sections that specialize in managing specific aspects of the business.           


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Virtual phone numbers enable one to call anyone at any place in the world through toll-free internet links, helping them save on expensive phone bills. This way, incoming and internal calls from customers will seem to be calling a local number while the call can be answered from anywhere around the world without any additional costs. In addition, one can use a disposable phone number through their smartphones, computers, or even desktop headsets. This enables people to leverage the capabilities of disposable phone numbers without spending money on a compatible telephone set.


  • Eliminate Spam: As soon as we provide a business with our personal information like the phone number, the contact information is automatically added to the business’s mailing list. Most businesses have the information to use it for different marketing purposes. This means that the inbox will be full of unnecessary spam emails and messages. However, things get tricky further because it is also seen that this information is sometimes shared with other third parties, and we authorize them to do so while agreeing to the terms and conditions. One would never have to deal with such a situation while using a disposable phone number.


  • Enhanced Features: Disposable phone numbers come with numerous exclusive and unique features. For instance, disposable phone numbers service providers allow users to add or reduce numbers, forward calls to other numbers, customize the voicemail, and make custom changes wherever necessary. These features and functionalities are not available with traditional phone numbers. Businesses or individuals can both benefit from these unique features.


Disposable phone numbers come with numerous benefits, and it is not just about the perks anymore, but it is also essential for preventing any breach of privacy. Further, the affordability of disposable phone numbers makes it ideal for individuals and businesses concerned about others using their information for unlawful activities. Nonetheless, always make sure to purchase the disposable phone number from trustworthy providers like the Temp SMS Services


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How To Use Car Diagnostic Tools?

You get a vehicle in your workshop, and it starts creating weird noises without any visible defect. What will you do? Open it up to locate the fault, right? Stop. Before doing that, you might want to plug in a car diagnostic tool to see what’s exactly going on and what requires the technician’s attention.

Here in this guide, you will find helpful tips that will assist you in using the tool like a pro.

When To Use Car Diagnostic Tool?

Do not make the mistake of taking diagnostic tools as a solution to every car problem. It’s not going to be a companion when you have to change the flat tire or swap a windshield. Many of the basic tools can only display a code when the check engine light is activated. So, to make sure you get the most out of the tool, you should know the right time to put it in action.

Activated check engine light

When you see that the check engine light is constantly on, it can be due to several problems. It can indicate the issue in the transmission or exhaust system of the engine. If you want to reach the crux of the problem, the professional car diagnostic tool can help.

Record vehicle statistics

The higher-end diagnostic tools can do more than just displaying codes. They have advanced features that can help record live data measurements of the system and provide the relevant assistance for fine-tuning the setup.

Things You’ll Need with Diagnostic Scan Tool for All Cars

With the experience of a technician, you need a vehicle and a diagnostic tool, and you are good to make the fixes. The device will allow you to read the codes that the car generates when there is a problem. This equipment is listed as ‘OBD Scanner’. Every vehicle made after 1996 has the OBD II port and a diagnostic system. However, for the older models than 1996, the issues have to be fixed using old-fashioned techniques – crack open the hood and find the root of the problem.

Preparing For the Diagnostic Tool

Using this advanced equipment is as simple as plugging in the device and let it do its job. The only trick is to locate the correct port and figuring out how to use the device properly.

Typically, the OBD port is located somewhere close to the steering wheel, below the dashboard. Many few models have it on the passenger side. Once the port position has been confirmed, turn off the car before plugging in the car diagnostic tool.

Method Of Using the OBD Diagnostic Equipment

Mostly, all the diagnostic tools are similar in design and functions to some extent. Therefore, there is only one process you have to follow, including:

  • Plugin the diagnostic tool in the port
  • Read the car codes
  • Interpret the data
  • Fix the problem

Following this guide will help you use the car diagnostic tool without any trouble. However, the key to getting the best result is to buy the equipment from a trustworthy store like Maverick Diagnostics.

How to register a company in USA?

Many companies want to register a company in USA because of its advanced infrastructure and technology. If you are a non-resident of the USA then you need to go through some additional requirements to start a business.

Because of its advanced infrastructure, technology, and enormous natural resources, the United States, as a developed nation, is an economic superpower. The economy is service-oriented, with services accounting for 80% of GDP. Its position as the world’s top superpower, with an economy fourteen times larger than India’s, makes it one of the most welcoming environments for Indian firms to thrive.

USA company registration now becomes easy as you don’t need to travel to the USA physically. Also the process is now fully online and takes a week to complete.  Those Indian companies who want to expand their business and have a non-resident Indian client base can take benefit of USA-based company registration advantage.

Indian businesses are unique in investigating the American market because of their quick expansion and globalization, as well as their large English-speaking community. Most Indian enterprises with global aspirations think the United States is the best choice since it has the lowest corporate taxes and well-established business rules and procedures.

How USA company registration is beneficial for Indian companies?

It is particularly advantageous for foreign businesses to grow because business laws and regulations are well-formed, and corporate income tax rates are extremely low. However, each state in the United States is regulated by its own set of state rules and regulations, which are radically different.

If your firm relies heavily on one state and its need for your services, it’s a good idea to incorporate your company and obtain a Foreign Qualification Certificate. Nonetheless, Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada, in particular, have the most favorable business and taxes rules, making incorporation a standard practice. Delaware, in particular, is said to have no state sales tax and a very low franchise tax for small US enterprises. Non-residents are also not required to pay a separate corporate income tax in Delaware.

You can register a company Whether in LLC or C-Corporation depending upon your requirements.

Limited liability Company(LLC): A limited liability company (LLC) combines the characteristics of a corporation and a partnership. In the event of a lawsuit or even bankruptcy, the owners of an LLC are limited in their liabilities. LLCs are more adaptable, and their compliance needs are straightforward. It is appropriate for small-scale businesses because of limited liability.

C-Corporation: If you want to raise money from venture capitalists and angel investors, you should form a C corporation in the United States. Corporations are viewed as excellent for most firms by bankers, investors, consumers, suppliers, and employees. C-Corporations are separate legal entities from the people who own, control and manage them. As a result, it is treated as if it were a regular person under tax rules, allowing it to conduct business and file lawsuits.

How to fill US income tax from India?

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you must file US taxes, in this case, US expat taxes, with the IRS each year, regardless of where you live. While the United States is one of the few countries that taxes the worldwide income of its citizens and permanent residents who live abroad, it does have unique procedures to shield them from double taxation, such as:

You should be able to use these and other techniques to reduce or even eliminate your US expat taxes with good planning and tax preparation. I hope this information helps you in US tax filing from India.