7 Fun Things to Do in Geneva?

Have you been to the city of Geneva?

A city full of mesmerizing sites. Beautiful gardens, stunning lakes, gorgeous mountains await you. This popular city is the second-most populous city in Switzerland and is the most populous city of Romandy. Visit this French-speaking part of Switzerland with your loved ones to discover various popular attractions which make the city worth visiting.

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Read the below sites that are quite prevalent to tour:

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe sharing between Switzerland and France. This beautiful lake is located on the north side of the Alps and shares the natural beauty of the lake with its surrounding area. Thus, this place is a popular tourist attraction. This famous lake is like a crescent moon, and is home to different landscapes, depending on your location.

The Geneva Water Fountain (Jet D’eau)

Geneva Water Fountain is Geneva’s most treasured tourist spot which is better known as the Jet d’Eau. This popular site is one of the tallest fountains in the world. You will find this famous Geneva Water Fountain was not designed to be a tourist attraction originally. But its creation as a hydraulic plant was to meet the city’s rapidly growing water requirements during the 19th century.

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St. Pierre Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Pierre dates back to the 12th century which is perched atop the hill on which Old Town sits. Visit this stunning site and explore the Romanesque-style cathedral that was built over a span of 100 years. This site has gone through several renovations since then and presents Neoclassical architecture that is inspired by the 18th century.

Palais Des Nations

Palais des Nations Geneva is also known as the Palace of Nations and is the current home of the United Nations Office. This famous site is coated with grey heat-resistant titanium displaying the modern architecture and is set against the mesmerizing backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

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L’horloge Fleurie (The Flower Clock)

L’horloge Fleurie is home to over 6,500 flowers and plants and is also known as the Flower Clock. This clock features the world’s longest second hand measuring 2.5 meters in length and was built in 1955. Come to this giant clock which is redecorated multiple times a year for representing each season.

Reformation Wall

the Reformation Wall is an international monument facing the famous Parc des Bastions. This wall was erected in the memory of the people and events in Geneva for the Protestant Reformation.

International Red Cross And Red Crescent Museum

The International Museum of the Red Cross is one of the most visited tourist places in Geneva, and the famous Red Crescent provides a rare insight into the history of “The Humanitarian Adventure”. This museum is one of the most prestigious organizations on the planet, and also informs you about the current scenario.

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Check Out These Innovative Canvas Prints Collage Designs Right Now!

Photo Collage Inspiration

Photo collages canvas are the most effective approach to display multiple images in a single frame. These are the greatest gifts you can offer your friends and relatives to display on the wall, and they may occasionally breathe new life into your family’s experiences.

This article will look at some of the more exciting and creative collage-making concepts for presents or household use. We’ve got everything covered, from collage photo print ideas for birthday gifts or any other event to design inspiration. 

Here are some of the numerous methods you can get collage ideas and designs printed and exhibited, as well as some of the ways you can adorn those in your living room.

Top Ideas To Try In Your Living Room!

  1. Make Use of the Corner

To exhibit your photo collage canvas, find an enjoyable and cute part of your room. Arrange the images close together and make excellent use of the room’s sharp corners! This creates an intriguing design for the back of the room and draws the audience’s eye when they go into your home. This is where square collage photo prints come in handy.

  1. Place it on a hook

Certainly, we all keep a record of our pleasant events, but let your imagination run wild on this occasion. A collage is a compilation of cherished images that can be hung on the wall or with string if you embrace change.

You can also get wooden boards and hang the images vertically by tying the photographs to them. Finally, you can use strings to suspend your photos from an old clothesline in your bedroom! It’s simple, quick, and inexpensive, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most significant creative photo collage canvas concepts because it’s different.

  1. Collage of family photos

This is ideal if you want to achieve a more casual look by combining hanging and frame techniques to create a unique canvas print collage design.

You’ll need a frameless setting and cord for this. Next, small nails should be hammered into each vertical side of the photo, where the thread will be wrapped. After that, use micro binder clips or clothespins to hold your images.

It is not necessary for all of the photo prints to be identical. To achieve the edgy mismatched appearance, blend square prints, small prints, and retro designs.

