Importance of Seasonal Pool Filter Cleaning

Seasonal pool filter cleaning is much necessary as it plays a vital role in keeping the swimming pool filtration systems operating perfectly well at all times. It does not matter whether you keep your pool open all year long or close it down for winter, seasonal pool filter cleaning has to be performed without missing any schedule. Seasonal pool filer cleaning has proven to give many benefits for your swimming pool as it includes a clean, healthy water environment, helps to reduce stress on your pool equipment, increases the efficiency of energy, and adds longevity to your pool pump and the entire filtration system.

Why it is Necessary to Clean Pool Filters?

It is a common thing that none of us would want to step foot in greenish water that has a stinky smell and floating algae all over the surface. Even the thought of such a swimming pool can make us puke and cringe. A pool that has crystal clear water is directly influenced by regularly cleaned filters and proper maintenance. If anyone of us were to choose between a pool that is crystal blue and fresh and a pool that has a cloud of dirt in it, we all would definitely choose the former one. It is so every human being wants the best of the best things and does not want to put their health at risk. Thereby, professional pool inspectors thrive to keep your pool up to mark and gives you a cleaner and healthier pool to swim in. It also helps the people who get anxiety due to unclean water, germs, and chemical imbalance in the pool.

To sustain the sanitary condition of your pool, filters are an essential component as they are specifically designed to remove unwanted dirt, debris, calcium, and oil from the water giving you crystal clear and blue pool water at the end. However, there are no filters made yet that can clean themselves after cleaning the pool. Therefore, as a pool owner, you have to clean the pool filters timely or hire professional pool cleaners that can help you to keep your swimming pool maintained at all times. Presently, all filters require someone to physically remove and clean all the content inside them for proper working. Unless you are very handy with plumbing or know your way around pool filters, you must hire professional pool inspectors for your pool to ensure proper maintenance and longevity of your swimming pool.

Why Hire Professional to Clean your Pool Filters?

A swimming pool mechanism is not as easy as it may seem and requires professional cleaners for proper maintenance. The in-depth cleaning of your swimming pool is a complex task and it is better that it should be done by professionals only. These professional cleaners are fully educated and trained to clean your pool to the complex nooks and corners. Moreover, they are also trained to educate their clients so that they can keep the pool maintained in case of any inevitable emergency. There are many benefits to hiring professional pool cleaners and they are:

1-     They are the Pool Experts

All professional pool cleaners go through continuous and extensive training and education to keep up to date with the changing technologies. Therefore, they have the knowledge of the things you do not know, and they can help you to maintain your swimming pool in a way that you can never do alone yourself.

2-     Regular Maintenance Schedule

The professional pool cleaning companies schedule a proper timetable for each client and send their professional cleaners to their houses or commercial sites accordingly. They are always on time and never miss any scheduled appointment, thereby, helping you to maintain your pool to the fullest.

3-     Keeps the Chemicals Balanced

The chemical levels of your swimming pool need to be maintained at all times to avoid any skin health condition. If these levels are slightly imbalances, they can cause major issues for the swimmer and produce everlasting consequences. Thus, you must always hire professional pool inspectors as they will inspect your pool first and then suggest the needed chemicals for it.

Thus, seasonal and regular cleaning of your pool filters is the actual key to a healthy pool.

#HealthyAtHome During COVID-19: WHO’s Comprehensive guide in 5 Easy Steps

The second wave of COVID-19 has again taken the world by storm. The news channels again flashing the rising cases and death rates in different geological areas. However, the spread of new variants being highly infectious and targeting the whole families including elderly and children has raised more concern from parliament to living rooms across the world. Also, several countries’ call for help with oxygen shortage and doses of COVID-19 vaccines have certainly made the second wave of coronavirus more gruesome.

#HealthyAtHome without altering your routine

However, amidst all the negative news World Health Organization (WHO) has started the #HealthyAtHome initiative by publicizing a comprehensive guide to help people staying healthy while staying home. And no, it doesn’t end with physical activity and a healthy diet. In fact, these are the starters for healthy you.

According to WHO, these five factors play a major role in an individual’s overall health, especially during the pandemic.

  • Physical activity
  • Mental health
  • Quitting tobacco
  • Healthy eating
  • Healthy parenting

Rightly so, humans are social beings, we strive for warmth and affection from our friends and family more. Although following social distancing in the current situation is necessary to keep our loved ones safe, we can certainly take some measures to ensure our and our family’s health while staying home.

