Seven Tips To Choose The Right Office Equipment Provider

If you are starting up a new business or revamping the old one, choosing the right equipment provider can be a bit tricky. Every office needs some basic equipment to function and if your equipment provider fails to deliver good quality products, it might directly or indirectly hamper productivity.

Comfortable seating helps employees concentrate on their work properly. If you want to shop for office supplies, you should follow some tips.

Take a look at the seven factors that you should consider before choosing an office equipment vendor.

Wide range of products

People usually don’t think about varieties while dealing with an equipment provider. However, it is important to know what product your vendor has and how efficiently it can work for your enterprise. Having multiple options to choose from can go a long way toward boosting productivity. So make sure your provider has a wide range of options to choose from.

Timeliness and delivery

Late delivery can change your plans at the last minute, so choosing a disciplined equipment provider is vital to start your business. Make sure your vendor abides by the given time frame and delivers high-quality products.

Ask your equipment provides the following questions to see whether they are capable enough to handle the deal.

  • What is the process of the machine setup?
  • Does the service provider ensure online or offline help?
  • Do they send professionals for the setup process?
  • How much time is needed to complete the installation?

Experienced service strategy

You will require real-time responses at the time of crisis and an experienced equipment supplier can ensure 24×7 assistance. The vendor needs to address the issue in the first call and then should prepare a preventative strategy to overcome the emergency.

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The strategy will keep your equipment working and augment the performance of the machinery.

Extensive document remedies

Your office not only needs equipment but a lot more than that. A professional equipment provider can help you to impose various strategies to make them a bridge to turn your business digital.

Make sure you check whether your vendor is providing cloud services, print services, document management for the holistic development of your enterprise. If you want to shop for office supplies, you might want to check out They have a wide range of office products with great discounts.


Businesses should keep the price ranges of the products in mind before sealing the deal. This is one of the most basic factors to consider before selecting equipment. However, do not stress on high costing if you want products that can last long.

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To avoid problems, check with your equipment provider ahead of time and see what all they offer you in terms of the service contract, financing, and warranty. Dive deeper to check the background of the provider. You can use social media platforms to accumulate information about them.


When you choose an office equipment provider, you are directly funding to make the future of your business. This means you have a high risk and so the warranty of your office equipment is of utmost importance.

Equipment warranty is important to curtail the liabilities of a broken machine. Office equipment is expensive so maintaining them can be stressful at times.

Background check

Before signing the contract, try to find out everything about the provider, what their accomplishments and failures, and how they have dealt with previous projects? These things might look small but have a significant impact for enterprises in the long run.

Try to talk to their previous clients and ask how the service was or where the equipment good in the long run. Do not trust your equipment provider blindly, keep a constant eye on their strategies.

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Final words

Investing in good equipment ensures long term success in a short period. So a 360-degree background check is essential for a start-up business. And besides, being a true investment for your firm, you have to ensure you consider all the ideas before filling up your office space.

What Happened to Mangstream? Best Alternatives in 2020

Mangstream was one of the most popular manga websites that were out there, which offered HD quality content that you could read here for free. This website was widely used because of its impressive design and the huge number of manga series that it had to offer. But like all good things must come to an End. This website was shut down a few months back and is not operational anymore.


In this article, we are going to talk about the most obvious reasons why this website was shut down, and also the best alternatives that you can use in its place in 2020.

What Happened to Mangastream?

Mangastream was a huge internet sensation for the manga readers community. This website totally changed the way manga enthusiasts used to read manga content online. It offers HD quality content for free, and the user interface of this website was friendly and engaging. 

But now, mangastream has officially stopped providing its services and here is why…

Manga stream was not really a legal website for reading manga. It offered the scanned copies of manga content that the users could read here for free. This is a copyright violation and the original content creators had this website blocked because of the theft of their intellectual property. The bottom line is this website is not available anymore. 

There are some clone sites with the names and readms which look a lot like mangastream but their authenticity is not confirmed. So, we won’t recommend these websites, but you can check them out, if you feel like you can trust their services.

Below are some of the best mangastream alternatives that we have gathered together after doing in extensive online research. We highly recommend the websites below for reading manga online 

Best Alternatives in 2020?

