Best Ways to Learn Tableau

It’s always fun to learn something new and interesting but it’s quite challenging to figure out from where we should begin especially when it comes to data related concepts. As we all can see, today’s world is getting so advanced with each passing day that massive amounts of data are generated every second. Companies whether small or large scaled use this data to drive insights for their businesses through various means of data analysis and user-friendly data visualization dashboards. Data visualization is the graphical representation of data using visual elements like charts, graphs, maps, etc. It’s a unique blend of different colors, dimensions, labels that helps in better understanding of data trends and patterns. Data visualization is an inevitable aspect of data analytics that consists of various tools and one of them is Tableau which is considered the ultimate data visualization tool.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the best ways to learn tableau but before that, we need to properly understand what Tableau exactly means and what role it plays in the process of data visualization. If you are student and want to get help for Tableau assignment help, Our experts are providing you with the best assignment help. So let’s start with a brief introduction.


Tableau is one of the most trending and popular data visualization tools among the data science community and also one of the best Business Intelligence software in the world. It is such a tool that not only allows you to create fast visualizations of data but also helps in making data more accessible with its various visual capabilities. Tableau was developed in 2003, it offers you to create different charts, maps, graphs without the use of codes. Apart from this, it also provides some extra features such as data mining, calculations, cleaning making it one of the best visualization tools for professionals. Tableau is one of the most powerful tools that combine features in a multitude of ways to build strong visualizations that makes the process of data analysis fast and easy. One specialty of Tableau is that it runs almost 100 times faster than existing solutions and you can easily integrate it with the R programming language that makes the processing of complex data much easier. Like any other programming, it takes time to master the art of Tableau and a number of best ways to learn tableau online that are very cheap and time-saving.

 Main Features of Tableau

  • The drag and drag capability makes it quite easier to use with no programming required
  • Tableau is very compatible as it can work with a number of sources like Microsoft Excel, SQL, etc
  • It is a very powerful software that can leverage massive amounts of datasets using various dashboards
  • It has real-time reporting that allows you to generate reports within seconds.

Best Ways To Learn Tableau

Follow the Tableau Community: Before you begin to start your preparation of Tableau, it’s very important to subscribe and follow the tableau-related lists to get any updates and information on various aspects of this amazing software. You can get proper guidance and an idea on how to start your preparation from Tableau Reference Guide. You can also follow its Twitter handles like @tableaupublic or @HighVizAbility and similar other pages and blogs related to Tableau.

Free Training Videos: This is another best way to learn Tableau as it itself provides several videos and resources to help us learn Tableau and that too free of cost. These videos include different types of content that provide proper guidance on how to get started on Tableau, how to analyze, prepare, share and publish the Tableau data online on different platforms. Apart from this, it also provides an Instructor-Led training classroom where you can personally talk to the experts and get your queries solved.

Align Motivation and Skills: Proper alignment of skills set and motivation is one of the best ways to avoid frustration and it helps you to concentrate more on your subject. You need to identify and develop that motivation within yourself to create a visually appealing data story. Creating this skillset generally include:

  • At least working knowledge of data
  • Basic experience in Data Analytics
  • Basic mathematics and Statistical Knowledge
  • Experience in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

Get Involved with the Data: If you want to learn Tableau at a faster pace you need to take dive into the data which means you need to deal with large and clean datasets to produce an incredible and unique visualization. Learning Tableau is all about data and if you have that ability to play with data, no one can stop you from becoming the master of Tableau. However, Tableau also provides a free public gallery where you can find different workbooks to properly understand Tableau.

Dedicate Time and Practice: There is a famous saying “Practice makes a man perfect”, for learning anything its very important that you are practicing it on a regular basis and that too with proper dedication. Tableau is a powerful program that comes with a lot of features and for exploring them you need time and practice each of them separately. Tableau offers a lot of resources from where you can practice by dedicating almost 30-60 minutes every day. You can also install Tableau public to practice and learn interactive data visualization online.

These were some of the main and best ways to learn Tableau in the most effective way. I hope this article was helpful and it must have cleared your doubts regarding various aspects of Tableau software and what role it plays in the visualization of data.

Why Apostille Authentification is necessary for Foreign Activities?

When a foreign diplomatic officer (consul) in the receiving country ‘consularly confirms’ the document of the issuing country, it is difficult to quickly check whether the official document of the issuing country is reliable and it takes a long time to verify and the complainant suffers double inconvenience in terms of time and cost. To alleviate these inconveniences, once the competent authorities of the issuing country have verified their documents, the Apostille Convention signatories are allowed to use their foreign missions directly in their own countries without additional verification of the documents issued by the local countries.

Apostilles / certification of public documents for use abroad are in many cases only recognized if their authenticity has been established in a special international procedure. The procedural steps for original documents include the respective confirmation of the authenticity of the signature, the quality in which the signatory acted and, if applicable, the authenticity of the seal with which the document is affixed.

What deadlines do I have to consider?

