Why Businesses Need Market Intelligence in their Marketing Activities

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Marketing, like many other business functions, has evolved rapidly over the past few decades. There are many more digital channels in addition to newer iterations of conventional mediums. Virtually every industry and niche has tons of fiercely competitive businesses fighting for the largest share of the pie. Many of these competing businesses offer essentially the same product or service. Therefore, to stand out, you don’t just need a great product/service. You also need to know how to market your product or service as distinct from what your competitors offer.

Successful marketing strategies, however, aren’t trial-and-error. They are calculated efforts designed to return the best return on marketing spend. This is where marketing intelligence comes in as a useful resource for marketers to increase the precision of their efforts, as well as refine them as they go along. Read on to find out more.

Marketing Intelligence and How Businesses Can Use It

The concept of marketing intelligence isn’t exactly new, although the process is very different in the digital world. However, the basics remain the same. Businesses gather various types of information about a specific industry or market, especially when launching a new product/service or venture. This information, correctly utilized, can help businesses make the right strategic decisions, as is the case with successful competitive services like Spectrum internet customer service. It is also what is known as marketing intelligence (not to be confused with market research). The extent of this information varies from business to business. However, most intelligence typically includes information on:

  • Consumer pain-points.
  • State of the existing market.
  • Competitor info.
  • Growth potential.

Marketing intelligence can be gathered through various internal and external sources. The purpose is to learn as much as possible about the existing market, the intended customer, and the direct competition before you start marketing a new product or service. This information enables business leaders to make informed decisions with the best possible outcomes in terms of customer acquisition and growth. Marketing intelligence can be divided into several broad categories including:

Your Competitors

The first step when testing new waters is to learn more about competing businesses that are already there. Solid competitor analysis is a good way to figure out where you stand in relation to your closest competing businesses. A SWOT analysis is one of the most common means to do so. This will offer you some insights into a competitor’s respective strengths and weaknesses. In other words, you can get a bird’s eye view of why customers might choose their product over yours.

Your Product

After gathering and analyzing information on your competitors, it is time to examine your own product or service. If you want to be able to market a competitive product or service, you need to have a deep understanding of its performance and quality. In terms of physical products, this can involve an examination of everything from product design to manufacturing processes to quality control. Product intelligence can often reveal inefficiencies in these areas, which you can then strategically fix. This will not only improve how efficiently you make the product but offer a better end-user experience as well.

Your Target Market

It is not enough to examine your product from a design or quality perspective. You need to measure how your product performs in the target market as well. A good way to do this is to look at similar products in other comparable markets. Countries with approximately the same conditions as the market you are targeting are good places to start. This can also lead you to potentially untapped markets with opportunities for you to expand into. Learning about the market will give you a fair idea of where to find the audience most receptive to your marketing efforts.

Your Intended Customer

Perhaps the most important ingredient of marketing intelligence is learning about the intended customer. Having a fair idea of what your ideal customer responds to can help you maximize your product/service lifecycle. Remember, retaining customers is far cheaper and more profitable in the long-run than finding new ones. Understanding what motivates their buying decision (as well as what dissuades them from purchases) is extremely valuable information that you can leverage for growth.

6 Must-Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website In 2021

The WordPress plugin directory has over 58,000 versatile plugins that can transform a simple website into an absolute pro. Plugins are like fixins to your meals, you can never have too much, and you always enjoy the variety.

But why do you need plugins?

The reason is simple – when you create your WordPress website, you basically have the same version as everyone else. You wield power to change the face and functionality of your WordPress website with these plugins. So, in simple terms, you can buff out a unique website with great creativity from a generic website with the help of plugins.

But, out of the 58,000+ plugins, which ones are the best for your website? Which plugins are must-haves? Which should you choose only under given circumstances?  Should you choose custom WordPress plugin development?

Through this blog, we’ll attempt to answer such questions!

1) Contact Form 7

Once your website is live and ready to be crawled, your first step is to add a contact form where your potential customers can inquire about your products or services.

For this purpose, Contact Form 7 is your perfect partner. Of course, there are multiple alternatives, but Contact Form 7 has many variations that you can integrate into your website.

Contact Form 7 variations can include User Registration, Tracking GeoLocation, Generating PDF, Accepting Stripe Payments, Accepting QPay payments, or Accepting PayPal payments, identifying Abandoned Contact Form 7, and many others.

Content Form 7 supports extensive customization with a simple markup and supports AJAX-powered submission, CAPTCHA, and more features. In addition, if you’re looking for a customized Contact Form 7, you can consider WordPress Plugin Development.