  • MangaTown 

MangaTown comes with an extremely engaging UI design that really gets a hold on you, as soon as you enter this website. Once you are on the website, you’d see interactive UI elements that make your visit on this website, a great manga reading experience. You navigate through the different sections of this website to look for the manga that you want to read. It offers almost the same user experience as the official mangastream website.   

  • MangaFox 

MangaFox is a great manga site that comes with excellent manga reading features. This website has done its best to provide its users with a huge collection of manga series with elegant UI design to enhance the user experience and take it to a whole new level. This website contains manga from all genres, and you can easily surf through all sections of this website with ease. It is easy to use, and the UI is simple to navigate. 

  • MangaHere

MangaHere offers you the biggest collection of manga that you can find online for free. This website is not just for kids, it has manga for adults as well and you can find manga series from all kinds of genres here. The thing that we like the most about this website is its impressive UI design which makes it quite easier for you to search for and read the manga that you want to read. 

  • MangaPark

MangaPark is also a great mangastream alternative that you can find online. This website asks you to register yourself, but the registration is free to cost. This website also offers you a thread to interact with fellow manga readers where you can discuss your views about a manga. This website is safe to use and doesn’t create any kind of privacy or security issues for you.  

  • Manganelo

Manganelo would be an excellent choice for you to read manga online in 2020, if you want the same user experience as mangastream. This website is highly popular because of the HD manga quality that it offers for free. You can visit PastNews to learn more about the best mangastream alternatives in 2020. The website has a dynamic design which makes things a whole lot easier for you. It is a highly recommended website that you need to check out.   

Final Words

Mangastream indeed was a great platform for reading manga online. There are not many platforms like it out there, the ones that offer excellent manga quality have been mentioned here. Make sure to check out these manga sites for an immersive manga reading experience online. 

A Brief Overview of E-cigarette and Similar Gadgets

Historians have traced the very first growing of tobacco, way back to 8000 years in the tropical rainforests of Ecuador and Peru. Roughly 2 millennia ago, smoking and chewing tobacco became inherent in early Latin American civilizations, often inscribed as part of their cultural, spiritual and recreational activities.

Journey of Tobacco

The famous voyager Christopher Columbus, has been accredited with discovering tobacco and bringing it back home to Europe in the 15th century. Once in Europe, its growth and popularity accelerated in the next two centuries, transforming it into a popular worldwide industry. Simultaneously, scientists started examining the health-impact of smoking tobacco along with underlying causes. The longest speculation was for its ‘addiction-component’, that puzzled even the world’s best chemists. In this regard, eminent scientists from Germany, Reimann and Posselt were first to triumph in 1828. They became the first to identify and isolate “Nicotone” as the prime addictive constituent, and studied its effects on the body. Then arrived the revolutionary cigarette producing machinery invented by James Bonsack, a milestone that single-handedly transformed tobacco from a European luxury to a global rage. The sheer convenience of cigarette smoking directly put tobacco on the roadmap of global recreation and lifestyle. Tobacco consumption for the next two centuries, primarily revolved around the undying popularity of cigarettes

A new cornerstone

The next breakthrough invention was by Herbert Gilbert. He invented a novel device in 1967, that wouldn’t burn tobacco like traditional cigarettes. This invention was revolutionary because of zero smoke emission- the tobacco effect was achieved upon the mere heating of a paper and subsequent vapours release. Although commercially unviable, it certainly paved way for a line of similar devices. Many other inventors came up with mechanisms to attain the desired effect of tobacco, making use of vapours instead of smoke.

E-cigarette comes into picture

Commercial viability was finally imparted to e-cigarettes in 2003, thanks to the efforts of Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China. Utilizing a combination of Nicotine along with Propylene Glycol (PG), there were three parts of this e-cigarette namely atomiser, mouthpiece and battery. The combined vapours of Nicotine and PG would be inhaled using the mouthpiece, brought into action by the heating coil present in the atomiser. Without smelling like the erstwhile tobacco-based cigarette, this e-cigarette emanated Nicotine vapour efficiently.

