4 Worst Defect Reporting Habits and How Testers Should Avoid them

Defects are serious and often small errors/mistakes can be expensive for a business. Anyone involved in the software development process knows what to do when they find a defect. They need to report it, either in a defect tracking tool or a defect tracker. The principles for using the defect tracker are the same. It is obvious that defect trackers do not guarantee 100% defect-free software yet by implementing the best practices, this is certainly possible to improve your software quality. In order to appreciate the good, it is necessary to recognize what is not. We know for sure that it is impossible for a QA manager to achieve a 100% bug-free application. However, it is at the discretion of the QA manager to lead things the way he wants to. He can recheck and decide if the defect is valid/complete or not, and it is solely his decision.

1.Some Developers have a Lazy Attitude

Some clients also have an SLA (service level agreement) for the number of acceptable and invalid defects. Once this number exceeds the limits, they can penalize the contractors for each invalid defect reported. Thus, defect tracking should not be considered a simple and easy process. Defect tracking should be done with due diligence.

Resolution: It is important to take responsibility for your deliverable. Sometimes a defect may come back due to lack of information, or simply because it may not be a bug. It may not always be a developer’s fault and it is not that they may not want to own the problems in the app. It could definitely be confusion or a mistake on another team’s part. So it is important to take defects seriously, and leave no room for confusion by actively participating in the defect reporting process.

2.Recording Bugs in Haste

During the testing phases of a product development lifecycle, there are different stages where defects can appear. Sometimes, developers fail to understand the severity of an issue or bug and report them in a haste. Often, a bug may not be affecting the quality or performance of an app but it may have an effect on the user experience. It is important to make your decision wisely.

Resolution: Anyone reporting a bug should not be in rush. Make sure that they completely understand the impact of the issue from different angles. This is how testers can add value to the software quality assurance process by using defect tracking tools. It is not just performed to ensure that it is not working, it is important to address the concerns as to what will happen if this continues to not work. There is a huge difference between the two situations, and both should be considered proactively.

3.Creative Suggestions and Feedback

Testers have a great opportunity to provide their feedback and suggestions on how to improve a software app. In a defect tracking tool, a tester can also submit a response to provide suggestions to enhance the features. This is where a tester can get creative and think out of the box to improve the user experience.

Resolution: if a tester thinks that a certain feature is missing a factor and knows how to add something extra to that feature, he should share his idea. The only worst thing that could happen is it could get rejected. But the main thing here to be creative and keep trying. Make sure testers use this skill cautiously. They should never make negative comments. Instead of making direct comments, alternative ways should be used to define the suggestions.

4.Working on your own all the time

Another mistake that a developer makes is that he tries to work on a piece of code all by himself. He never seeks help or assistance from other team members, so much so that he ends wasting his own time. Sometimes, he assumes that he is building a product the right way but you may not be doing so.

Resolution: It is important to involve other team members in your defect tracking process their work can improve when you discuss ideas with them and also help in mentoring less experienced members in a team, who are most likely to get stuck in the defect tracking process.

All the above defect reporting habits should be avoided so that QA and development teams can make the most of their software testing efforts. They should also use their defect tracking tools diligently to achieve the expected results.

Creative and Fun Ways to Stay Fit & Move at Home

COVID-19 has been an experience of sorts. Making home the center of activity, it has forced people to completely reorient their lifestyles. Gone are the gym classes, and the yoga retreats. Now, every fitness exercise is limited within the confines of your home, which can become very dull.

Therefore, it is important to explore different ways in which you can continue working out and retain your journey of wellness!

Explore the different types of workouts

There are many different types of workouts, and you do not have to stick to the old, boring gym routine. In order to make your exercise session fun, pick a new genre of exercise every week. Experience the different flavors of cardio that the world has to offer.

However, be sure to not overdo. Start at the level that you think you can do. Otherwise, you can get injured, meriting a visit to an orthopedic surgeon in Lahore.

Family workout session

It’s fun when the entire family gets together for some activity. Family workout sessions are not just good physical exercise, but also a great bonding experience for the family. To make it more interesting, different things can be done to motivate each other into working out like trophy for the winner, loser does the dishes etc.

All friends united, virtually

Fitness classes were helpful as they fostered a sense of community, as different people, some friends, some strangers, came together in the pursuit of game goal. And well, misery does love company.

But, with the pandemic, everyone is cooped up in their houses, decreasing their motivation to work out. However, you can easily do Zoom fitness classes, where you come together with your gym-buddies to sweat it!

Online challenges

There are many online pages that conduct different challenges, like 42-days or 30-challenges. So, spice up your workout session by bringing out your competitive streak. After all, there is nothing like healthy competition (pun intended)!

Dance time!

