Cannabis edible packaging: Utilize these 7 secrets and stand out of a crowd!


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With marijuana getting legalized in more states, its demand is increasing rapidly. More and more consumers want to have this item for a recreational or medical reason. With the increased demand, the competition is also becoming intense among the competing brands for earning more revenues. Almost all types of marijuana products are of the same nature, then how can you make a difference? The distinction factor from other brands lies in the packaging design. Make sure it is interactive and fascinating enough to capture the attention of potential clients in the market. Keep the following design tips in your mind while designing the cannabis edible packaging to stand out.

Leaf imagery:

Many a marketer think introducing a cannabis leaf in the packaging design is a cliché. Using the leaf is not a cliché if you use it in a modern way. The leaf imagery will assist the consumers in knowing what your brand or product is for. This way, your cannabis store will become recognizable in the consumer market. While incorporating the leaf imagery in the cannabis edible packaging, mix it up with different styles. For instance, if you are using a marijuana leaf in your logo designing, do it with a twist. You can use an upgraded style of the leaf for logo designing. You can incorporate the leaf with some amazing color themes, patterns, or stylization effects in logo designing just to keep the cliché factor away.

Green practices and color themes:

In society, there is a growing movement about adopting natural means to keep the impact on the environment minimal. Anything that is natural and does not affect the ecosystem negatively is appreciated by the consumers. The marijuana products, as well as packaging, are produced organically without impacting the environment. This green nature can be highlighted by using a green color in the design. For incorporating any color theme into your packaging design, the first rule should be to keep the overall ambiance in your mind. The second rule is to remember the parent brand theme. Going with the green color theme will meet the aforementioned rules as well as highlight the ecological nature of your products as well as packaging.

Keep the sensual world in mind:

This is an important factor to remember in your cannabis packaging design, as ignoring this will cost you heavily. Design the marijuana packages for the sensual world. Most of the brands fail to capitalize on this as their main focus is only on the visibility aspect of the packages. What will the customers feel when they touch, smell, or hear the sound of your packaging when it is taken out of the shelf? Think about these aspects to ensure your marijuana packages do matter in the competitive industry. Pay equivalent importance to all the senses of the consumers so that they get impressed and do not leave your store without buying.

Go minimal:

Adopting a minimalist approach while designing the custom marijuana packages will provide your business with a more contemporary look. This is because the simple and minimal designs fit perfectly with the themes of meditation and relaxation. The consumers have become accustomed and now getting bored while seeing the fused designs. Loud and bold designs do not work here as cannabis is related to recreation and relaxation. The minimal design looks very different and matches the overall theme of the cannabis products, so; there are more chances of it being stand out.

Highlight the relief factor:

Cannabis is used for two purposes, either for medical reasons or for recreational purposes. In both these cases, the consumers are looking for relief and peace. So, your packaging design should include:

  • Medical symbols: The medical symbols should be printed on the surfaces of cannabis packages. This will ensure the clients that your items provide relief and health benefits.
  • Typography: Incorporate clear and authentic information about marijuana items. Pain relief or recreation should be your main focus while printing the details on marijuana packaging.
  • Smooth design: Be authentic in listing the benefits of marijuana items you are selling to earn the trust and loyalty of the consumers. Also, leave enough space among the printed stuff and use readable fonts so that one can understand the printed details with ease.

Make connection:

One of the fundamental rules of packaging is to engage the consumers on an emotional level. But how can you engage them emotionally? Digital technology can help you in this regard. For instance, you can print a URL of your website on the surfaces of the marijuana packages. This will enable the customers to visit the online website of your business just by pointing their smartphones at the URL. They can easily see the ratings as well as reviews posted by the potential clients to make a good purchasing decision. Some QR codes can also be printed so that the customers can avail themselves of different kinds of offers and discounts. So, the incorporation of the QR codes or URL in your packaging design will help you in getting engaged with more and more clients.

Keep children safe:

The increased usage of marijuana products means that thousands and millions of them will make their way to the homes of the customers. In almost every home, there are children as well who like to play with anything they see. This can have serious repercussions for the children if they consume these items. So, pay much heed while designing the marijuana packages to make them child-resistant. They should be such that it becomes impossible for the children to open them in any way.


To conclude, cannabis edible packaging can be designed in a way so as to stand out from the rest of the competitors. Green marijuana leaves with some attractive styles will tell the nature of your product as well as the brand. While designing, focus on the minimalist approach, and keep the sensual world in your mind. Moreover, the packaging design should be engaging with the clients.