  1. Ideas for Birthday Photo Collage Canvas

For a birthday present, you may arrange your picture collages in a diamond shape, basic geometric designs, or the initials of your adored one’s name.

These designs on the wall may truly compliment and give any area a unique twist. For your birthday picture collage, experiment with a variety of designs and sizes to play with forms.

This is one of the best homemade picture collage ideas for birthday presents, and it can also be used as a tabletop photo frame.

  1. Concepts for School Collage

Many sentiments are reflected in photo collage design concepts, but most crucially, they mirror your feelings. So why do all photo prints not need to build a mood board that reflects all the moments you wish to be captured in time?

It’s one of the most creative college project ideas. The ideal approach is to maintain and give a picture collage to friends as a memento of their time in college. Develop a fun and engaging sequence of photographs with your favorite phrases, images, and decorations, and exhibit them in collage frame ideas or on your favorite wall.

Print all of your college photographs together, frame them, and put the initials of the serial ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ to the board. This adds a more personalized feel to your photo collage canvas.

  1. Use a sequence of wall art to make a statement.

Making a picture collage on the wall with some large images looks great, particularly if you have a large wall in your living room.

To make this large canvas print picture collage, you may use either canvas prints or affixed prints. Hanging photo frames, on the other hand, are ideal for a more polished aesthetic.

It would be even greater if your picture collage had a particular subject or color combination. Then, anyone who comes across your wall would be in for a surprise.

  1. Make Posters with a Photo Collage

If you want to make a six-photo collage or more but don’t have the time to put them together physically, there’s a simple solution: put them together online and print them as posters!

This not only saves you time but also eliminates the need for glue or tape to adhere them all together. This is also an excellent choice for a present. We understand that choosing just one photo may be difficult, so this way, you can offer them a collection of your favorites.

  1. Create a Lampshade Out of a Collage

This is among the most original canvas print collage design concepts I’ve seen.


Make a lovely lampshade out of your collages to give your home that additional shine it demands. This is a stylish urban concept that many millennials who are longing home and their loved ones are fond of, and it provides your space an extra warm light on a gorgeous night. Try using a circular lampshade with your favorite photographs arranged around it.

If you’re going to use photographs, you have a few alternatives. First, there would be no need for a collage. You may take several huge pictures. Cut out smaller photos and glue them separately around the lampshade to construct your collage. You may print them in full color, monochrome, pastel, or whatever else you can think of. Evaluate your light and see whether the college or photo’s margins need to be adjusted. 

Don’t touch the photo, collage, or quotation (or anything you chose to work with) for a few moments after it has been printed. The ink takes time to dry on the parchment, and if touched too soon, it may smear.


Customizing is a skill. You’ll need materials that match your home’s design. The colors black, white, and gold are a great way to refine your framed artwork. To beautify your walls more, order or build your collage photo prints now.

What are the most important reasons behind the success of thoptv for pc and oreotv for pc?

With the advancements in technology, everybody wants to avail the best possible features and functionalities from the comfort of the home place and going to the theatres to watch the movies has become a matter of past now. Everybody wants to make sure that everything has been perfectly undertaken from the convenience and comfort of home and people can enjoy their favourite TV shows on their TV sets only. Hence, to avail all these kinds of services people always need to depend upon right kind of applications like thoptv for pc and oreotv for pc which are very much popular in the whole industry.

Some of the basic reasons for the success of thoptv for pc have been perfectly explained as follows:

  • Thoptv for pc platform is very much capable of providing the people with HD quality videos at any device without any kind of issues so that everybody is very much capable of ensuring the enjoyment element in the whole process.
  • This particular application comes with oriental channels that will always allow the people to have the opportunity of learning about different cultures across the globe very easily.
  • The installation process of this particular platform is very much top-notch as well as easy and there will be no need to worry on the behalf of people in all these kinds of conditions because everything is very simple as well as efficient.
  • This particular concept is very much capable of fulfilling different kinds of purposes of the people and it will be highly compatible with smart devices because it comes with more than 5000 radio channels as well.
  • This concept is highly capable of providing the people with complete support into the requirements of the only devices and will ensure that everything will be perfectly made available even in the slowest of the internet connections to give a boost to the convenience element of the people.