Nothing is more creative or fun than dancing. As you move and groove, you not only have enjoy yourself, but also work your heart rate up. Serving as the perfect aerobic exercise, dance is perfect for toning muscles and also losing weight.

Moreover, as you do the different steps, you also challenge your brain, your muscles and your coordination. Swinging to the rhythm of the beats also helps you destress. Plus, there are so many different types of dances that give you insights into different cultures. So, you not only get physically fit, but also expand your horizons.

Best yet is the fact that dancing does not feel like a workout, so rather than taking it as a chore that you feel apprehensive about, you look forward to dancing your way to fitness.

Set up a screen in front of the machine

For those who have exercise machines at home like elliptical or treadmill, they can incentivize themselves into working out by putting a screen in front of their machines. So, as you binge watch Netflix, catch up on the latest vlogs, or YouTube your favorite dramas, you also get your entertainment fix.

It helps to keep your mind occupied. So, instead of focusing on the burning in the calves from the exercise, you get engrossed in the story. Exercise then feels more fun and time passes by rather quickly.

Yoga for the win

Some people are apprehensive about working out solely because they simply cannot do the high intensity steps like jumping jacks or burpees. While these exercises are great for the body, let’s be honest, they can push you a little too much out of your zone. The stitch on the side and the breathlessness start feeling like torture instead.

Yoga, on the other hand, is low impact yet effective. Rather than huffing and puffing, it involves a calm and controlled approach. It also is super soothing, so those who want to relax yet workout, go for yoga!

Sneak in exercise

You do not always have to think of exercise as an hour of your life that you dedicate to sweating. You can exercise anywhere, anytime, without the pressure of being in a gym. This also helps your mind associate positive things with workout.

Waiting for the eggs to boil, hmm, do a few lunges. Commercial break on the television, do a few reps of pushups. Thinking of what to do next, mix in a few squats. Easy does it!

Make more of your talk time

With everyone stuck at home, thanks to COVID-19, social interaction has shifted majorly to the internet or telephones. Many of us spend significant time daily, catching up with our parents or friends.

So, as you talk on the phone, walk. This way, you get to not only workout, but make more of your time. Conversely, you can also use your walk time as an opportunity to talk to people, therefore, giving yourself an incentive to walk.

Exercise in your bed

Half the time, it’s the exertion into preparing for the exercise that feels more fatiguing than the workout routine itself. But when you can exercise in bed, it’s not so bad!

Do not let yourself down by feeling lazy, but know that exercising in bed is great for engaging the core muscles, improving balances and toning glutes and abs. There are many different exercises that you can do when lazing around in bed.

Go for the relatively easier straight leg lift –which literally is lifting up your legs – or more challenging reverse crunches, totally up on your mood!

However, be safe. Not every mattress can sustain the movements and be careful about not rolling out onto the floor. In case of any injury, immediately visit an orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad, lest it’s something serious.

10 Useful Financial Tips All Businesses Should Follow

Keeping track of financials while running a business is not easy. Sometimes, the cashflow mismanagement might hurt you financially. And this is common in small businesses. 

Every entrepreneur knows money can ‘MAKE or BREAK’ the business operations. But before we dig further, do you know? The majority of the audiences think financial management is all about bookkeeping and balancing the business checking account. But actually, it’s not. There are a lot more things you need to consider when we talk about finances.

Entrepreneurs need to check their finances for many reasons, ranging from preparation for survival in worst times to ascending to the next level of success during the good times. Not only this, it also requires in day to day operations.

Good and well-effective management of finances makes the difference between a business that continuously climbs the ladder of success and one that falls at the first hurdle.

A good entrepreneur should make a decision wisely by keeping all the things in mind; a good and effective decision can take the company towards success. Therefore it becomes important to follow a few financial tips that can keep growing your company and which also encourages stability in financial operations.

Here are ten financial tips all businesses should follow in order to enhance your company’s success.

  1. Resist the urge to procrastinate
  2. Remember money is king
  3. Automate your bill payments
  4. Choose the right investors
  5. Do whatever makes you the most money first
  6. Price yourself correctly
  7. Maintain a good credit score
  8. Make sure you have enough savings
  9. Seek help from an expert
  10. Keep travel costs minimal

Let’s Begin:

  1.   Resist the urge to procrastinate

It sounds so cool to let finances come second, doesn’t it? After all, you have thousands of other things to do that need your attention and time. While that is most certainly true, do not let that become a constant excuse.

A regular bookkeeping process is incredibly important, as checking in with your key accounting team to understand your business’s feasibility. In most cases, ignoring these tasks can lead to business gaffes. So stand up from your regular work and ensure you know exactly what is going on with your business and its finances. If you want to gain some extra knowledge, personally I am referring you to read this blog, because I found this quite informative, ‘Why Fast-Growing Startups Can’t Ignore Good Old Fashioned Bookkeeping?

