Acing the SAT examinations in a month

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SAT exams are just around the corner. In an ideal case scenario you might require 3 months of adequate preparation, but most of us do not have such time in hand. A recommendation is to opt for a quick fix. How to ace the SAT in just 1 month involves systematic preparation at your end. You are going to require 2 to 3 months of intensive preparation for the same. Hence you will be aware that you might be in actual case scenario. Such plan might not work out to be a magic pill, but it is going to be contribute in a better way to enhance your score.

Week 1

One week means a lot of time. It is going to pass of quickly as if you do not have a proper plan for its utilization. Hence a study calendar is beneficial as it provides a right direction towards accomplishment of your goals. A realistic approach is suggested when you are preparing a calendar. If you are setting  high targets and not able to achieve them would lower your morale. Do take into account the school work, along with other commitments in your calendar

Week 2

In this week  the focus has been to work on your concepts. For acting on the  concept there is a strong foundation which is necessary. The basic rules would be vital for understanding in details about a SAT exam. When it comes to SAT maths try to brush up the core concepts of Maths.

Extra hours may be put during the weekends. So it has to be reserved for practicing full length SAT exams where you need to outline your performance. More the number of tests a better idea you may be having about time management. In the error log do not forget to note down your mistakes.

Week 3

By now a couple of weeks would have passed in analysing the basics of SAT, you will be confident of appearing for the exams. In this week your aim is to take more number of practice tests, one which is during this week and the other during the other weekend. Be aware that analysing the exam is going to take as much time as preparing for the exam. If you are exhausted after taking the test it is better if you undertake the analysis on the next day. The focus has to be on evaluation of the performance.

Week 4

When reviewing, take things in an easy way and no point to become complacent. By now you would have studied all the concepts necessary for you to appear in the exams. No point in learning any new concept in the last week during the exams. At this point of time you may have to observe the error log that you want to maintain during the last week.

Even taking a couple of SAT exams earlier is not going to be a bad idea at all. A peaceful mind helps before the exam.