So, without further ado here is the advisory guide by WHO to ensure you and your family stay #HealthyAtHome.

Step 1: Physical Activity

Once again people have shifted their office to home deeply altering the routine. For the most of us, planning for the day’s work schedule and managing effective business meetings has taken over our morning exercise. It has become tougher for the individuals who were physically inactive before the pandemic.

However, it’s proven that physical activity plays a major role in improving immunity and preventing and managing critical conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, and heart diseases. American Society for Nutrition mentions the major benefits of being physically active.

  • Managing and relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Improving immune system function.
  • Preventing and reducing critical diseases and health conditions.
  • Weight management
  • Improving bone and muscle strength as well as balance and flexibility.
  • Reducing behavioral issues in children and help improve their concentration.

However, from doing work from home to managing house chores and tending to family needs and demand of extra time how can you make time for exercise? Simply follow these easy ways to help you re-introduce physical activity in your routine with some fun during the lockdown.

  1. Take a short break between work and do some light physical activity for 3-4 minutes such as stretching or walking.
  2. Start your morning by bringing family together over yoga to start the day on the right foot.
  3. Include breathing exercises in your evening me-time standing on the balcony or by the window whilst enjoying a cool breeze.
  4. Turn your weekend bonding time with friends and family under the same roof or over video call into fun and easy exercise sessions.

Step 2: Mental Health

Staying mentally healthy is as important as staying physically active. And with people experiencing overwhelming anxiety, stress, and fear during COVID-19 mental health has become even more important to stay healthy and fight the coronavirus infection.

During this overwhelming time, WHO advises maintaining social distancing as well as social contact. Staying connected to your friends and family over the phone, messages, and video calls.

WHO has more such easy tricks to help you keep away from unnecessary stress during the pandemic:

  1. Keep informed with the advice and guidelines from your national and local authorities. Follow only trusted news channels such as national and local TV and radio.
  2. Follow a routine as you would do on regular days or make a new routine suitable to you during quarantine.
  3. Minimize newsfeed that makes you feel distressed or anxious.
  4. Help the needy people in your community in these tough times also support health workers by taking opportunities online or over-call by appreciating their efforts during COVID-19.
  5. Try laughter therapy.

Just like our immune system laughter is mankind’s coping mechanism from mental issues. While coronavirus is contagious so is laughter. We recommend Very Well Mind’s list of ways to add humor to your life. Here you will find more and easier ways to add humor than watching comedy shows online.

Step 3: Quitting Tobacco

According to WHO, smokers are at high risk of COVID-19 infection as they constantly put their hands to their lips. Also, even the severity of COVID-19 is high in smokers due to their lungs’ impaired function.

As much as people wish, we know quitting tobacco is easier said than done. However, following the D4 technique suggested by WHO will certainly help reduce your craving.

  • Delay your urge as long as you can.
  • Deep breathe to relax yourself to pass the urge.
  • Drink water whenever you feel like smoking.
  • Distract yourself by taking a walk, or shower, read your favorite book or listen to music.

Step 4: Healthy Eating

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have already shifted their eating habits to a healthy platter of food. The series of lockdowns and restrictions on restaurants and eateries also the hygiene concerns have encouraged many to try their hands in the kitchen.

While the fresh homecooked meal is certainly a step towards healthy eating being conscious about what and how much we eat is also important. According to WHO, no food or dietary supplements can act as a cure or prevention to COVID-19. However, a healthy diet certainly helps improve your immunity. WHO suggests a detailed list of what to serve and what not to serve on your plate during the pandemic which includes reducing sugar and salt intake and adding a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Step 5: Healthy Parenting

COVID-19 pandemic has affected children in more ways than one. With kids forced to stay at home cutting back their outdoor activities and online school with the uncertainty of exams and academic schedule kids are getting more agitated and demanding more time from their parents. Most kids are spending their free time playing video games and watching TV which has further increased other behavioral and health issues in the younger generation.

Then again, they are not fully capable to understand the severity of the pandemic. How would you as a parent get them to understand the COVID-19 situation without overwhelming them with information? has an answer for you in the list of best children’s books about coronavirus. Here you can find books, games, and other fun resources to keep your little ones engaged in fruitful activities at home without worrying about what they are exposed to.

