How To Managing Different Simulator in iOS App Development

When the developer developed the code then they need to run the code in Simulator but the challenges start when somehow Simulator not working and throwing many errors while compilation of code. When Simulator is used for multiple XCode or Many Simulator can be used in a single simulator also but sometime XCode not allow many simulators at a time.

But Simulator can be used for a pre-development purpose not for real testing because there are some of the features which cannot be testing in the simulator.

Advantage of Simulator

  • Database can be found inside the Simulator very easily.
  • Pre development testing can be done in Simulator.
  • Running multiple Simulator at a time is quite easy.
  • Many iOS Version of Simulator is available.
  • Error and Crashing in the code can be traced.
  • Restart and Reset of simulator can be done.

Disadvantage of Simulator

  • Many features cannot be tested in the Simulator like Push notification.
  • Sometimes many issues cannot be replicated in the SIM.
  • Exact resolution cannot be found in SIM.
  • Tracing of UI issues is sometimes difficult.


Basic Features of Simulator :

  1. The Device can be selected and a version of iOS type with is associated with the device.
  2. Resetting and Restart of all problems can be resolved by clicking on it. It will erase all Simulator and reset completely as the original one.
  3. Rotation of Simulator can be right/left and auto-rotate of the simulator is possible .even developer can increase or decrease size of simulator.
  4. A Simulator can be moved to lock state as well as moved to the home screen. Even a developer can use the SIRI shortcut in the simulator.
  5. Apple pay and touch id can be enabled in the simulator and can be tested also
  6. Bar item can be tested in Sim also and a call will show in sim also
  7. The Keyboard feature and its issue can be resolved in the Simulator.
  8. Audio feature and Video feature Can be tested in iOS Simulator.
  9. An External display can be changed in SIM for project and resolution can be changed as per requirement.

  1. Animation and Graphical quality can be increased or can be shown in simulator also.
  2. Color can be blended /changed
  3. If any simulator memory warning appears then it can be resolved and it can be sync with iCloud also
  4. Location manager can be enabled in Simulator for map location
  5. Parallel testing devices with XCode enabled.

Command-Line for Simulator

Find Simulator

To find the complete list of simulator then run the command in the terminal xcrunsimctl list will show all simulator in the terminal To reboot Simualtor

Reboot Simulator

SIM can be reboot by using the command. Which reboot and rerun the simulator freshly.

xcrunsimctl boot 2BF01FC0-7E29-4AF1-ADD1-886DF129A9A9

open -a Simulator

New Simulator Create, Upgrade, Shutdown and Erase

Simulator can be deleted, erased, device type can be found, upgraded  and find the runtime in the terminal also. Basically CRUD operation can be done in simulator

$ xcrunsimctl create

$ xcrunsimctl delete

xcrunsimctl list devicetypes

xcrunsimctl list runtimes

Screenshot and video Capture in Simulator

Screenshot and video can be taken or capture in the Simulator by using the command line in the terminal

xcrunsimctlio booted screenshot ./image.png

xcrunsimctlio booted video ./video.mp4

Run and execute  multiple simulators

We can find the Id’s for all required Simulator and execute in the terminal

xcrunsimctl boot 23F3C6FB-1A8A-4D20-922F-2DB485F58F78

xcrunsimctl boot 2353CBFF-4900-4F10-A1D4-B451AB4C9875

open /Applications/

Remove all Unwanted Simulator

All unwanted  Simulator can be removed or deleted permanently from the list of simulator available.

xcrunsimctl delete unavailable

Parallel Running  of Simulator with XCode

Multiple simulator can be run with the XCode where more than one project and simulator can be executed parallelly.

defaults write -bool YES

Application full information can be found

Application information can be traced with bundle id where it can populate the list information in the terminal.

xcrunsimctlappinfo booted

Application Erased and Reset

Simulator can be erased completely where all SIM will be erased and reset completely

xcrunsimctl erase all

Help command for Simulator

Help commend provide the list of command which can be used to do the operation for simulator

xcrunsimctl help

Simulator can open the url, video and record video

In the simulator developer can open the url for testing, recording video, playing video can be done very easily by using below command

xcrunsimctlopenurl booted <url to be open>

xcrunsimctladdmedia booted <media file to be added >

xcrunsimctlio booted recordVideo –type=mp4 <video file to be aded>

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Quick Tips for First Time Invisalign Patients

In earlier times, straightening teeth could never be done aesthetically. Orthodontic treatments were equal to living with a mouth full of highly complex and extremely uncomfortable metal for several months or even years.

However, as dentistry evolved over the years, with new advancements and innovations such as  , a.k.a clear plastic aligners offer an opportunity to enhance the smile without feeling self-conscious. Moreover, treatment with Invisalign is painless and much more comfortable as compared to traditional braces.