The issued apostille services in Pune automatically lose their validity if the documents are no longer valid. This can be the case, for example, with registration certificates or certificates of marital status. The consular representation of the particular country can provide information on how current the documents must be.

Check the apostille for the translation

  • Apostille verification is, in principle, confirming and granting the official seal of the document issuer or the official’s signature on the ‘original text’ of the document.
  • Translations that are additionally necessary due to language differences between countries are translated in India and if the translation requires apostille verification, separate application for apostille verification must be applied for the original text and the translation, and the translation must be notarized. You must first obtain a ‘notarization’ from the office and apply for an apostille confirmation from the Ministry of Law and Justice.
  • Notarization of the translation is merely to certify that the translation is not different from the original document by the applicant’s statement.

Marriage Certificate Attestation

If you would like to officially use public documents and deeds abroad, they usually have to be checked for authenticity in advance. The diplomatic representation of the country in which the respective document is to be used is responsible for document legalization. To establish your marriage or divorce in another country, for example, you’ll need a verified marriage certificate. For the marriage certificate to be legalised, it must be certified by the appropriate government.

A marriage is entered in the marriage register

A marriage certificate is created in India from the marriage register and contains essential information about the spouse as well as the date and place of the marriage. In the event of a divorce, the reason and time of the dissolution of the marriage are added in the apostille of marriage certificate in India.

For reasons of data protection, the issuing of civil status certificates and information from the civil status books is only permitted to the spouses themselves and their immediate descendants. Also, relatives may request a marriage certificate if they can prove a legal interest or have been allowed by a person with authority to act.

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Acing the SAT examinations in a month

SAT exams are just around the corner. In an ideal case scenario you might require 3 months of adequate preparation, but most of us do not have such time in hand. A recommendation is to opt for a quick fix. How to ace the SAT in just 1 month involves systematic preparation at your end. You are going to require 2 to 3 months of intensive preparation for the same. Hence you will be aware that you might be in actual case scenario. Such plan might not work out to be a magic pill, but it is going to be contribute in a better way to enhance your score.

Week 1

One week means a lot of time. It is going to pass of quickly as if you do not have a proper plan for its utilization. Hence a study calendar is beneficial as it provides a right direction towards accomplishment of your goals. A realistic approach is suggested when you are preparing a calendar. If you are setting  high targets and not able to achieve them would lower your morale. Do take into account the school work, along with other commitments in your calendar

Week 2

In this week  the focus has been to work on your concepts. For acting on the  concept there is a strong foundation which is necessary. The basic rules would be vital for understanding in details about a SAT exam. When it comes to SAT maths try to brush up the core concepts of Maths.

Extra hours may be put during the weekends. So it has to be reserved for practicing full length SAT exams where you need to outline your performance. More the number of tests a better idea you may be having about time management. In the error log do not forget to note down your mistakes.

Week 3

By now a couple of weeks would have passed in analysing the basics of SAT, you will be confident of appearing for the exams. In this week your aim is to take more number of practice tests, one which is during this week and the other during the other weekend. Be aware that analysing the exam is going to take as much time as preparing for the exam. If you are exhausted after taking the test it is better if you undertake the analysis on the next day. The focus has to be on evaluation of the performance.

Week 4

When reviewing, take things in an easy way and no point to become complacent. By now you would have studied all the concepts necessary for you to appear in the exams. No point in learning any new concept in the last week during the exams. At this point of time you may have to observe the error log that you want to maintain during the last week.

Even taking a couple of SAT exams earlier is not going to be a bad idea at all. A peaceful mind helps before the exam.

Shop in bulk at wholesale rates

Wholesale online shopping has many benefits. The sites featuring wholesale suppliers are increasing with each passing day on the internet. You just have to find out the right wholesaler and the best online wholesale shopping site. Using Online wholesale shopping websites, you can contact the suppliers with one click. The websites are the wholesaler for the clothing retailers offering online wholesale sarees, leggings, jeans, t-shirts, and other apparel for men, women and children.

Benefits of Online Wholesale Shopping:

  • Cheaper prices: The main advantage of online wholesale shopping is profit. Buying anything from the wholesaler brings you profit as they sell their products at the lowest price. They work on the policy that is the more they sell, the less they charge. Therefore, you should try to negotiate and get the clothes in bulk at cheaper prices.
  • Large Variety: Huge variety can be found in the wholesale market. You just need to find great online wholesaler clothing suppliers. To do this, just type the thing which you want to buy and the list with the companies will appear. You can choose effectively from this list and compare the quality as well as the price of the varied range of products.
  • Buy less frequently: When you buy from a wholesale supplier on the internet, you purchase in bulk. These products are in large number, so you buy for a long period. This in turn saves your money. In this way, you buy more and less often.
  • Need not find: You need not find the wholesaler shops in your cities. Everything is available online. You just need to find it on the internet. This can be done by for example you search “wholesale legging for resale”. You can purchase through the website. This is an easy and quick process which saves your time as you do not need to roam around shops.