In conclusion

So, with this comprehensive guide by WHO added with other informational resources this time you are set to abide by these easy ways to ensure your and your family’s overall health without altering your lockdown routine. This too shall pass if we stay #HealthyAtHome.

Top 10 Vulnerabilities Faced by Android Apps

Mobile applications are crucial in today’s business environment. Apart from being a source for revenue generation, they help build a vital relationship between companies and their customers.

However, in terms of mobile app security, the figures are distressing:

  • About 75% of apps would fail even a rudimentary security assessment.
  • More than 80% of apps have at least one security shortcoming.
  • Mobile security vulnerabilities have been discovered in more than 90% of ioS and Android apps

Being the popular and much-admired mobile operating system, Android-based apps are always at risk for security threats.  Hackers constantly try to break in and get access to the sensitive information of the users, for their vested interests.

Android application vulnerabilities have been a hitch due to the Google Play’s open format, and also due to the side loading of apps by the users, taking away any supervision in terms of the safety of apps.

Expert testing of iphone app development agency has revealed that in the majority of cases, insecure data storage has been the most common security flaw.

Nowadays mobile phone operating systems employ convoluted security processes.  By default, an installed app can only access files in its own allotted sandbox folders, and user rights do not permit files to be altered from the system.  However, mistakes made while developing and writing code for mobile apps can create security susceptibilities and hackers can exploit those.

Following are the most common security vulnerabilities faced by Android apps:

Android Fragmentation Risks –

In layman’s terms, Android Fragmentation indicates the fact that a huge number of various Android OS versions exist and are operational in the digital world.

Not all the Android users will be able to update their particular OS at the same time.  Also, every app that is deployed in the Android market should be able to run on majority of the OS versions so as to not isolate any users.  Considering the variability of Android versions in existence, one can very easily figure out why Android fragmentation is contemplated as the main weakness of the OS.  According to a report, about 40% of Android users around the world are no longer receiving crucial security updates from Google, which makes them vulnerable to risks of malware attacks, data theft, and a range of security breaches.  This apparently adds stress on the developers as they have to create apps for OSes with unpredictable security.

Pervasive fragmentation in Android has varied and extensive effects on the digital market along with both hardware and software development practices.

Android App Permissions –

Android apps can request extensive permissions which, if granted to a malicious app, can undermine the device, its resources and the data stored on it.

To avoid privacy and security issues, by default, the Android operating system grants minimal privileges to apps.  The apps then need to explicitly request additional permissions from the end-user, to perform privileged tasks, such as making phone calls, sending/reading SMS, accessing the GPS position, etc. Therefore, to avoid suspicion, malicious apps usually request very few (or no) privileges.  However, Android apps can synchronize and delegate tasks amongst each other, through inter-process communication (IPC) messages. The likelihood to request an action from a malicious app, poses a threat of permission re-delegation vulnerabilities.

Customizing the OS –

Although this may sound a bit odd, customization of the operating system is a major security threat faced by Android applications. In order to achieve more functionality, it is very common for users to customize their operating system. However, few users have the propensity to alter the OS by assimilating launchers and customization layers which in turn creates gaps in the security measures.

Downloading Apps from Unauthorized Sources –

Given the open-source nature of Android, building an Android app is a free affair. Due to this Android applications are not just limited to the Google Play Store, they are available on a variety of stores – even the unauthorized ones. It is therefore quite easy for someone to build malicious apps and upload them online.Also, it is important to note that time and again users lapse into unauthorized sites to download apps in order to avoid paying for an app they want. They then unintentionally download malicious apps which would attack their device and sneak into their data.

Lack of Binary Protection –

This is another serious mobile app vulnerability that can unmask the users’ sensitive data to hackers. Utilizing reverse engineering, attackers can get their hands on such sensitive information like business logic, passwords, API keys, etc.  A hacker, by using automated tools, can reverse engineer an app and transform it to execute malicious actions.

Improper Encryption/Insufficient Cryptography –

The two conditions in which a system’s cryptography may get infringed to reveal sensitive data are:

  • Weak underlying algorithm that is used for encryption and decryption.
  • Flaws in the implementation of the cryptographic process.

There are several factors that can result in broken cryptography in mobile apps, such as:

  • Circumventing in-built code encryption algorithms.
  • Improper management of digital keys.
  • Usage of custom or denigrated encryption protocols.

Inadequate cryptographic controls can result in the unauthorized accessing of sensitive data (for instance personal information of the user) from the device.