However, while you enjoy the benefits of Invisalign aligners, it is essential to be mindful of some of the drawbacks and tips to tackle them, mainly if you use them for the first time. Today’s article will highlight the tips you must follow as a first time Invisalign user. Furthermore, we will also reflect on some of the problems that you may encounter while using Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a form of orthodontic braces that are made from transparent thermoplastic sheets. These sheets are custom fabricated to mold on the patient’s dental arch. Typically, a person undergoing Invisalign treatment gets 14-28 clear aligners that have to be used in series and changed every two weeks. The aligners help put pressure on specific parts of the teeth to move them into a better position (1)

Each replacement tray will feel slightly different, as it’s designed to continue shifting and moving your teeth. You will usually have to wear Invisalign trays for most of your day, maybe around 20–22 hours per day to get the desired outcome. However, clear aligners are convenient to use and can be easily removed for eating, brushing, flossing, or for special occasions.

What are the tips you must follow while wearing Invisalign?

Now that you know some of the problems you might face while using Invisalign let’s check out some tips that can help you make your experience more comfortable –

Protect Your Tongue from trauma

Usually, the Invisalign has sharp plastic edges that may have the potential to damage the gums and surrounding soft tissue. Often first time Invisalign users experience soreness while wearing the aligners. However, as you keep using the aligner, the muscles start to adapt and toughen around the edges.

You may use orthodontic wax to cover the sharp edges and rough spots for a more comfortable experience. The best way to use it is by rolling the wax into a cylindrical shape and applying it to the sharp areas. Some sharp edges that cannot be relieved by orthodontic wax can be smoothened by using a professional file. Generally, orthodontists can help to smoothen the edges without distorting the aligner’s fit. (2)

Pain relievers – chewing exercises

Pain and discomfort may be common during the first few days of using aligners. This happens when the aligners force the teeth to move them into the ideal position in the arch. Some chewing exercises or mouth opening and closing exercises with the aligners have proven to help relieve the pain.  Moreover, these exercises help to get used to the comfort of wearing aligners for a long time during the day.

Another benefit of chewing exercise is that it helps massage the gums and stimulate nutrient-rich blood flow to the mouth, thereby maintaining the oral tissues’ health. Moreover, chewing exercises help the aligners to fit tightly for maximum tooth movement.

Orthodontists can aid in this activity by providing styrofoam chewies, which help significantly in performing chewing exercises.

An alternative to Styrofoam chewies is Movements, which are meant to train your jaw to get accustomed to the clear aligners and provide relief from discomfort. However, you can consult your orthodontist to get the best options for Invisalign’s comfortable experience.

Record the total time you wear Invisalign during a day

Most people tend to avoid or forget wearing Invisalign for the most part during the day. However, it is essential to understand the importance of wearing Invisalign for as much time as possible. Ideally, dentists recommend wearing aligners for 22 hours per day. This helps to complete the treatment on time and provide quicker results.

Having a time tracker will help you to keep a record of the total hours you wear Invisalign. Moreover, it will also be a reminder for you to wear Invisalign aligners if you forget to wear them. There are many time-tracking apps and cases specially designed for Invisalign, which ensure that the treatment is followed properly. (3)

Some Invisalign time tracking apps also notify you if you have exceeded the ideal wearing time. This way, you can easily manage the breaks and aligner time throughout the day.

Safe removal

It is very crucial to safely remove the Invisalign aligners, especially from the retainer box. Most retainer boxes come in handy with an aligner removal tool. It is often a small key-like component that helps remove the aligner without damaging its shape or fit carefully.

Although some people try to scoop the aligner out of the case with their fingers, however, they tend to fish out the trays and distort the shape of the aligner leading to losing fit or change in the fit of the aligner on the dental arch. Another risk of pulling out aligners with your finger is the tray’s damage due to sharp nails. Dent marks or perforations are widespread incidents that often require replacement of the aligner. This delays the treatment and increases the expenses. (4)

Clean your aligners regularly.

Most people have the habit of indulging in coffee and tea breaks. However, it is advised to reduce the consumption of such beverages as they can stain the aligner as well as the teeth. Most often, people cannot ignore it, especially in social gatherings where they may be forced to drink up.

In such situations, the best way to keep your aligners stain-free is to clean it regularly with toothpaste and toothbrush. The abrasive ingredients of the toothpaste help remove the stains and discolorations from the aligners’ surface. Moreover, it also helps to keep the aligners plaque and odor-free.

There are also specialized Invisalign cleaning pastes and sprays which aim at providing a squeaky-clean aligner. Additionally, they also have flavoring agents which give a pleasant taste in the mouth. Invisalign cleaning spray also helps in providing an odor-free breath.

While you may follow a good hygiene routine, it is essential to carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste everywhere you go. This is to ensure you clean the teeth and the aligners after every meal you eat.