2) Yoast SEO

Without Yoast SEO, your website may not find its position on the SERPs. Its vivid features such as automated Canonical Tags, Meta tags, advanced XML sitemaps, full control over site breadcrumbs, faster loading times, and more can boost your website’s position on the SERPs with the right approach and effort.

Needless to say, your website is empty without a wholesome SEO strategy. And to create a killer strategy, you first need to download the Yoast SEO plugin. The fact that it is crawler-friendly is assuring that your website is aligned with a useful plugin.

For people waiting for the “icing on the cake” moment, Yoast SEO is multilingual, shows a google preview, creates an innovative schema block, and conducts a thorough SEO analysis. Now, all of this comes to your free of cost, but you can always buy the premium version if you want additional features.

3) Akismet

Think of this as your guardian angel warding off evil from your website. Akismet checks each comment and contact form submission on your website against its global spam database. Such a constant check allows you to rest assured that your website is safeguarded against any spam.

Another great thing about this plugin is that it analyzes every comment to remove spam comments and even spam URLs. Also, you get a list of all the comments that have been removed, and you can block a user permanently based on their history.

Akismet is free for personal blogs, all you’ve got to do is request an API key to use it. For a commercial and business website, it comes at a price.

4) WooCommerce

eCommerce is the future of retail sales, and given the pandemic situation, it is also essential that businesses pay attention to their eStores.

WooCommerce is a great WordPress plugin that converts your website to an eStore with exceptional features. Its Setup wizard helps you set up your store from themes to creating products and getting the website live.

With a variety of payment gateways to choose from, WooCommerce ensures safety and security. In fact, you can integrate Contact Form 7 with PayPal, SagePay, QPay, Stripe, or any other gateway effortlessly.

WooCommerce offers diverse shipping configuration options to its merchants enabling customization and personalization.

5) LearnDash

Given that the education system has gone digital, catering to sustainable use of stationary and leveraging the digital arena, Learning Management Systems are a great addition.

LearnDash is a plugin for your website that can transform your WordPress website to an LMS and get your online classes going.

Its robust features are user rewards upon completing a course, timers to keep tests time-bound, monetization options for memberships, and payment supports.

6) MonsterInsights

Once you’ve integrated Yoast SEO, you must integrate this plugin to keep track of your Google analytics. This plugin has over 2 million active installs when it comes to analyzing Google analytics reports.

MosterInsights allows you to make data-driven decisions about your website and never miss out on any popular trends.

What’s great about this plugin is that you can integrate it in no time, even without having to hire a WordPress plugin developer.

Wrapping Up

2021 is the year of trying new and coming things. Through this blog, we have tried to list essential plugins for the year that serve various purposes. While there are a plethora more, these are my favorite when it comes to setting up a website.

In case you’re still confused about these plugins, you can always hire a developer for customized WordPress plugin development just for you.

For any further queries, feel free to get in touch with our consultants to find out more about these plugins and how they can grow your business by giving you an advanced website.

Top factors that badly affect edible food packaging

Edible food packaging is quite popular these days. Many people confuse it with the edible packages that people can even eat. But this confusion comes from a similar name, edible. In reality, these packages are manufactured with cardboard or corrugated materials for edible food items. They need to be quite sturdy and highly protective due to the delicate nature of items going to be there inside. But many businesses make some mistakes that impact these packages adversely. There are some factors in this regard that you should know about. We will show you 7 factors that can badly impact these packages. Try to avoid them for your products.

Choice of materials

This is a great mistake that businesses make when choosing edibles packaging for manufacturing. Material choice is important. Curious to know how this can be a factor as cardboard itself is the material or manufacturing these packages? We can bring you out of this curiosity. We are talking about the quality and source of material here. If the quality of materials is low, it can impact packages adversely. Especially in the case of food items, the walls and base of boxes must have good thickness. Moreover, relying only on recycled materials is also not a good idea. Especially in case if packages are going to be used for eatable products. You should avoid this thing to get the best one for your products.

Low printing standard

Well, this one is among the top factors that are bad for food packages. People judge the packaging when they buy any product. Graphics are the main elements that they see first. If they do not have a good standard, perception about a product can be affected adversely. Not just the standard of printing, but a choice of technique or technology is also crucial in this regard. Every printing technology is not beneficial for cardboard stock. The best one is offset and digital printing techniques. If businesses choose other ones, they can do more bad than good.

Poor structure 

This is a great factor that can influence cannabis edible packaging and other boxes badly. Food packages need a proper structure that is appropriate for the items going to be there inside. Like poor sealing is very harmful because it can make eatable items lose freshness quickly. If folds and flaps are not fixed properly due to poor structure and die-cuts, eatable items can be exposed to dangers. Some businesses do not think about the impacts of gluing these packages. It is bad for edible goods. Especially if a hot meal is going to be there inside that can be contaminated due to glue.

