The Best And Tastiest Tuscany Menu For Christmas This Year

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Christmas is the most popular of all religious events all over the world and it bears great importance to the Italian people. They are the ones who are the deepest rooted to their ancestors and their traditions.

Notable Food Eaten In Winter

Tuscany is located in the north of Italy and winter is mild in the coastal areas but harsh in the northern parts. So the people consume a lot of dry fruits especially almonds; along with citrus and spices.

Tuscany Traditions At Christmas in Different Cities

Christmas traditions are a little different in each region of Tuscany. But the food is the same. You can order or even buy ingredients from Italian food online store USA to know the taste.

Burning Wooden Pyramid

The most famous of all Christmas traditions is the burring of a pyramid that is piled up. This is a kind of a bonfire where people gather to sing, eat traditional food, drink, and enjoy themselves.

Lighting The Torches In Gorfigliano

There are about a hundred torches that are lite on Christmas Eve on the Strada di Valmaggiore. People meet at the Monteriggioni Castle, then light the torches and attend the Holy Mass Abbadia Isola Church.

Find The Dishes On Italian Food Online Store USA

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Tastiest Christmas Menus To Have This Year

The foods that you can have on this Christmas menu are simple but they have all the local ingredients that will make you popular amongst everyone. Here are the dishes that you can have on the menu.

Antipasto Tuscany Style

You can start off the celebrations with the starters also called antipasto because there is no kind of pasta in it. This includes all kinds of raw fruits, vegetables, and even meat. You can add your own personal touch to it by adding cheese that you can find online with the help of burrata cheese near me option.

Chicken Liver On A Plate

Along with the antipasto you can also serve cooked chicken liver in several variations. The best way to serve is to spread it on Italian bread or you can bake it with herbs and spices.

Bit-Size Pan Cakes

Another important traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner menu is pancakes that are stuffed with spinach and ricotta. They are then folded o rolled and backed, and served with different sauces.

Main Course Is Pasta Stuffed With Different Ingredients

You can’t imagine any Italian dinner without one or two pasta dishes. It is a must on all occasions and especially at Christmas. The pasta is stuffed with meat or vegetables and then cooked in the thick sauce.

Sweet Delicacies Of Tuscany

For dessert, a cake-like bread is served called Panettone. This is a counterpart of the famous fruit cake that is on every table in the UK.

Sweet Savory For Later Drinks

At the end of the Christmas meal, you can serve sweet-savory that you can order through Italian food online store USA to be served with traditional Italian drinks.