Improper Session Handling –

In order to make the mobile app user-friendly and easier to use, very often mobile developers allow non-expiring or long user sessions.  Cutting the log-in time reduces the friction for the users.  Also, this helps to moderate the time to purchase and checkout which in turn helps the company to generate more revenue.

For session management, mobile apps utilize OAUTH tokens, SSO services, and cookies.  In order to warrant proper session handling, the mobile app should authenticate the user via the backend and then issue a session cookie to the app.

Improper session handling happens when a hacker could gain access to a session token at any point in a transaction between the mobile application and the backend servers.  An attacker having gained access to the session tokens can imitate a valid user and perform sensitive transactions. In critical cases, a hacker might masquerade as an administrative user and gain access to higher privileges, which could lead to dangerous outcomes.

Obsolete Tools to Test Mobile Applications –

Many developers are still using testing tools for android applications that are only compatible with antiquated Angular 8.0.

JavaScript-Binding-Over-HTTP (JBOH) and JavaScript Binding Annotation –

Network attackers can manipulate the network by taking over HTTL traffic through JavaScript binding (add Javascript Interface) and loading Web view content over HTTP.  Hackers frequently make posts on the user’s social network from the device without needing any special Android permissions in the host app via HTTP or DNS hijacking.

Lack of Multifactor Authentication –

A mobile app is exposed to attack by hackers in absence of proper user authentication.App developers/administrators would install the anti-virus, build a firewall, deploy encryption and carry out periodical vulnerability tests; however, all these efforts will be in vain in the absence of multifactor authentication.

Multifactor authentication is the process of employing an additional layer of security authentication in the form of a confirmation code sent through SMS or answer to a personal question used for authentication.  Multifactor authentication is crucial to ensure that the account is only accessible to the user who owns it and not to anyone else.

It is perspicuous to recognize that despite considerations, some security challenges carry a greater chance to be missed. Therefore, it necessitates app development teams to espouse a secure Android development process.

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Different ways to place an area rug in your bedroom

A bedroom is not just any room of a house, it’s the heart of your home. Decorating the bedroom can be challenging because you want everything to just be perfect in it but it is also really exciting and fun and that’s what makes it worthwhile spending all the time into it. While placing large area rugs can seem like a minimal task, in reality, it is time-consuming as you need to consider quite a lot of aspects. Read on to know the different ways in which you can place bedroom area rugs to save some time and efforts.

Here are the different ways to place an area rug in your bedroom –

Under the bed

When placing an area rug in your bedroom, remember that the rug shouldn’t be the centre of attraction rather, it should be the bed. Placing your rug underneath the bed will do the trick of making your bed the spotlight. It is also important to have a large area rug so that some part of it peeks through and your feet touch the soft rug instead of the hard floor on chilly days. Here are the different ways to place a rug underneath your bed:

  • Place the entire rug only under the bed
  • Place the entire rug under the bed as well as the nightstand
  • Place two-thirds of the rug only under the bed

Some tips while placing the rug:

  • Make sure that the rug does not touch the furniture
  • The rug should peek through the foot of the bed
  • Leave equal spaces of rug on all sides of the bed

In the middle of the bedroom

This is probably one of the most common ways of placing a small area rug in a small-sized bedroom. Since smaller bedrooms have lesser options of placing an area rug, this kind of placement works great. Just lay your area rug in the centre in such a way that the foot of the bedroom sits on the rug. If you just place the rug in the middle, it will look bland and boring and it will become a hindrance instead of a decorating piece.

At the side of the bed

Another way to enhance your small bedroom with a small-sized area rug is by placing it at the side of your bed. The shape of the rug in this placement could be round or vertically rectangular like a handmade runner because it just pulls the whole look together. You can also place the area rug on the side where you sleep so that you can put your feet on the soft rug every morning when you wake up.

At the foot of the bed

Here, we are not talking about placing the rug under the foot of the bed, but placing it at one foot of the bed. This is a very unconventional way of placing an area rug in your bedroom but believe us, this looks great! Remember, this can only look good if you layer your rugs. One must cover the entire bed and the other can lay still at the foot.