Inappropriate size

The size of the food box has huge importance. Different eatable products need different sizes of packaging. If the size is less than required, it will not be able to carry the required amount of goods. In the case of larger size, people will think that they got less quantity due to space inside. That makes it a factor that has huge significance. It is done by human error most of the time. Faulty machines are also the reason in some cases. This thing makes it an important factor that has adverse effects on boxes.

Unsuitable graphics

Different types of eatable products come in different colors. That makes graphics of edibles packaging quite important. If businesses choose graphics that are not suitable according to the product, it will make a negative impact. Like when a product requires a warmer theme, a cold theme can be disastrous. If a firm has chosen a color scheme that changes the perception of the edible product going to be there inside, it is harmful to the brand. That is why this factor is among the top ones that can impact negatively on boxes for eatable goods.

Fewer protection abilities

Eatable products need to be protected from many harmful elements. Sunlight is an important element that can harm many eatable goods. High or low temperatures are also adverse for different kinds of these items. Bacteria, viruses, chemicals, dust, etc., are some other harmful elements that can damage items inside. Moisture is also dangerous for some of them. A business need to focus on all these dangers get boxes manufactured in a way to prevent all these dangers. If these packages are short of the ability to protect items from any of the harmful elements mentioned above, they are not suitable. That means this factor is quite important when we talk about boxes for eatable goods.

Poor presentation of information

Presenting information in an appropriate style is essential. It is because different kinds of details need to be presented separately. Most of us know that it is the presentation that matters more than the information itself. That makes it a big factor that can influence boxes negatively. Because the detail is not printed in the proper format, people will not bother to read it. Some eatable goods come in special detail. If it is not understood, a business might face loss in the future. Like cautions or warning info, etc., is essential for people to know.

Different types of edible food packaging have been introduced for many years. But they must be manufactured and designed cleverly. Some factors can adversely affect these packages. We have shown the top 7 factors in this regard that you must avoid.

Cannabis edible packaging: Utilize these 7 secrets and stand out of a crowd!

With marijuana getting legalized in more states, its demand is increasing rapidly. More and more consumers want to have this item for a recreational or medical reason. With the increased demand, the competition is also becoming intense among the competing brands for earning more revenues. Almost all types of marijuana products are of the same nature, then how can you make a difference? The distinction factor from other brands lies in the packaging design. Make sure it is interactive and fascinating enough to capture the attention of potential clients in the market. Keep the following design tips in your mind while designing the cannabis edible packaging to stand out.

Leaf imagery:

Many a marketer think introducing a cannabis leaf in the packaging design is a cliché. Using the leaf is not a cliché if you use it in a modern way. The leaf imagery will assist the consumers in knowing what your brand or product is for. This way, your cannabis store will become recognizable in the consumer market. While incorporating the leaf imagery in the cannabis edible packaging, mix it up with different styles. For instance, if you are using a marijuana leaf in your logo designing, do it with a twist. You can use an upgraded style of the leaf for logo designing. You can incorporate the leaf with some amazing color themes, patterns, or stylization effects in logo designing just to keep the cliché factor away.

Green practices and color themes:

In society, there is a growing movement about adopting natural means to keep the impact on the environment minimal. Anything that is natural and does not affect the ecosystem negatively is appreciated by the consumers. The marijuana products, as well as packaging, are produced organically without impacting the environment. This green nature can be highlighted by using a green color in the design. For incorporating any color theme into your packaging design, the first rule should be to keep the overall ambiance in your mind. The second rule is to remember the parent brand theme. Going with the green color theme will meet the aforementioned rules as well as highlight the ecological nature of your products as well as packaging.

Keep the sensual world in mind:

This is an important factor to remember in your cannabis packaging design, as ignoring this will cost you heavily. Design the marijuana packages for the sensual world. Most of the brands fail to capitalize on this as their main focus is only on the visibility aspect of the packages. What will the customers feel when they touch, smell, or hear the sound of your packaging when it is taken out of the shelf? Think about these aspects to ensure your marijuana packages do matter in the competitive industry. Pay equivalent importance to all the senses of the consumers so that they get impressed and do not leave your store without buying.

Go minimal:

Adopting a minimalist approach while designing the custom marijuana packages will provide your business with a more contemporary look. This is because the simple and minimal designs fit perfectly with the themes of meditation and relaxation. The consumers have become accustomed and now getting bored while seeing the fused designs. Loud and bold designs do not work here as cannabis is related to recreation and relaxation. The minimal design looks very different and matches the overall theme of the cannabis products, so; there are more chances of it being stand out.