  1.   Remember money is king

Whatever we may talk about but the truth is money is king. Without money, you cannot run a business. One single mistake can hamper your empire. The quickest way to get away from your business is to run out of cash. If you’ve stopped making a profit or earning cash sooner or later your business will die.

In the initial stages, run your business on cash only, grow your business, and spend on expenses based on your availability of cash. Don’t spend huge on anything,

You can use this tactic and strategy to motivate yourself to make more sales to keep investing in your business. Avoid long term loans, because you also don’t know how long your business will survive.

If you keep investing in your business, it will force you to pay close watch to what is currently happening in your company. When and how much money is coming in, and how much money is being spent on. It also helps with the decision-making process when it comes to prioritizing your cash. You can even make some wise decisions that may help out to gain momentum in running a business. Based on your spending decisions, you can bring more money to your company.

  1.   Automate your bill payment

When you run your company, sometimes you might miss your payment. Overall making costs manually is exceptionally time-consuming and  away from your primary business activities.

The best thing you can do is to automate the bill payments and take a hands-off approach. Whether it is your Wi-Fi bills or a credit card payment, use online banking to automate all the important payments and make sure your accounts have enough funds in your account to pay the bills before the timeline of every month. This step will also help you avoid penalties for late payments while saving time and money.

  1.   Choose the right investors

Investors can be a great asset to your company only if you choose the right investor. A good investor can allot your more funds and help you to grow your business. They even help you during rough times when you are seriously looking out for funds. Therefore, choosing the right investors is crucial to the success of your business. Research and find your potential investors’ most recent ventures and know-how involved they would want to be in the business before making a wise decision.

  1. Do whatever makes you the most money first

It simply means planning and prioritizing your task first and working on those that are on high priority and can bring some money. It is no use keeping all your low ranking tasks up to date if you are not getting the time to do the tasks that bring money. Always remember doing a task is not enough, try to start making money from your business, you can allot low priority tasks to someone and assign some high task to your workforce who are experts and who can make some quick money.

  1. Price yourself correctly

When you start your company, you should know the value of your goods and services; most businesses fail due to incorrect pricing, and your success also depends on the pricing you set for your services. I am not saying this is an easy task, but it is important to get it right. Under-pricing your goods and services will leave you with a cash flow problem. Under-pricing your goods and services is likely to leave you feeling resentful and working hard for too little. Over-pricing also can send you out of business if it means you are not making enough sales. Therefore before betting your final value, keep some space for negotiation. And analyze the market and your competitors before you bet.

I found that some small business owners are afraid to ask for what they are really worth. As a business owner, you should know the value of your company and its potential. This usually tends to be a confidence issue. It is crucial to remember that everything should be exchanged for a fair value. A customer will only pay when your goods and services add more value to them.

      7.  Maintain a good credit score

A credit score is used to determine a business’s creditworthiness by various financial institutions, partners, suppliers and even prospective customers. It gives them an idea of whether or not you will default on your debt. A good credit score helps establish goodwill and reputation for the business. Not only this whenever you want a loan, chances are it will get approval from the bank with low-interest rates.

If you continuously maintain a good credit score, you can improve the financial success of your company. Therefore, every business must learn how to overcome a poor credit score. To give you an example I found this news worth; you can read this news about the startup how they are giving loans even if you don’t have a good credit score.

  1.   Make sure you have enough savings

Before you build a company, you should have enough savings that can even help if things don’t work. Savings is something every entrepreneur should have, and it works like a secret weapon during an emergency. It will help you face the bad times if things don’t go as per expectation and keep your business afloat. While you chalk out a budget for the next financial year, make a foolproof plan to consider whether you have sufficient savings to cover any potential business losses. Don’t forget business involves colossal risk, therefore keep a backup.

  1.   Seek help from an expert

According to a report in the US, more than fifty percent of entrepreneurs say they aren’t able to manage everything at the same time. And when it comes to bookkeeping, and managing finances it is not a cup of tea to manage, to avoid confusion, you should get help from an accounting expert. Instead of procrastinating or spending too much time worrying over it, you can hire a professional to do the job.

  1.   Keep travel costs minimal

When you run a company, you need to consider and check a few things to keep your business’s cost down. One of the most common things that raise the cost is ‘traveling’ generally, the cost comes from tickets, hotels and visiting places for meetings. To avoid this, don’t spend on luxurious travel and accommodation. This sets a bad precedent for employees and can be an unnecessarily high cost with little return. Plan your business trips as you’re paying for them yourself.

I hope with the above information, you have understood how these financial tips and tricks can turnaround your business. Therefore, make a wise decision and use these financial tips that will help grow your business.