From e-cigarette to vaping device

Over the years, there have been several remarkable improvements in the rudimentary e-cigarette invented by Hon Lik. As the hardware and liquid were greatly improvised, the phenomenon of “Vaping” (inhaling vapour) came into existence. The E-Cigarette evolved into a modern vaping device, with brand New Vape hardware and several customizations.

Types of E-Cigarettes

In the present age, vaping has become far more popular than the smoking of cigarettes.

For the modern-day consumer and ‘vaping enthusiast’ today, rechargeable e-cigarettes and disposable e-cigarettes are two broad varieties to choose from.

Disposable e-cigarettes

As the name suggests, disposable e-cigarettes fall under the “use & throw” category.

These are the use and throw e-cigarettes with a specified life or usage. This is calculated in puffs, 400 to 500 being the norm which is equal to 40 or 45 normal cigarettes. Users find this version easy to manage, as these can be used and thrown hassle-free. The built-in battery is not rechargeable, and easily lasts anywhere between 400 to 500 puffs. Aside from ease of use, patrons love the fact that the e-liquid (referred to as ‘juice’) in this version of e-cigarettes comes in a variety of flavours. One can specifically chose the desired Nicotine level, or even get one that’s nicotine-free. If you prefer a smokeless version, there is a Propylene Glycol (PG)-free variant as well! All these advantages make disposable e-cigarettes a boon for first-time users to get a knack of the whole ‘vaping process’. One must however remember that a disposable e-cigarette should always be disposed after the battery gets discharged. Also, the ‘juice’ once exhausted cannot be refilled, and the device needs to be disposed in that case as well.

Rechargeable e-Cigarettes

As evident by the name, these e-cigarettes come with batteries that need to be recharged from time to time. Likewise, the liquid here can be refilled and cartridge can be changed as required. Overall, the components are sturdier and last much longer as compared to the disposable version. Apart from the high-level durability of the rechargeable e-cigarette, users can go on an experimenting spree with liquid flavours and nicotine variation. One only needs to ensure that the battery has to be charged as and when it gets exhausted. There are options for devices with Propylene Glycol (PG) or PG-free ones. The latter versions utilize alternative base materials, and are therefore smoke-free. Also known as a Mod or a Tank, there is a popular high-capacity variant that is officially referred to as the Vape Pen. This is a common favourite amongst experienced users. With high e-liquid storage  capacity, excellent battery longevity and robust durability, the Vape Pen is undoubtedly a popular purchase.

Futuristic View

In 2019-20 alone, the overall market size of e-cigarette and other vape devices was calculated at a whopping 12.41 billion USD. Experts suggest the estimated annual growth rate till from 2020 to 2027 would be 23.8%. With revenue generation growing at 18.4% annually, a gigantic turnover of 16.1 billion USD is expected in the next 4 years.

Newer, high-tech and customised versions of the e-cigarette are emerging in the market, catering to every need of the consumer. The variety of e-liquid flavours is booming like never before. Wider options for base materials and nicotine levels have opened up the market for new users and enthusiasts. This massive popularity is only going to increase in times to come. Who would have thought that the voyage of Columbus would earmark the humble beginnings of such a massive industry and become an unstoppable global phenomenon!

Surviving in 2020: Which Tech Startups Will Rise in These Tough Times

Startups are a risky business, especially those that rely on venture capital to stay afloat. Given how 2020 has turned out so far, it’s safe to say it won’t be smooth sailing here on out. In these tough times then it is worth asking which startups will make it through. And, more importantly, will it be the changing demands and consumer behavior that’ll ensure their success or their strong leadership and ability to adapt. Here are some of the startups we think will emerge stronger through the crisis. has a funding of $72 million from the likes of big-name like Dell Technologies and TPG Growth and what it does is, it provides AI as a service to facilitate firms and improve their operations. It is particularly effective in the supply chain side of the businesses and this is the reason why it will make it through these tough times. With the pandemic disrupting the economy and global supply chain, this startup offers a solution. With its services, clients can resolve supply chain issues fast.