Highlight the relief factor:

Cannabis is used for two purposes, either for medical reasons or for recreational purposes. In both these cases, the consumers are looking for relief and peace. So, your packaging design should include:

  • Medical symbols: The medical symbols should be printed on the surfaces of cannabis packages. This will ensure the clients that your items provide relief and health benefits.
  • Typography: Incorporate clear and authentic information about marijuana items. Pain relief or recreation should be your main focus while printing the details on marijuana packaging.
  • Smooth design: Be authentic in listing the benefits of marijuana items you are selling to earn the trust and loyalty of the consumers. Also, leave enough space among the printed stuff and use readable fonts so that one can understand the printed details with ease.

Make connection:

One of the fundamental rules of packaging is to engage the consumers on an emotional level. But how can you engage them emotionally? Digital technology can help you in this regard. For instance, you can print a URL of your website on the surfaces of the marijuana packages. This will enable the customers to visit the online website of your business just by pointing their smartphones at the URL. They can easily see the ratings as well as reviews posted by the potential clients to make a good purchasing decision. Some QR codes can also be printed so that the customers can avail themselves of different kinds of offers and discounts. So, the incorporation of the QR codes or URL in your packaging design will help you in getting engaged with more and more clients.

Keep children safe:

The increased usage of marijuana products means that thousands and millions of them will make their way to the homes of the customers. In almost every home, there are children as well who like to play with anything they see. This can have serious repercussions for the children if they consume these items. So, pay much heed while designing the marijuana packages to make them child-resistant. They should be such that it becomes impossible for the children to open them in any way.


To conclude, cannabis edible packaging can be designed in a way so as to stand out from the rest of the competitors. Green marijuana leaves with some attractive styles will tell the nature of your product as well as the brand. While designing, focus on the minimalist approach, and keep the sensual world in your mind. Moreover, the packaging design should be engaging with the clients.

Advanced Tips to Improve the Performance of Your PPC Campaigns

Nowadays, PPC plays a very important role in any digital-based business. It not only helps you to improve brand awareness but also helps in boosting sales. And it is quite evident that search ads can raise brand awareness by 80%.

If you are someone working for a PPC agency or responsible for some other organization’s PPC campaigns, then this article is for you. Read on to find out how to improve your PPC campaign performance by using some easy tips and tricks that’ll do wonders for you and the company.

1.Have a Precise Goal- 

It is very important to set an achievable goal for the PPC campaign. Remember that the goal you set for the campaign acts as a base for your entire optimization process. So, it is very important to know the direction of the destination; otherwise, you won’t reach anywhere. You need to list out what you want this campaign to achieve for your company. Either it could be improving the sales of your service or product, getting more subscribers or downloads, or getting more traffic to your website.

2.Take Advantage of High Performing Keywords-

It is very important in a PPC campaign to choose the right keyword for the job. Google also provides you with a list based on your website analysis just to ensure that the keyword will prove to be beneficial for the campaign; however, you should also choose a keyword that has higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and has better performance rate. If your targeted audience happens to live in a different location, then it is advisable to use a VPN.

3. Optimize the Quality of the Keyword-

Most of the digital marketing services in India do the mistake of using too many keywords and then they don’t get the desired result. But what you need to realize is that it is not the number of keywords that matter but its quality. According to a survey, 12% of the sales of a PPC campaign is made solely from keywords, so what you should be focusing on is the quality of the keyword you are using. Things to look out for when analysing a keyword are the relevancy of the keyword, CTR and the landing page experience.

4. Write Alluring Ad Copy- 

The ad copy plays a significant role in the success of your PPC campaign, so you have to put efforts to write an engaging ad copy. Here are some tips that will help you write a good one:

  • An ad copy generally has word restrictions, so you need to be very smart when writing it. Your text should be alluring while completely bringing out your USP and why people should choose you over others.
  • When writing an ad copy, try to be as relevant as possible.
  • Add a compelling call to action.
  • Use more lucrative words like Hurry Up, Exclusive, Free, Only for Today etc.

5.Optimize Well for Mobile Users-

In today’s world where almost 45% of the population has smartphones, you cannot miss this huge market. You have to make sure that your PPC campaign is mobile-friendly so that it works perfect on all devices. Make sure all your landing pages are mobile-friendly and avoid using long-tail keywords as mobile users don’t use long keywords when searching for anything. Instead, use short-tail keywords and find any possible way to reduce typing.

6.Use Ad Extension-

If possible, use ad extensions as they are an ideal way to hide extra information about you. Manual ad extension and automatic ad extension are the two main types of ad extensions generally available. Manual ad extension can be customized further with features like site link, location call review, call out etc. Automatic ad extension works automatically and is similar to the manual extension.

These tips can certainly help take your PPC campaign’s performance to the next level, thus benefiting your business.