7 Fun Things to Do in Geneva?

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Have you been to the city of Geneva?

A city full of mesmerizing sites. Beautiful gardens, stunning lakes, gorgeous mountains await you. This popular city is the second-most populous city in Switzerland and is the most populous city of Romandy. Visit this French-speaking part of Switzerland with your loved ones to discover various popular attractions which make the city worth visiting.

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Read the below sites that are quite prevalent to tour:

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe sharing between Switzerland and France. This beautiful lake is located on the north side of the Alps and shares the natural beauty of the lake with its surrounding area. Thus, this place is a popular tourist attraction. This famous lake is like a crescent moon, and is home to different landscapes, depending on your location.

The Geneva Water Fountain (Jet D’eau)

Geneva Water Fountain is Geneva’s most treasured tourist spot which is better known as the Jet d’Eau. This popular site is one of the tallest fountains in the world. You will find this famous Geneva Water Fountain was not designed to be a tourist attraction originally. But its creation as a hydraulic plant was to meet the city’s rapidly growing water requirements during the 19th century.

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St. Pierre Cathedral

The Cathedral of Saint Pierre dates back to the 12th century which is perched atop the hill on which Old Town sits. Visit this stunning site and explore the Romanesque-style cathedral that was built over a span of 100 years. This site has gone through several renovations since then and presents Neoclassical architecture that is inspired by the 18th century.

Palais Des Nations

Palais des Nations Geneva is also known as the Palace of Nations and is the current home of the United Nations Office. This famous site is coated with grey heat-resistant titanium displaying the modern architecture and is set against the mesmerizing backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

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L’horloge Fleurie (The Flower Clock)

L’horloge Fleurie is home to over 6,500 flowers and plants and is also known as the Flower Clock. This clock features the world’s longest second hand measuring 2.5 meters in length and was built in 1955. Come to this giant clock which is redecorated multiple times a year for representing each season.

Reformation Wall

the Reformation Wall is an international monument facing the famous Parc des Bastions. This wall was erected in the memory of the people and events in Geneva for the Protestant Reformation.

International Red Cross And Red Crescent Museum

The International Museum of the Red Cross is one of the most visited tourist places in Geneva, and the famous Red Crescent provides a rare insight into the history of “The Humanitarian Adventure”. This museum is one of the most prestigious organizations on the planet, and also informs you about the current scenario.

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