Uniphore is similar to in that it offers AI as a service but instead of helping improve operations, it is focused on improving customer calls and relations. Founded by Umesh Sachdev in India in 2008, this startup has a funding of $67 million. It recently moved its headquarters to Silicon Valley and Sachdev reports that it is growing faster each year. In the current crisis though, it’s not their product that is leveraging their success but rather their strong leadership along with a good strategy and great execution of it. If a company can manage to ride the tide on good management you know it can overcome anything.


Nantero has a $127 million funding and it makes complete sense given the product they’re working on. The company uses carbon nanotubes as an alternative to the more commonly used semiconductor chips that ensure you can store and deliver data faster. It is way more reliable that the typical chips and holds the potential to alter the industry. With the emerging technology depending more and more on AI and cloud storage, Nantero will surely make it through.


Companies introducing disruptive technologies will surely be able to weather it all which is why Pensando is a startup to watch out for. With a funding of $278 million, it finally came out of the stealth mode last year with its take on edge computing, an emerging technology that gives cloud-connected devices the ability to access the on-board computing power enabling it to perform tasks faster. It is well-positioned and its rising demand ensures the company will emerge stronger in the face of the current crisis.


With the contagious coronavirus refusing to disappear and no vaccine in a site, social distancing may become a norm which also may mean definite success for Hopin.

Hopin is an online events platform based in London that emerged last year with the increase in popularity of webinars and other online events. As companies move their events online, they will be on the lookout for tools to make their virtual get-togethers more engaging and Hopin is sure to catch their eye. Perfectly positioned to take over this market and soar to new heights, we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of this startup.


Next on our list is WebFlow. A website creation and development platform, it makes it easier and cheaper for businesses to not set up as well as manage their sites. It is based on a no-code principle which means that people who have no formal computer training whatsoever will be able to get their website up and running in no time. As you can see, it truly is a revolutionary technology and given how important presence in the digital space is becoming, WebFlow will have a number of clients waiting to sign up with them.


Speaking of making you presence known in the digital space, getting a user-friendly mobile app for your business goes a long way. Businesses are sure to take all the help they can in this regard which means Headspin may not be out of business anytime soon. This cloud platform makes it easier for companies to test and track the performance of their apps and ensure their customers leave satisfied. It won’t be a lie to say then that you’ll be seeing more of Headspin around.

Final Words

The economy is bracing for a huge hit that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean everything is going to go under. This trying times may seem tough to some, but for others it has proven to be an opportunity. A lot of new businesses and technologies are sure to make the most of the changes and so should you. The first step to it is staying informed so go ahead and subscribe to Spectrum TV Select to ensure you never miss out on the news. With more than 125 channels to watch you will be able to keep abreast of the latest with ease.

6 Ways to Manages Stress Effectively

World over, the level of stress is rising. Today we can find people across age groups, genders, income levels, and geographies under severe stress or experience depression and anxiety. In fact, the American Institute of Stress conducted a study and revealed some alarming facts:

  • Work-related stress infects 83% of the US workers
  • Workplace stress results in an annual loss of up to $300 billion to UB businesses.
  • Every day, about 1 million workers miss their work.
  • When it comes to work-life balance, only 43% of Americans think that their employers are sensitive.
  • Depression costs over $51 billion in the form of absenteeism and its treatment over $26 billion annually.
  • Over 120,000 lives are lost due to work-related stress every year. This adds $190 billion to healthcare costs.

This reveals the enormity of the problem world over. Rising stress levels not only add to the costs, but they also lead to loss of lives. And the number is rising fast.

While there is little that can be done n certain things like rising competition, annoying deadlines, tough timelines, etc, we can definitely manage better certain things that are in our direct control. This includes managing our lives better, improving our own efficiency and learning, or adopting stress management techniques.

Let us have a look at the top 6 most effective and popular stress management techniques that are practiced by people across the world.

  • Regular exercise
  • Meditation
  • Healthy diet
  • Pursuing a hobby
  • Get Quality Sleep
  • Using supplements

Regular Exercise

They say that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. While stress leads to the release of Cortisol, exercise releases endorphins. Studies conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America suggest that regular exercise releases endorphins, the natural pain-killers. Additionally, regular exercise also promotes our ability to sleep which relaxes our body helping it to return to normalcy faster. No wonder, Cortisol is called the stress hormone while endorphin is called the happiness hormone. The American Heart Association recommends that an average individual should exercise about 2.5 hours per week to reduce stress and lead a healthy normal life. Exercise needs not be only done in a gym but could be in other forms like swimming, hiking, biking, etc.