Take away message

Invisalign is one of the most advanced and innovative orthodontic treatments designed to straighten the teeth without compromising the aesthetics. Some of the dental problems corrected by Invisalign include crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, and underbite. However, significant malocclusions like bite problems, crossbite, or protruding teeth, cannot be treated with Invisalign.

Typically, Invisalign is made from a transparent thermoplastic sheet custom-fitted to each dental arch of the patient. Usually, a set of 14-28 aligners are used in two weeks for several months and years to get the desired result. While it may be the most aesthetically pleasing treatment, Invisalign aligners must be taken care of.

The best way to complete your treatment on time is by tracking a long time, cleaning the aligners regularly, wearing them for long hours, and learning safe removal techniques. The orthodontist will help significantly to guide you at every step to take proper care of your aligners and speed up the treatment.

Transform Your Farmhouse Using These 9 Crafty Ideas

Farmhouse ideas

Do you have an old house and want to transform it? Well, if you love country-style farmhouse decor, then this blog is the right one for you.

Having a simple yet beautiful looking farmhouse decor provides timeless beauty to the eyes of the owner. However, you can still boost the element of it by considering modern-rustic home decor ideas.

In this blog, we’re going to guide you to transform your magical farmhouse to the next level. We will also assist you to decorate your:

  • Farmhouse Kitchen
  • Farmhouse Bedroom
  • Farmhouse Comfort Room

9 Crafty Designs You Can Apply to Your Farmhouse

Below are the top ten things you can apply to your farmhouse home decor.

  • Utilize Reclaimed Wood in your Headboard

If you want to design an original classic farmhouse interior, then it’s time to consider using reclaimed or used woods. You can use it to create a bed headboard. It will give you a nice and beautiful rustic look.

  • Use Reclaimed Wood for your Furniture

Vintage style is good, but considering a reclaimed wood material for your furniture will look better. You can use the reclaimed woods for creating a center table for your living room.

  • It’s Time to Consider Iron Bed

Having a touch of an iron bed frame gives an industrial charm to your bedroom. It also provides classy looks that add beauty to your sleeping place.

  • Consider Open Shelves

An open shelf is one of the timeless kitchen decor styles you can apply. It will fit perfectly with your vintage farmhouse looks. Try to decorate your vintage kitchenware collections, such as chinawares, to boost your kitchen space’s vintage style.

  • You can Use Free-Roaming Kitchen Island.

Consider using a free-roaming kitchen island to your house. Unique rolling storage allows you to transport vintage collections to any parts of your home.

  • Install an Exposed Ceiling Beams

Ceiling beams adds more natural farmhouse feelings, especially to your kitchen space. You can fix hooks on the beam itself and use it to hang your kitchen wares such as pot and pans.

  • Use Antibacterial Copper Sink

Copper sink adds beauty and vintage style to your farmhouse design. With its metal-like looks, it only boosts the vintage design of your kitchen space. Not only that, but copper sinks also provide excellent resistance against bacterias and molds.

  • Nothing Beats Vintage Chandeliers

One of the most eye-catching features you can fix to your space is a vintage chandelier. The lighting it generates gives a perfect ambiance to your farmhouse. It merely provides warmth and a comfortable feeling to your vintage farmhouse.

  • Time to Put Your Family Wall Art

Fixing a family wall art that is printed on a canvas farmhouse theme boosts your home’s vintage looks. You can place it in your living room space, or you can also consider putting it in your dining room.

If you want to know more about different farmhouse decor, try to check this farmhouse art.

Ideas for Renovating your Bathroom:

Ideas for Renovating your Bathroom:

Renovating a bathroom is neither very simple nor very difficult. For this purpose, you will need to spend your time, money, and efforts. Even the simplest task gets difficult without giving time to it. So, the most important thing is your time and keep your patience.

For renovating your bathroom, you will have to choose a path based on your requirements. Keep an eye on your budget from the very beginning. The materials that you will be using, such as tiles, bathtub, bathroom wall panels, etc. must be on a budget.

Still, if you are in doubt about renovating your bathroom, we will help you in this regard. Let’s help you with the following interesting ideas:

  1. Estimate the Cost of Renovation:

As we have already mentioned, you will need to look at your budget. Before starting any work, including bathroom renovation, it is important to compare your budget with the estimated cost. So, the money you want to invest should be considered first.

Moreover, the estimated cost of renovation depends on the size of your bathroom, the quality of materials you will use, and labor cost. However, you can save the labor cost if you know a little about that type of work.

  1. Make Toilet on Side:

All the professional bathroom designers came across the experience that whenever you make the toilet, it must be on the side. The best point behind this fact is that when you open the door or the door of your bathroom remains open, and anyone walking outside not sees the toilet directly.

So, for aesthetic feel at your home or bathroom, try to make the toilet on the side and not in front of the door. We will not talk here about the size and position of the toilet but only about the location.