Importance Of Staying Fit And Healthy

Why is it important to be fit and healthy? This question may have crossed your mind and you may even have started wondering about the importance of staying fit and healthy. The importance of staying fit and healthy can not be underestimated. Health is wealth, and if we are able to manage our health well then there is a lot less chance of us suffering from any diseases or suffering with obesity. The importance of staying fit and healthy does not end here, in fact it goes on to include our relationships with other people, our mental state and even our finances.

All of these aspects are linked together as they form our health consciousness.

Exercise regularly

You may ask what is the importance of staying fit and healthy when we talk about our body and how it works but there are many factors that are interrelated and affect the body positively. For starters, our body is made up of mostly muscle and it has the responsibility of maintaining the normal balance between fat and muscle. Body fats stores all of the extra calories we take in while at the same time keeping the muscles intact and working properly. The importance of staying fit and healthy means that if we do not give our body the right amount of fuel it requires for working and growth then the muscles will not grow as much as they should and this could result in obesity.

Maintain healthy food

In order to stay in good health and in shape, we need to ensure that we do not compromise on what is essential to our body. We should consume enough protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. We should ensure that we get the right amount of water to flush out our system and replenish the water that has been drained out by the consumption of food. There are also certain foods and nutrients that are extremely important to our body and if we do not eat them in ample amounts, our body will be unable to maintain the necessary balance that will lead to all kinds of illnesses.

The importance of staying fit and healthy is not just for our body but our spirit as well. It makes us feel happy and lively. When we are fit and healthy, we enjoy life more. Our mood improves and there is a general sense of well being that comes with being healthy. We also tend to be less prone to disease and other disorders that affect the body and therefore live longer and more productive lives.

Eating Fresh Fruit And Vegetables

One of the best ways we can get the all important nutrients to our body and keep it in a state of the maximum efficiency is by eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are high in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These help to keep our body and mind in a constant state of efficiency where we are always pushing ourselves to the limits and beyond. If we do not eat enough of these we will suffer from a deficiency of nutrients leading to mental and physical impairment and disease. If we are overweight, we have the added disadvantage of putting extra pressure on the body as well as increasing our chances of acquiring diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

The importance of staying fit and healthy is not just for our body and health, but also for our spirit. When we are healthy and have a good level of energy we are happier and this helps to boost our spirits. Being happy helps to lift our spirit and when we are happy we have more confidence and can face challenges that come our way. It has been proven that if we can keep our spirit high and our body fit, we will be much more able to achieve our goals in life. This helps us to go from being frustrated to having the drive to achieve our goals and meet them.

What Do You Need To Know About A Web Hosting Server?

The building of a website is not an easy task for people. The understanding of terminology and concepts is necessary for the hosting of a server. There is no confusion available to people when you choose website hosting server for a website. The beginners can get high-performance and speed while building a site. You need to know everything about web hosting server. The implementation of some tips will provide the best results to an online site. 

There is no unappreciated part left on the online platform. Memes, articles, podcasts, and online gaming is possible for the enjoyment and fun of people. Web hosting is an invisible but essential element for a pleasant and thrilling experience. You should learn everything about website hosting server to get the desired results for a site. It is becoming an attractive and functional front-end for website developers.

Different Bandwidth at an Online site

There are different bandwidths available at an online site. There is a huge amount of data that can be stored with a website hosting server for more benefits. The transferring of data is simple and easy for people. Accurate information about data is available that can be used at different places. The hosting of the plan is through some skills and intelligence of the website developers. There is a meeting of the transfer needs for the people. 

Unlimited does not mean Unlimited at an Online Site

Some web hosts say that there are unlimited services available. It is not true as unlimited does not mean unlimited. You should learn about promises to have desired results. The boosting of the limitations is possible through learning about limited or unlimited space at an online site. You can understand the features to store and transfer data. The meeting of the needs and requirements is possible with getting unlimited storage and data. 

Solid Stated or Hard Drive at Online Website

There are hard drive tradeoffs available at website hosting server to have more benefits at an online site. The carrying of the procedure is with the skills and intelligence of the people. The understanding of hard drive is with the skills and intelligence of the people. There are powerful offerings available to website developers. The building of an excellent website is possible to have more benefits in getting an attractive site.

Multiple Hosting Plans Available for a Website

There are multiple hosting plans available for an online website. You can know about their pros and cons to get the desired results. The meeting of multiple needs is possible for a person. There are fantastic benefits available to the people. The functioning of the website is excellent to have the desired results. Many devices are compatible with different devices to have an attractive online website. 

The Final Words

In wrapping up, you should learn everything about Hosting Raja website hosting servers to get the desired results. Understanding about them will provide an attractive and beautiful website. Various contents are available to offer a pleasant experience to people. For more information please click here.