Apart from these people also need to depend upon platforms like oreo tv for pc so that there is no issue at any point of time and some of the reasons behind the success of oreotv for pc are explained as:

  • Oreotv for pc is very much helpful in terms of providing people with top-notch quality services because of the functionalities associated with it.
  • With the help of platforms like oreotv for pc, people can go with the option of downloading everything on their mobile devices or PC without any kind of issue and the approach will be very much easy to be implemented in the whole process.
  • Oreotv for pc comes with several categories of TV shows like romance, documentary, comedy, thriller, sports, action and several other options so that people from all the categories can easily enjoy their favourite content without any kind of issue.
  • Oreotv for pc also comes with a top-notch quality user interface in the whole industry which makes this particular application very much user-friendly and also ensures a very smooth experience in the whole process without any kind of trouble in terms of video streaming.

Hence, the demand for such applications is on a constant rise because of the top-notch quality functionalities and features associated with them. Also, make sure to maintain your PC virus free and from any PC cleaner software


8 Reasons Everyone Should Visit Toronto?

Toronto is a gorgeous city to visit with your loved ones to explore the hidden beautiful destinations in nature’s lap. This city which is tucked in Canada is a much-beloved city as the capital of Ontario Province. Visit this city to know the various inbuilt, including Lake Ontario, tons of cultural sites, stunning museums, beautiful landmarks, and other attractions.

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Watch out for all the happening places in the city:

Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is the largest amusement park opened in 1981 that allows tons of people of all ages. Visit this biggest theme park which is located in Canada, spanning over an area of about 134 hectares. Enjoy various thrilling rides on slides, pools, water rides, slides, wave pools, a lazy river, and cabanas.

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Fort York National Historic Site

Fort York National Historic Site is the best place for travelers which was built in the 1800s. This place will make you learn about the history hidden in the cautious structure. This site was reconstructed in 1814 after its destruction.

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CN Tower

CN Tower was built in the 1970s and is the tallest structure in the Western Hemisphere. Visit this tower standing tall of 1,815 feet that is one of the most famous places in Toronto and offers spectacle on the city’s skyline.

Cranleigh Gardens Park

Cranleigh Gardens Park is a beautiful park that was built again in the 1920s spanning an area of 8.4 acres (3.4 hectares). The park offers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, however, fewer people visit here. Visit this park for strolling and watch out for the demolished grand Victorian house.

Graffiti Alley

Graffiti Alley is nestled away from the city’s busy life stretches for almost three blocks. This alley located in the Fashion District offers a great place to spend your evenings here. Watch out for the eye-catching pieces and vibrant walls displaying the graffiti art images inscribed there.

Paul’s Basilica

St. Paul’s Basilica was built in 1889 which is an Italian-like building. This church is the city’s oldest Catholic church in Toronto which conducts many official meetings, many educational and religious events as per the needs of the Irish immigrant community. This church resembles Rome’s Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls.

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Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is Canada’s most significant museum and the most prominent in North America. This museum was opened in 1914 and displays diverse themes and more than six million items through exhibiting 40 galleries and other demonstration areas.

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Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is Canada’s biggest zoo housing more than 5,000 creatures, including more than 500 species. This zoo was opened in 1974 and is home to seven areas throughout the zoo, various shimmering diverse geographical parts of the world. Come here to see various programs and events are ongoing for educational displays meant for kids, various rides, gardens, and places to eat and drink.

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Custom Pillow For The Perfect Gift Idea In 2021

Personalized or custom pillows are a unique way to display your favorite photos while adding fresh style to them on a pillow that will always be by your side and remind you of the beautiful memories entangled with those photos. Custom pillows are excellent for home decor and gifting purposes, especially for your dear ones. This is the perfect way to imprint your travel memories and family portraits forever beside your side.

The more pillows, the cozier and comfortable the room, as we say! And it gets even better when you design it on your own, which is one of a kind housewarming gift.  It brings a personal touch to a new home. Whether you want to print a collage or a monogram, the options available for you are huge. 