  1. Attractive finishes on the Wall:

The focal point of your bathroom could be the walls that must look fresh and attractive, where some things are replaceable by others. For example, in more traditional homes, wall tiles may have infrequent concrete and maybe wire mesh layers. The problem in removing these can take labor expenses to a high level.

Rather, you can use bathroom wall panels and save your time and money. These finishes look attractive and cool feel and do not bother one in the bathroom.

  1. Proper Lighting Set-up:

The best way to renovate your bathroom is to maintain proper lighting with well-managed lighting. When you design your bathroom, keep in mind that you will have to set-up lighting at different positions. This step needs a professional designer idea because the full lighting depends on the angle at which the bulb is set-up.

A well-lighted bathroom is also a way of comfort while taking a shower or using the bathroom. Remember that most of the people focus on lighting and consider it an important factor.

Final Words:

The ideas mentioned above are the best ideas from bathroom designing experts and professionals. These ideas will help you renovate your bathroom in the best possible way.

Employing a reasonable budget, using quality materials like shower wall panels, and proper lighting in the bathroom is highly required.

What are the competitive advantages and characteristics of Digital Marketing?

advantages and characteristics of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of using data communication channels to advertise products and services, to speak with consumers in a very timely, relevant, customized, and cost-saving manner. Digital marketing comprises many technologies and practices like Internet marketing, but its scope is much broader, and it also includes many other communication channels that don’t require the use of internet. So, what are the essential benefits of digital marketing? What are their characteristics? Let’s have a glance at the competitive advantages and characteristics of digital marketing.

The competitive advantage of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has numerous unprecedented competitive advantages. You can integrate various marketing activities like product descriptions, promotions, customer opinion & surveys, advertising, public relations, customer service, and more. These marketing activities aren’t limited by time and region. These will help you to integrate text, sound, video, web, and audio-visual, display dynamically or statically, and can update information easily and quickly. Integrating these functions is the same as creating countless dealers and business representatives.

Digital marketers should always remember the fact that users have control. These imprecise, irrelevant, and annoying, dehumanizing ads will force users to leave the site and ignore future ads. To be humanized, you need to mark the mute, pause, stop, and close buttons on all multimedia ads. The buttons shouldn’t be too similar to the Windows buttons or other operating-system warnings to confuse. Any advertisement that interferes with the content of the web site (watermark advertisement, sudden restoration advertisement, etc.) should be only a few seconds long unless the user shows some interest in the advertisement in some interactive way.

Characteristics of digital marketing

  • Integration:

It realizes the proper integration between the front desk and to the rear office. This integration is the basis for quickly responding to the personalized needs of consumers. It is often achieved from the merchandise information to collection and after-sales service in one go, so it’s also a full-range marketing channel. On the opposite side, enterprises can use the web to polishing off unified design planning and coordinated implementation of various communication and marketing activities, to avoid the negative effects caused by the inconsistency of various communication.

  • Personalized service:

Digital marketing provides personalized products in keeping with the necessities of consumers. It’s also the flexibility to trace the sales habits and hobbies of every customer and recommend related products.

  • Larger selection space:

Digital marketing won’t be limited by shelves and inventory and provides an unlimited product display and sales ballroom so consumers provide almost unlimited choice space.

  • Lower cost advantage:

Publishing real information on the web features a limited cost, selling products on to consumers, which may shorten the distribution link, and anyone can get the published information independently. Most customers who come to go to our highly curious about such products. The audience is accurate, which avoids many useless information transfers and may also save costs.

Digital marketing also is similar and characteristics of multimedia, time and space, interactive, anthropomorphic, advanced, efficient, and economical. thanks to the employment of specific attributes of digital products, digital marketing has added many new characteristics and features supported by transforming traditional marketing techniques.

As per the above characteristics, digital marketing has many unprecedented competitive advantages: it can integrate various marketing activities like product descriptions, promotions, customer opinion surveys, advertising, promotion, customer service, etc. for one-to-one communication to really achieve marketing the combined effect pursued by the mixture. These marketing techniques don’t seem to be limited by time and region. In the meantime, consumers can repeatedly browse and query online. Integrating these functionalities are resembling creating countless dealers and business representatives.

Digital marketers should remember the very fact that users have control. These imprecise, irrelevant, and annoying, dehumanizing ads will force users to depart the positioning and ignore future ads. Visit Writing views to understand about Social Media Aggregator & Its Role in Digital Marketing.


So, now when you know the benefits of digital marketing you might think about starting your career in this field. If yes, then you should consider polishing your skills as well. There are various courses available online you can use them to earn more skills that are required in the job market these days. An CIW Internet Business Associate course offered at uCertify can help you know about the importance of Internet in business. Go online and find the course best suited to you and accelerate your career trajectory in this.