5 Steps Guide to Buying the Best Human Hair Wigs

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The whole purpose of wearing a wig is to feel confident and as beautiful as you used to when you had a full head of voluminous natural hair. That might be a bit difficult when you care about the bystanders whispering and noticing, “is that a wig?” when you are in a line or while you are at the mall.

But that is not the case when you have the best human hair wigs to help! Especially if you have a soft corner for blonde color, here’s our step by step guide to getting the right look. Let’s take a look:

1. Find the Perfect Shade Of Blonde for You.

You need to know what shade of blonde will look good on you. As you will search for straight and curly human hair wigs in different shades, you’ll realize how many shades of blonde are there. There’s strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, platinum, ash blonde, honey, and then highlighted blonde among others. What’s important is you need to pick the ideal shade to make sure this dramatic change to your personality goes in the right direction.

Black women are found in different shades under the sun, making it simpler for selecting which type of blonde will best accentuate their features. Normally, the best blonde human hair wigs come in a natural 613 shade. If you’re planning to modify this color, you can go to a store and buy the correct bleach/die to get the desired color you are looking for. If you’re nervous about dying a wig, you can simply visit a hair salon or hair expert who can do it for you.

2. Cut Or Layer.

When you buy a blonde wig, you have so many options to style the hair. You can cut bangs, add layers, keep it short, or even create a bob to add dimension to your face. Personalizing your blond wig makes it one step closer to looking realistic and natural on you. At times, a bone straight long blonde weave might look unnatural as compared to a voluminous short wig. It all depends on knowing what works for you and your face shape and what to strictly avoid.

3. Replace Your Wig Regularly.

The easiest way to tell everybody you are wearing a wig is to wear a smelly, outdated one. Sadly, no one has created a wig yet that grows new hair. So until then, we’re stuck with wigs that will eventually lose their quality and smell bad. Does not matter how hard you push, no collection of styling products or caps can save a wig that has expired its use.

Especially if you have synthetic wigs, make sure you change your wig every 3 to 6. Even the best human hair wigs need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months.

4. Lace Fronts and Monofilament Tops.

So many celebrities have been wearing wigs on and at red carpet events for years and we could barely notice until they spoke about it in public. With lace fronts and monofilament tops, you can make a hair wig look realistic and natural. Lace front blonde wigs create the illusion of a natural hairline, giving the feel of your wig hair growing out of your head.

5. Use Light Hair Products.

The last thing you would want is to use heavy styling products on your natural blonde wig. Since these chemicals are used to strip black hair and attain a lighter shade, it is already more fragile as compared to other wigs. It will additionally make the wig look matte and give an oily feel. The oilier the strands of a wig are, the stringier and stinkier it will look.Try buying lightweight wig styling products like serums, hairsprays, and mousse. Do not use heavy hair gels, cream, or a thick lotion

At last, the most critical tip is to stay confident while wearing any blonde hair wig. People can sense when you’re insecure, or uneasy with yourself as much as you can. So the moment you carry a blonde wig, it shows the world how confident you are and embraces this experience with a fun and vibrant hairstyle!