Meditation is considered to be one of the most effective means of managing stress. Even a few minutes of meditation can help calm the mind thus reducing stress levels. According to Mayo Clinic, any of the following could be followed to practice meditation:

  • Guided meditation: Use of imagery, senses (smell, sights, etc) to calm the mind. At times even a teacher or guide could help you meditate.
  • Mantra meditation: Repeated chanting of a set of words or mantras can help calm the mind thus preventing depressing or anxiety-provoking thoughts.
  • Mindfulness meditation: Here you can focus on things like breathing, heartbeat, etc. even the thoughts and emotions that come to mind could be observed without getting disturbed by them.
  • Qi gong: This involves combining techniques like meditation, relaxation, physical movement, and breathing to achieve peace and restoring mental balance.
  • Yoga: Yoga is a combination of physical exercise, body postures, and controlled breathing. Yoga promotes well being of mind as well as body.

Healthy diet

While some foods act as comfort foods that promoting Serotonin (a brain calming hormone), others help in controlling the level of Cortisol and Adrenalin (the stress-causing hormones).  According to WebMD, a healthy diet helps in strengthening the immune system and lowering blood pressure. Healthy dies should consist of the following:

  • Complex Carbohydrates foods like whole-grain bread and cereals,
  • Simple Carbohydrates like sweets and Soda, but in limited quantities.
  • Vitamin C rich foods like oranges and lemons etc.
  • Green leafy  vegetables like Spinach
  • Fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like Tuna, Salmon
  • Nuts like almonds, pistachios, walnuts
  • Fruits like avocado, apples, bananas, and other seasonal fruits.
  • Raw vegetables like carrots, celery, tomatoes
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products

Pursuing a hobby

According to the Australian Dept. of Health, pursuing a hobby helps better stress management.  Apparently, a hobby helps un unwind and get out of our daily routine. It also helps in reducing the stress-causing thoughts from becoming too strong. More than that, it helps our brain or remaining calm and focus well on things in hand. Their studies revealed that people with hobbies are less likely to feel the ill effects of stress, suffer from dampened moods and experience depression. In fact, hobbies lift up your mood, make you feel happy & relaxed thereby giving you a clearer picture of the problem in hand and find an effective solution to deal with it. Irrespective of the type of hobby, we can manage our stress levels better if the hobby is meaningful and enjoyable to us.

Get Quality Sleep:

The Sleep Foundation finds that stress levels can be managed better through quality sleep. Rising stress levels lead to a hyper-arousal status thus causing insomnia. Insomnia then leads to an increase in stress and the cycle continues. Hence to break the cycle, quality of sleep is very important. Sleep quality can be achieved through:

  •  Downshift before bedtime: As a habit, avoid indulging in anything stressful or stimulating like a mobile phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • Avoid Caffeine: Caffeine drinks should be avoided after sundown to prevent the brain from being in an active state at sleep hours.
  • Stick to sleep times: As much as possible, stick to a set time for sleeping and waking up. This causes the body to follow a particular rhythm.
  • Find a comfortable place to sleep: Not only should the bed be comfortable, but the rooms should also not have bright light or loud noises which may distract you and keep you awake.

Using supplements:

According to a report published in, a variety of supplements can prove beneficial in managing stress. These include multi-vitamins and minerals which are available in various forms like powders, capsules or syrups.

According to a report published in the Observer, CBD oil is emerging to be the newest form of supplement beneficial in stress management. While CBD oil is one area that demands a lot of medical and scientific research, nevertheless, its acceptance as a stress buster is growing very rapidly.

While these techniques are quite popular and effective with millions of followers world over, some need the help of a medical practitioner to initiate and while being practiced. Always remember that while managing stress, things that are external to us are difficult to control. What is in our control is our response to the stimulus. If we are able to manage ourselves better, the stress level automatically remains under control. This not only helps us to remain composed but also helps in efficiently managing the source of stress better.