Benefits of gifting a custom pillow to your dear ones –

  • It is a great way to change the look of a space or a room. They instantly add up a unique touch to your home decor. 
  • They are cost-effective and trending as well. Your demands decide the cost of the pillow. 
  • One can choose their designs and implement their ideas while customizing the pillows. 
  • The quality is also a choice for you. You get the desired quality of the pillows you need, which also means it looks after your budget. From choosing the base fabric to the trimming and the shape, there are more than thousands of customization options available.
  • The products are freshly made, so the longevity and the durability of the pillows are long enough. 
  • Custom pillows with custom pillow covers are unique and unique gifts are always precious for everybody. So these gifts will make a special place in the heart. 
  • They do not take up much space in your room and gives an edgy look as well as coziness to your room. 

Types of cushion or pillow fabrics –

  • Pure willow bough fabric – It is an exquisite lightweight fabric that features a delightful interpretation of the good Willow bough design depicted in matt ivory and glossy linen colored embroidery on a natural linen ground. This fabric contains natural undyed yarns, so there will be a slight variation in the shades of the material.
  • Noah cushion – Lions, zebras, tigers, and even dodo’s feature in this captivating safari scene cushion. Including understated colors such as lush green, grey, and lilac with piping in charming plain linen.
  • Personalized textiles – Perfect for creating unique gifts or a treasured keepsake, highly skilled embroiderers make these customized cushions. 
  • Woodland chorus fabric – A pleasing fabric with a realistic painting of the British birds, including woodpeckers, robins, and other insects, making their home in a modern tree of life. They are digitally printed with a watercolor effect in true-to-life colors on a natural linen-colored base. 
  • Alphabet zoo fabric – A delightful children’s fabric that features letters of the alphabet corresponding with animals printed in bright rainbow color on a white cotton base. These are suitable for general domestic purposes. 
  • Theatre fabric – An attractive printed cotton that features rows of hand printed bears staring out from the fabric’s surface. It has an enchanting quality that draws you in, enhanced by the soft powdery blue tones of the design.

The selection process is one of the most important factors while choosing a custom pillow as a gift –


  • Selecting your fabrics – First, decide what you are looking for, whether a bold pattern or plain luxe fabric, something textured, or perhaps a mix of fabrics. There is a wide range of color options available already.
  • Decide on the finish – The next step is deciding on the finishing details of the custom pillow cover and the custom pillow. There are so many options available here, and it is better to pick the one that goes with your taste. 
  • Select the closure – A different style of pillows or cushions are better suited to a particular type of closure that could either be a zip, velcro, buttons, or tie-backs. 
  • Decide on the foam – The final step is deciding on the type of foam or fill for your pillow. In this case, the quality matters, so it is better for you to go for a better quality foam that would be good for the long run. The foams come with different grades and comfort levels.
  • Custom pillow printing – Make sure the print quality is good, and the color stays even after regular washes. The print should not fade away or lighten with time. 

How is custom pillow printing done?

In the initial step, the custom design or image (in mirror format) is printed on transferable paper using sublimation ink.

The next step requires you to decide the size of the cushion that you want to place the print on. Once you have decided the size of the cushion, you can have a better idea of the overall print size. 

The next step involves transferring the image to cushion fabric or cloth, via a heat press or a heat transfer machine. The sheet which contains the printed design is then placed over the cloth and pressed inside the machine to give heat treatment. 

The custom pillow photo gets transferred to the cushion cloth or fabric. This print is permanent, it will never fade away from the custom pillow. Once the cloth is printed with your picture or the design that you have provided, it is stitched n the shape of the pillow. The stitching is done after the cushion is printed to make sure that the cushion is printed from edge to edge to give it a perfect look. The final step is to put the foam inside and it is ready. 

Get the Best Gifts for any Occasion 

When you look at it, customized pillows and cushions are the best and most affordable gifting ideas. They are not only pocket-friendly but leave behind an impact on the receiver. 

Want to gift a custom pillow to a dear one? Search custom pillows near me on the internet to get the best makers around you.