All over the bedroom

If you are someone who does not want to play much around with your rug, then this is the best way to place an area rug in your bedroom; all over it. This way is extremely simple, but it can get a little heavy on the wallet as large area rugs that cover an entire room are expensive. When you place a rug all over the bedroom, you create an atmosphere of warmth and colour. It also maximizes the use of the rug as it gives your feet a soft surface whenever you are in your bedroom. One thing you must keep in mind is to choose a neutral colour rug that matches your room without making it a focal point.

We hope you enjoyed reading these tips as much as we enjoyed creating them for you. It doesn’t matter where you place your rug as long as you are happy and satisfied with it because in the end, it’s your bedroom and you should feel comfy in it.

Your Ultimate Spring 2021 Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

Colorado is one such state that offers its full bloom during the Spring season, gathering the attention of a number of visitors from across the globe. The Centennial State is known to offer a diverse landscape of colorful vegetation, river canyons, and arid desert, which is sought to be your gateway to the lap of nature during the season of bliss. While you might have come across multiple colorado magazines that describe the beauty of the place, the Colorado country life is best experienced on a one-to-one with nature. 

Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

Considering the change of season, we are currently experiencing, the Colorado weather seems to have finally agreed to acknowledge it’s the spring Season. Now that you can experience it in full bloom, let’s look at Colorado springs places to visit. Here are some exciting opportunities that you can seize this Spring in Colorado. 

List of Activities for Spring 2021 in Colorado

1. Experience Nature with a Wildflower Hike

If you are in the state during the Spring, hiking is one particular activity that tops every to-do’s you read in a different Colorado life magazine. Hiking in Spring brings you breathtaking views and allows you to witness exotic wildflowers in their full bloom. While Colorado is filled with several wildflower trails that you can enjoy, there is some exceptional experience that awaits you at Crested Butte. 

Also known as the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado,” this hike offers you pure scenic beauty with a blend of colorful flowers, accompanied by chirping birds. Overall, hiking is one such experience that you would not want to miss in Springs.

2. Hop on the Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Spring is the season of eternal bliss! With a temperature that is just perfect, exploring the heights of Colorado is another most sought-after activity mentioned in several magazines in Colorado. When in the Centennial state, do try out the world’s highest cog railway with The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cog Railway that operates at the height of 14,115 feet.  

The train journey takes you around the lush greenery of the state, around cascading streams and waterfalls, through forests of pine and aspen. This journey that expands over a 3 hour, gives you the best views and a collective of experiences close to nature! 

3. Get Your Dose of Adrenaline with White River Rafting

After exploring nature closely, it’s time to make a switch from the monotony. Our next to-do activity is the white river rafting experience. Rafting is one of those activities that you can enjoy at your heart’s content in Colorado, especially when the water is warm during the Springs in the state. The white river rafting takes you through an active stretch of water body that is scaled in a 16′ raft boat with up to 8 people, including a guide. 

You can try white river rafting in several areas around Colorado. Some worthy mentions for the providers of the service are Adventure Center, White River Rafting LLC, and Echo Canyon River Expeditions. They allow you to raft in rivers like Blue River, Clear Creek River, Arkansas River, and Colorado River as well. 

4. Release Your Stress in Natural Hot Springs

After all the rafting experience, the chances are that you need a relaxed atmosphere around you. Relax, we have you sorted with our next activity. You can relax in the Colorado hot springs that are a result of the geothermally heated groundwater. The hot springs around the state are a great experience during the Spring and are believed to offer you exceptional health benefits.

Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

Some of the most known natural hot springs are located in Glenwood Springs, Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Indian Hot Spring, and the Old Town Hot Springs are some of the best mentions to take your time off exploring and relax for a while.

Explore the Wild Animal Sanctuary

We’re sure that you must’ve heard about the Denver Zoo in Colorado. However, there’s one such sanctuary that gives you a first-hand experience of moving among the wild. Yes, the last suggestion in our list includes a tour of the Wild Animal Sanctuary. This sanctuary is home to 290 Lions, Bears, Tigers, Mountain Lions, Wolves, Leopards, and other large carnivores. 

Guide for Activities to Do in Colorado

You can experience wildlife either in groups or individuals at this wild animal sanctuary. The tour starts for two-hour, begins with general guidelines, and ends up at the Bolivian Lion House. 


Interestingly, there’s more to Colorado life than what meets the eyes! While our list might be constrained to limit (but exceptional) activities, you can also enjoy living in the state. Colorado is also home to American history, great food, and a good shopping experience. While on your trip to the state, ensure that you experience an equal blend of both city and nature. Happy stay!

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