So, above are the benefits of buying any product from the online wholesale market. Wholesalers buy clothes for example leggings from wholesale legging manufacturers and then sell them at wholesale rates. Online wholesale marketing is both beneficial to the customer as well as the wholesaler. So if you want to buy anything in bulk, shop from online wholesale marketing platforms. This is because they deliver the products safely and on time. Their services are also available 24/7. Once you decide to buy from them, make sure that your product requirements are met. Also, check the minimum order quantity. Check the reviews or see the website for testimonials to clear any doubts related to purchasing.

Custom Pillow For The Perfect Gift Idea In 2021

Personalized or custom pillows are a unique way to display your favorite photos while adding fresh style to them on a pillow that will always be by your side and remind you of the beautiful memories entangled with those photos. Custom pillows are excellent for home decor and gifting purposes, especially for your dear ones. This is the perfect way to imprint your travel memories and family portraits forever beside your side.

The more pillows, the cozier and comfortable the room, as we say! And it gets even better when you design it on your own, which is one of a kind housewarming gift.  It brings a personal touch to a new home. Whether you want to print a collage or a monogram, the options available for you are huge. 

Benefits of gifting a custom pillow to your dear ones –

  • It is a great way to change the look of a space or a room. They instantly add up a unique touch to your home decor. 
  • They are cost-effective and trending as well. Your demands decide the cost of the pillow. 
  • One can choose their designs and implement their ideas while customizing the pillows. 
  • The quality is also a choice for you. You get the desired quality of the pillows you need, which also means it looks after your budget. From choosing the base fabric to the trimming and the shape, there are more than thousands of customization options available.
  • The products are freshly made, so the longevity and the durability of the pillows are long enough. 
  • Custom pillows with custom pillow covers are unique and unique gifts are always precious for everybody. So these gifts will make a special place in the heart. 
  • They do not take up much space in your room and gives an edgy look as well as coziness to your room. 

Types of cushion or pillow fabrics –

  • Pure willow bough fabric – It is an exquisite lightweight fabric that features a delightful interpretation of the good Willow bough design depicted in matt ivory and glossy linen colored embroidery on a natural linen ground. This fabric contains natural undyed yarns, so there will be a slight variation in the shades of the material.
  • Noah cushion – Lions, zebras, tigers, and even dodo’s feature in this captivating safari scene cushion. Including understated colors such as lush green, grey, and lilac with piping in charming plain linen.
  • Personalized textiles – Perfect for creating unique gifts or a treasured keepsake, highly skilled embroiderers make these customized cushions. 
  • Woodland chorus fabric – A pleasing fabric with a realistic painting of the British birds, including woodpeckers, robins, and other insects, making their home in a modern tree of life. They are digitally printed with a watercolor effect in true-to-life colors on a natural linen-colored base. 
  • Alphabet zoo fabric – A delightful children’s fabric that features letters of the alphabet corresponding with animals printed in bright rainbow color on a white cotton base. These are suitable for general domestic purposes. 
  • Theatre fabric – An attractive printed cotton that features rows of hand printed bears staring out from the fabric’s surface. It has an enchanting quality that draws you in, enhanced by the soft powdery blue tones of the design.

The selection process is one of the most important factors while choosing a custom pillow as a gift –


  • Selecting your fabrics – First, decide what you are looking for, whether a bold pattern or plain luxe fabric, something textured, or perhaps a mix of fabrics. There is a wide range of color options available already.
  • Decide on the finish – The next step is deciding on the finishing details of the custom pillow cover and the custom pillow. There are so many options available here, and it is better to pick the one that goes with your taste. 
  • Select the closure – A different style of pillows or cushions are better suited to a particular type of closure that could either be a zip, velcro, buttons, or tie-backs. 
  • Decide on the foam – The final step is deciding on the type of foam or fill for your pillow. In this case, the quality matters, so it is better for you to go for a better quality foam that would be good for the long run. The foams come with different grades and comfort levels.
  • Custom pillow printing – Make sure the print quality is good, and the color stays even after regular washes. The print should not fade away or lighten with time. 

How is custom pillow printing done?

In the initial step, the custom design or image (in mirror format) is printed on transferable paper using sublimation ink.

The next step requires you to decide the size of the cushion that you want to place the print on. Once you have decided the size of the cushion, you can have a better idea of the overall print size. 

The next step involves transferring the image to cushion fabric or cloth, via a heat press or a heat transfer machine. The sheet which contains the printed design is then placed over the cloth and pressed inside the machine to give heat treatment. 

The custom pillow photo gets transferred to the cushion cloth or fabric. This print is permanent, it will never fade away from the custom pillow. Once the cloth is printed with your picture or the design that you have provided, it is stitched n the shape of the pillow. The stitching is done after the cushion is printed to make sure that the cushion is printed from edge to edge to give it a perfect look. The final step is to put the foam inside and it is ready. 

Get the Best Gifts for any Occasion 

When you look at it, customized pillows and cushions are the best and most affordable gifting ideas. They are not only pocket-friendly but leave behind an impact on the receiver. 

Want to gift a custom pillow to a dear one? Search custom pillows near me on the internet to get the best makers around you.